July 31, 2010


I would love this taupe grey wall color! (refer to my remark below)

This morning I found the first of our garden spoils. I have a ton of tomatoes big and green just waiting to ripen. I always get so excited when we can finally eat from our very own garden.Jer helped me make these pallet shelves for the kids books. I got the idea from my cousin Jamie and I just loved how inventive and useful it was. You just take old wooden pallets (the more roughed up the better I say) and cut off the end and add a bottom and wah la! I put one in our living room over the kids table and three in the kid's bedrooms. I was amazed at how many books they hold! The only thing that I can't stand is the fact that I know they would look so much better against a painted wall but because we are renting that is not possible. Just a imagine a nice grey taupe behind them.


Every year we go camping. Ever since we've moved to Akron, we've had to do it in the back yard. Its nice for me because I can enjoy the fun while still having the comfort of my home. Friday night I slept in my own bed just in case Dallas needed me. I liked having the bed to myself but at the same time, I kinda felt like I was missing all the fun. Well, that thought soon died when Jer explained to me how soar he is from sleeping on the ground. He he.

My sweet little Mason bug. He is growing into such a little stud!

My Brooky can be such a good big sister. When she wants to that is. Ha!

Here is the big kids hammering in the spikes.

Dalli just enjoys being outside and watching everything happen.

I just loved this picture of the kids. I do hope they grow up to be close to each other.

Akron Parade and Fair

I always love this time of year when the whole town shuts down and the parade kicks off another Akron fair. Tonight Chris Cagle is having a concert and Jer and I could here it from our front porch. After the parade, I took the kids to Sterling to go grocery shopping. A huge feat with three little kids. Poor Dallas is teething really bad and he was crying my gums hurt cry when I was only half way done shopping. I know people were just giving me the don't you take care of your children look. Ugg! I was exhausted. When we got home Jer helped me make some shelves (post to follow) and then we took the kids to the fair to see the animals. I love summer!

I couldn't resist taking this picture of the cute piglets all in a pile! I want one!!

Here are the kids ready for the parade to start.

Brooklyn excited for candy!

It was dog eat dog out there!

A big man on a little truck.

There is daddy! We may not have great floats but at least the kids have fun getting candy.

My first...

This was my first Ranch rodeo. I've never even heard of one until this past Wednesday. It was pretty neat though. We were only able to stay for part of it since Dallas was really fussing but what we saw was really interesting. The first event was calf branding. I really liked the second event where they called out a number and the cowboys had to round up three calves with that number.
Calf branding

the round up

The pow wow before the rodeo, explaining the rules I guess.

Daddy and his pal.

July 26, 2010

Just for fun!

I can sure see the similarities in these three. Can you?

Visiting cousins

This weekend we visited my cousins Ryan and Jamie with their 4 sweet girls in Fort Collins. The one thing I totally forgot to do was to take pictures of our families together so I borrowed a couple of Jamie's photos from her blog. (hope you don't mind Jamie)

I felt so pampered, Jamie went all out and made fixings for some wonderful sandwiches. The kids had a blast in their yard playing with their chickens! I was surprised even Mason wasn't afraid. They just had a new baby Nellie. She was so quiet and sweet. I almost forgot how tiny they start out. This visit was so nice and so needed.

Cheyenne Frontier Days

It has been two years since we've been back to Cheyenne for the celebration. This year it was a really quick trip but it was so worth it. We walked around a bit but we mainly just went on the behind the chutes tour, we went to the rodeo and then the Indian village.
Every year we tell ourselves that there is so much to see and next time we'll take a couple of days to do it but somehow, every year we end up doing the same things and make it a quick trip. I laugh because we never learn. ha ha.Dallas after his bottle. He's such a cute cowboy!

Brook and Mase watching the wild horses you can adopt.

The bulls and horses from behind the chutes tour.

Bareback riding at the rodeo.

steer wrestling

My baby boy fast asleep.

The Indian village with the cute little girls.

Doing the men's sneak up on him dance.

July 21, 2010

6 Months

Our little Dallas is 6 months old now! Our little guy is turning out to be quite the charmer. He gets a kick out of making you smile. I just love how he analyses everything. Strangers don't think he smiles very much but the truth is, he studies things closely then give the big smiles. I call him my thinker. I just know he'll do great things.
Dallas is getting so big. He is wearing 9 month clothes now and he is starting to get really good at sitting up. He loves rolling over and if I'm not watching he'll be clear on the other side of the room in a matter of minutes.
He's sure been a joy to have around and it makes me sad that the time is just flying by. Maybe that's why I compulsively take too many pictures of him. ha ha.

July 13, 2010

The quiet observer...

This week I've sure enjoyed watching my kiddos. Last Friday I took Dallas outside with me while I mowed the lawn. I sat him near this tree and realized it was pretty beautiful under there with all that shade.
Dallas is growing into such a laid back little guy. He's happiest when we are outside. He is so curious that everything gets such an intense stare from him.

Here Dallas is giving one of those goofy grins that I am in love with!

I asked Brooklyn to sit and feed Dalli a bottle so I could make dinner. She was adorable. She was singing him a little song. I got it on video but it was so quiet you can't hear it. She will be such a good mommy one day!

July 6, 2010

Its the simple things...

...that make me love summer so much.
We had a picnic this afternoon. It was just a little thing but that's what was so fun about it. We ate, acted silly and then played a little t-ball in the yard.

I love this picture. I love the connection these kids have to one another.

My Brooklyn is becoming quite the camera girl. I probably can't do as well.

July 2, 2010

How does my garden grow?

Today we were all sitting outside while daddy mowed the grass and I decided to take a couple pictures to update my gardening in a bag experiment.
1st, I have to say that I have been very surprised at how well they are doing and that they are even still alive is a huge feet!
Here is Dalli just sitting contentedly. I love that smile!

My flowers are getting so big and they are all blooming! I'm so happy. Guess my black thumb may be turning a little green after all.

My plum tomatoes are doing so well in the topsy turvy. I even have a few tomatoes growing!

The beef steak tomatoes in the bag are surviving as well. I have two growing. Yay!

Sadly one of the 4 green chili plants died but the remaining 3 are doing awesome! Lots of chillies popping out.
The best part of the bag garden is I haven't had to weed at all! Maybe trim the grass around the bags but nothing too bad. Its been great!

Last game of the Season

Tuesday was Brooklyn's last T-ball game for this year. I must say its sort of a bitter sweet feeling. Brook has really done so much better this year. She really paid more attention and hardly played in the dirt. I found out that she is quite a thrower. Mase got a practice Tee for his birthday so they can both work on their batting. I'm sure it will be lots of fun for them.
We made sure and watched every game because those kids are hilarious!