February 26, 2009

Monkey See Monkey Do!

After last night and what Brooklyn did...
Is it any surprise Mason was quiet for a minute today. When I went to check on him, he had Powder all over his room! Guess he wanted to be just like his sister. UUGGGGHHH!

February 25, 2009

Holy Powder!

Last night Brooklyn wanted to change mason's diaper. For fun, we let her try. She did a pretty good job. But when it took her 10 minutes to "find" a diaper we go suspicious. When we walked into mason's room to check on her, this is what we found.
BABY POWDER EVERYWHERE! On the toys, his bed, the floor, the walls. It was so heavy in there I was worried about Mason being able to sleep in there. After much vacuuming and the fan blowing, it was finally cleaned up enough. Poor Brooklyn felt so bad when I explained how dangerous it is to breathe in that much powder. I expected her to do that when she was 2 years old, but 5! Uggh, I tell ya what! I took pictures cause it is kind of funny now that I look back on it.

February 24, 2009

Brooklyn is now my big 5 year old. Some people my not like it but we have decided that she is old enough to have a job chart. It really will be a big benefit to her as she gets older. I know I was given a lot of responsibilities when I was younger, looking back on them now they really have shaped me into the responsible person I am today. Of coarse Brooklyn will not have the amount of jobs I had to do simply because she has a healthy mom to do those tasks. We are hoping that she will feel some pride in her work and learn how to take care of her responsibilities through this experience.
I made 52 spaces on the chart for 7 check marks for each day. Once she gets all 7 she will then get a sticker for the space. After about 3 or 4 stickers we will give her a small surprise. I left room on the chart to add Mason's jobs on there as well. He is a little young still but he'll start with his toys and move on to more as he gets older. They are both pretty excited about this chart.

February 23, 2009

A good day

Funny story...
Our bishop gave us a call Saturday night. He said that it was ward conference the next day and he wanted us to know so be would be there. In Relief Society, one woman spoke about how every one of us as Children have an innate desire to create. She told a story about a little girl named Akiane Kramarik grew up in a non religious home. She had a dream one night about the Savior. Her mother couldn't figure out where her love of God came from. She was only about 13 when she made this painting. The speaker said that everyone has the ability to create. We can create a smile, a memory, play an instrument, paint, make a craft anything. We are children created in the image and likeness of a Heavenly Father who is the ultimate creator. We as his children have inherited some of that creativity. I loved that lesson it really touched my heart.

This picture is of the Christ Child.

Later during Sacrament meeting, the bishop spoke about casual members. I felt like he was talking to me. I know it was probably my guilty conscience but I know I have much room to improve. I was becoming a lax member and I didn't even realize it. That night after we got back from Jer's parents house, I read my scriptures in who knows how long and Jer and I had couple prayers and personal prayers. I haven't felt so good in a long time. I know this is day one of getting back to basics but at least its a start.

Here Mason is asleep on Grandpa Mo's lap.

Tonight we are having Family Home Evening. I find it a little hard to do with little kids that have an attention span of nil but I hope one day our kids will look back and say mom, we really learned about the Savior and grew closer as a family during Family Home Evenings. Yes, I know...That is dreaming big. lol

February 21, 2009

The things that come out of my kids mouths...

Its Saturday morning. I don't usually make breakfast but I've been trying to make it a habit at least on the weekends. This morning Brooklyn asked if I'd make her my eggs. (I like them runny). After she was done eating she said...

Mom I like nosey eggs better than scrambled. I just about died laughing!

Mason is being so cute lately. His personality is showing through more and more every day. Lately every time he wants to sit on your lap he'll say...

Mom, Can I sit iss you? I love that! I wish their little toddler talk wouldn't go away so fast.

February 19, 2009

Surprise Visit!

My dad stopped by for a surprise visit this week. He had to drive through on his way to California. It was so nice to see him. I really wish we all lived closer. Jer to a day off to visit and I kept Brooklyn out of school. Cause grandpa only comes around every once in a while.

