July 31, 2009

Akron Parade!

This morning was the Akron parade. We parked behind Jer's work and got to watch it with him. YW lets all their employees get off for the parade and at 12 that afternoon. This year was ridiculous! Brook made friends with the meter man in town and he just dumped candy at our kids feet! SO MUCH! I don't think we will be able to eat it all before Halloween.

July 23, 2009

Baby update...

I went in for my appointment today. My blood pressure is great and I even lost 8 lbs! Dr. Soriano tried to find the baby's heart beat but couldn't. She ended up having to do an ultrasound and found out that I have Placenta Previa - means that my placenta is lying unusually low in my uterus. It shouldn't be a problem but it may make it hard for me to feel the baby kicking and hear the heart beat. She said it's heart beat is great. My next appointment is August 28th. We will find out what our little peanut is then!

July 21, 2009

The Day Has Finally Come!

Mason is now on his third try at potty training. We started last week and he has progressively gotten better every day. Sunday was the BIG test. I took the kids to church and took Mase to the potty before nursery. I told the teachers that he was potty training and to please ask him if he needed to go. Jer's dad stopped in and checked on him and I took him again after I taught my beehives class. To my surprise he was accident free all Sunday! Yay! That made it 3 days in a row that Mason peed in the potty, without accidents! The dilemma then was that he was not going number two in the potty at all. I didn't know how to get him to want to do it either.

Last night I took him to the big adult potty and showed him his new stool that daddy painted just for him and I had him sit down and I told him that poo poo goes in the potty not his underpants. Mason repeated back to me where pee and poo go. I knew he understood the concept. As I went to sit down in the living room Mason came running up to me and he announced (with his excited fists up by his face) that he made a poo poo in the potty all by himself! Sure enough, he did! We were all so excited! Who would have thought a bodily function could cause so much joy? Mason called up aunt Jillian to tell her the good news so someone outside of the family could tell him he did a good job. He feels so grown up now. After that Mason helped me put away his little potty because he wants to use the Daddy potty now. I am so glad he finally got it! It has been quite a ride with this boy potty training but oh boy am I happy its looking like its over now. whew!

July 20, 2009

A kid surprise!

On Saturday I went and got a surprise for the kids. A trampoline! They have been begging for one for a long time now and Jer and I thought we should do it. They would live on that thing if I let them!

Here is Mason being daddy's big helper.

The kids loved swinging on it while mom and dad were trying our hardest to get it together.

Almost done!
Even Fred had fun on it.

The End.

July 17, 2009

Jammin with Dad

When Jer and I met at BYU-I, I remember him playing his guitar all the time. Since then he has only gotten it out a couple times. Every time brings me back to those carefree days 7 years ago. :o) The kids loved watching daddy play and Brooklyn can't wait to learn to play a guitar of her own now. They are his biggest fans!

July 14, 2009

Potty training again!

Okay this is our third try to potty train our little Mason bug. So far so good. I have decided to take a new approach and use the little potty seat instead of the big toilet like Brooklyn used. I printed out a potty chart for him to put stickers on when he goes. No matter what I am not going to show him my frustration when he has an accident. I think that is what scared Mase the last time. Yesterday was day one of our potty training. He practiced all day long but never peed until last night. I had to go to the restroom so he said he was going to go too. I thought it was cute but didn't believe he would actually go. Surprise! He made it all by himself! I am so proud. Now, if he could just keep up the good work, we will be done training in no time. Cross your fingers?!

July 12, 2009

Busy Weekend...

Saturday afternoon was so hot. The only thing to do was fill up the pool and let the kids go wild in it.

Brook had a blast cannon balling off the side. Notice how poor Mason was desperately covering up from the splash.

Sunday I was so out of my mind crazy. I taught my first Beehive class today and it went well I think. I hope they got something out of it. I almost left my Sacrament meeting talk at home. Thank goodness I had a nightmare that I left it and woke up at 4am to put it in my bag to be sure. Whew!
Its been crazy, fun, anxiety filled but all worth it. :o) Now time to get back to the real world Monday and a lot of housework that I have been putting off. Yay.

July 10, 2009

picture in the paper...

Our neighbor Bonnie told me she saw Brooklyn's picture in the Akron paper this week. I couldn't believe how cute it was. Brook was so excited. She told me "mom, now everyone will see me play t-ball!" She cracks me up!

July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Here is the tea party rally in Sterling. Most people stood and yelled while holding their signs. Cars honked. It was interesting.

I didn't like how close to the highway it was

After the rally we went to the museum in Sterling. We walked around, saw a man using an old corn grinder, old time cars, heard some bluegrass music and the kids rode a miniature donkey ride.

At the museum the kids panned for gold and Brooklyn even lassoed a stick horse.

Back at Grandma and Grandpa Mo's house we BBQ ed and lit off some fireworks.

the kids were like pixies dancing in the stinky smoke. ha ha!

That night we parked by main st. and watched the Sterling fireworks. They were pretty good!