July 9, 2013

Independence Day!

July 4, 2013

This year we went to Otis (15 min away) for the 4th of July fireworks! It was probably one of the best 4ths we've had while living here! We got there two hours before the fireworks started. We set up our chairs and blankets in a baseball field. It was so nice to watch kids play football or to toss the football around while waiting for it to get dark. Jer brought his fireman gear just in case they needed his help with something.

Dallas loved the fireworks! I kept hearing him say ooo that looks like a tree mom, or some kind of animal! We all cracked up because Dal was laying with Ty and he all of a sudden turned right up into Ty's face and said "Did you see that!" Lol!

Mase had a blast with Carter and Even (a boy from his class last year). They wrestled and ran around like wild animals. It was so nice! We will definitely make Otis our regular 4th of July spot!

I just love this time of year! The BBQs, friends and family and celebrating! It is exactly why we celebrate our  Freedom right? To be able to party and enjoy one another's company to live in this free land. If we didn't have that, there would be nothing to celebrate or the sense of community wouldn't be there like it was that night. We all felt part of something important and special because we all live in this land that is protected every day by brave men and women who fight to keep our children free. To allow them the right to make memories of BBQs and football and fireworks on Independence Day!


July 1, 2013

Well, Brooklyn has really been progressing with her piano lessons. She practices on her own, I am pleased that I don't have to keep on her to practice so far.

My good friend Bonnie mentioned to me one day that the high school was auctioning off a used piano and that I should look into it. I ended up calling and placing a bid. We were lucky, and we won!

July 1st, Jeremiah got some friends from work to come help us bring it into the house!

 It is so nice to have a real piano to play on. I forgot how much I love to hear piano music in my home. Mom used to play all of the time! It is such a bitter sweet feeling!

Mowing The Lawn!

June 29, 2013

Jer was finally able to mow the sod! It seemed to really help it green up and grow faster! After two weeks the  sod has started to take root and I can finally breathe a breath of  relief because when we first laid it, it was very yellow and we weren't sure it would thrive.

Digging a race track!

June 28, 2013

Tonight after it cooled off, I went outside to see what the kids were doing. They were building a race track for Mason's new remote w-wheeler! I giggled when Mason gave up using the metal tonka trucks for a shovel. I guess he wanted to make more progress, faster! He he!!!

It makes me happy that we chose to keep this side of the yard dirt. I love that the kids can get dirty and really play and I still have my nice yard too!

July 8, 2013

Mason turns 7!!!

June 27, 2013

My little Mason isn't so little anymore! At 7 years old, he is 4' 1''. Mason enjoys lots of things including Dinosaur books, soccer, baseball, all things Dinosaur actually...
He loves to draw pictures of sharks and our family. He loves to play outside and to cook with Mom!

Mason loves to be funny. Sometimes we struggle with how sensitive he can be but it also means he is sensitive to others and is always the first one to give mom or dad a hug when we are upset.

For his Birthday, we invited Mason's Grandma and Grandpa Mo and also the Lucero family to come and celebrate his big day!
Because we gave Mase a dirt-bike bicycle, I made a dirt-bike race track birthday cake! Janae was here to help me make it and between the two of us, we made it look pretty good!

Happy Birthday my second born! You are still my sweet baby no matter how old you get.... Just sayin'!!! 

The Reading Program!

June 26, 2013

This summer we have been reading up a storm! 

A sweet sister from church reads with Mason every Monday and Tuesday morning. Then, on Wednesdays we go to the Akron Library for Brooklyn and Mason's reading program.

At the reading program, they read stories, make crafts like this jelly fish Mason made and copper bead tree brook made. Then they check out books and win prizes for so many hours of reading.

I also read with the kids during the day and of course our family scripture reading counts too! Brook and Mason are really improving! 

Just Enjoying Our New Yard!

June 21, 2013

This week we have really been enjoying our family time outside. What a world of difference the grass has made! Even if we couldn't run around on it, it really cut down on the dirt flying around and our shoes don't seem as messy when we come in from the chicken coop! 

I just love summer sunsets!!! So beautiful! 

July 7, 2013

Potty Training!

Dallas is really catching on with potty training!
Let me just say, I may have potty trained 2 kids already but each one is so individual!
I have learned a lot about my little Dallas and  about myself.

The best words of advice I could give anyone potty training a child is...
and consistency! consistency! consistency! 

Dallas would not go poo in the potty for anything! We finally bought him a nerf gun and told him that he could have the gun only when we made it brown in the potty. Every day Dallas asked for the gun. Everyday I told him he needed to go poo poo in the potty first. 

I must have washed a ton of soiled underpants until one day Dallas just did it! I hadn't even said anything that day. He just went in there and went!!! It still amazes me that no matter how many times I begged and pleaded he just wouldn't go until HE made up his mind to.

Its not perfect but its lightyears better than it used to be! We are getting there!!!! Yay Dallas my big boy!!!!

Father/ Daughter Activity!

June 19, 2013

Activity Girls had a father, daughter activity. All of the girls brought pictures of themselves and their daddy as babies and they played a game to match the babies!

the dad's got to tie a bow in the girl's hair, paint the girl's finger nails and they had a three legged race. It was was all a race so they had to do it as fast as they can!

The girls got to tie dad's tie, and hammer a nail in a board.

Brook had a blast and I really thought they got to spend some quality time with their dads!

Father's Day!

June 16, 2013

Happy Father's day!
We love you dad! 
You make us laugh
You make us giggle
You work hard
You goof off!
You are a great husband and Father.
You are fare and silly.

We are so lucky to have you as our dad!

Sod Day!

This year I was lucky to have grass for my Birthday! Jer went and got the sod pallets on the 14th.  A team of people came over from church and our neighborhood to help us lay it. 
It was amazing how instantly you could see and feel the difference! The kids had a blast running through the sprinklers for a bit before we made them get off of it. haha!
We ate some lunch and talked a bit before everyone left. We were so grateful for the help!