We took dad to Cabella's in Sidney. Jer, Mason, Courtney, dad, Brook and I went. While there I told Brooklyn (who was just a little ahead of me) to follow me and we'll meet up with her dad. Brooklyn must not of heard me and I thought she did because she got lost. We all looked for her for about 4 minutes but it was the scariest moment of my life. I thought someone had taken her! Who knows with the world the way it is now. Luckily a sale's woman found her and was about to announce it over the speakers when my dad walked up. From now on that child is holding my hand everywhere no matter what!

For Jer's birthday/graduating apprenticeship present I got him a Wii! We got an amazing deal with it too since it came with the console, 3 games, 2 remotes and 2 nunchucks. Plus we got a really fun game called American Idol Karaoke.
Tuesday night we took the Karaoke game to the Mo's house and Mo, my dad, Jer, Courtney and I sang and competed against each other. It was so hilarious!

Dad had to leave this morning to make it to California and get his new tow truck. He'll be going back to PA right after he gets it. It was a really quick trip but I'm so grateful we saw him. I wish Ma could have come too but she had to work. I hope one day soon we can go out to PA for a visit. Thanks for coming Dad. Love you!

February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

This year for Valentine's day we took a trip to Denver. Its so nice to get out of town sometimes.

We went to Sam's Club to get some Food Storage. It feels so nice to finally start putting a good dent into getting our family prepared. We don't have a years worth yet but we are getting there.

After Sam's we went to Sheplers to splurge on boots for Jer and I. I'm pretty proud of mine since they don't look like boot. They could pass for some docs I think. I like them though.

Jer's boots.

My boots
We met up with Jer's parents for lunch and it was so good to go to Lone Star! Later we went to target and then met up with some friends we haven't seen in a while. What a nice quick trip. It was nice to get home though and relax a little.

February 13, 2009


Amanda showed me this program to edit my pics and I love it. THANKS Amanda!
P.S. no its not sunset but I made it look that way woo hoo go me!

Snow again!

Yet another reason why I do not like Northeast Colorado! It snows when its supposed to be spring!!! Yes its pretty at first but MAN! We were just getting into not having to wear a heavy jacket.
I just feel bad that Jer has to work in this. Poor guy. The good news is that it's Friday and I didn't have to take Brook to school this morning. yay!

February 12, 2009

Happy 28th!

the Eleventh was Jer's birthday. He turned 28. The night before we went to his parent's house were we had roast and potatoes and corn. The Elders were there too. We gave him a couple funny cards and just hung out.
Jer's actual birthday was low key. He was so sweet. I hurt my back and he was helping me out. I felt so bad that I ruined his birthday. I feel so lucky to have the man that I do. Love you hun. Happy Birthday!

February 8, 2009

Easton Area High School- '02'

Fill this out about your high school! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be. Re-post with the name of your high school and graduating year.

1. Did you marry someone from your high school? Nope not at all.

2. Did you car pool to school? No I usually drove a group of people to school.

3. What kind of car did you have? I had my mom's silver Toyota Camry. Aww I miss that car.

4. What kind of car do you drive now? metallic blue/green Honda Odyssey

5. It's Friday night...where are you (then)? Football pep band or basketball band

6. It's Friday night...where are you (now)? Home with my kiddos

7. What kind of job did you have in high school? Cleaned my dad's office and Subway sandwich artist haha.

8. What do you do now? I'm a Stay at Home Mom. I love it.

9. Were you a party animal? Somewhat. I was a little more wild back then.

10. Were you considered a flirt? Holy Cow yes.

11. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? All of the above... Band and Choir

12. Did you get suspended/expelled? No but I dropped out my Sophomore year. My mom died and the teachers were being butts about me snapping out of it. I home schooled my last year and a half and graduated 6 months early.

13. Can you sing the fight song?

The Arch, with its Keystone, our symbol of strength,

The Hills, where the green forests grow.
And the Delaware Forks brings a message of old
Where the great rivers, murmuring, flow.
All Hail! Alma Mater! The Pride of our Hearts!
Easton High School, Our High School so dear.
We pledge to your welfare the strength of our lives!
Now and ever, as year passes year.----------Yes I had to cheat, but I did know it at one time.

14. Who was your favorite teacher? I can't really tell you except for my band teacher.

15. Where did you sit during lunch? Usually by Aly or we would drive to one of the fast food place nearby.

16. What was your school's full name? Easton Area High School

17. What was your school mascot? Red Rover Bull Dog!!!

18. If you could go back and do it again, would you? Not in a million years. I loved the High School experience and going to dances and football games but you don't really prepare for the real world in high school.

19. What do you remember about graduation? I skipped it! I got my diploma in the mail thank goodness. Who wants to wait for your name to be called out of 300???

20. Are you planning on going to your 20 year reunion? Probably not. I wouldn't be thought of since I didn't finish out classes there. I was allowed to keep going to band and choir though so I wasn't completely out of the loop. woo hoo.

21. Do you still talk to people from school? A few yes. Its so nice to see how some friends have grown up and how their lives turned out.


I haven't been on lately to blogg because I've been sick with pounding sinus pressure. I'm just now starting to feel better so I'll fill you all in on our life happenings.

last week Jer was working with some quickcrete when the wind blew hard and blew some concrete dust right down Jer's throat. He got pretty sick from that. Jer doesn't have the best lungs to begin with so it always worries me when something happens. I tease him and tell him he has his Grandma Bonnie's lungs but its probably very true. He is getting a little better as you can tell by this picture that was taken tonight.

Mason doesn't look like he's having much fun because he's been scared senseless. I can't explain it but that kid sure gets freaked out over anyone growling for making scary faces at him. Jer thinks he's a pansy but I don't know. There has got to be a reason why he can't laugh with everyone else when dad plays tickle monster.

We are getting ready for Jer's birthday that is coming up. Jer is going to be 28 years old on February 11th! Where does the time go?

February 3, 2009

getting ready for Valentines Day

While Mason was down for a nap today, Brooklyn and I made some valentine's day cup cakes. They are supposed to be heart shaped. Its hard to tell. I'm trying to make these little holidays more fun for the kids.

Brook had fun putting the sprinkles on the cupcakes.

here is the first bite....Strawberry! So yummy!

Of coarse Mason bug got one when he woke up.

Messy face!

Only to Jer

Jer was working late yesterday, which he sometimes does. Around 6:30pm I got a call from him. Here's what he says. "Honey, I almost passed out driving my truck through an intersection in Wray today. I was some how able to pull over before I did." ME: "Jer! Why whats wrong?" HIM: Oh there was a can of Ether under my seat and I must have squished it when I sat down cause it sprayed everywhere." I guess I'll roll down the window the rest of the way home."

Only to my husband do things like this happen. I swear he is just so accident prone! I'm so glad he was alright.

More works for Jer almost passed out on Ether: LOL!!!
E (Ether), E-bombs (5 times a day E-users), Draperstown E-tard (Person stupid or out-of-hand under the influence of Ether), E-gress (person on their way out of their head from Ether), E-rish (Irish person under the influence of Ether), E-trepeneur (person who makes a business out of Ether) etc…

February 2, 2009

What is love?

Love is...

If you could sum up love in one word, what would it be? It could be ANYTHING! There is no wrong answer..

My friend made a post about love. She wanted to know what everyone thought love was in one word.

She said:
Love is..Sacrifice.

I have to say that Love is Being Selfless
There are so many other words I could use but that one to me is the most important.

huh! They went to time out!

This Sunday was super bowl Sunday. To be honest I really didn't care. I did get a couple cute pictures while Jer watched though. I did the nice thing and made some snacks for us to eat. I ended up reading a book. Isn't that bad? We had veggies and dip, some dinner rolls with turkey and cheese for sandwiches and some chips. That's about all we needed.

Here's Jer saying "do I have something in my teeth?"

The kids eating their snacks before they too went off and played. I guess Jer is the only football lover in our house. aww poor dad. :o)
Jer did tell me that later while I was reading, Mason walked in the room and heard them announce over the tv that one team called a time out. Mason looked so shocked and said "Dad! Theys go to time out!" Funny kid.