May 28, 2010

Its summer time!!!

Its finally been hot enough here to break out the kiddie pool and let the kids run through the sprinklers. Brooklyn and Mase just about live outside lately. Its all I can do to get them to come inside. That can be a good thing but I still try to watch them carefully just in case they get a sunburn. So far I have noticed that Brook tans really easily and poor Mason has my skin and burns first. My little ghost child.

Dalli llama had a great time just hanging out and watching the other two run around like crazy kids. He had fun making his own water works. :-)

My little girl is such a ham!

Mason is a crack up! He is scared of everything! This is about as close as he would get to the sprinkler. Goofy boy!

May 20, 2010

A good babysitter...

Jer moved Dallas up to the fish tank and he is in a trance. So quiet its almost scary.
I kind of like it. ha ha.

Mason's last day of school.

Tuesday was Mason's last day of school! It was pretty windy and cold but they sang inside before we went outside to ride the train, eat snow cones, make tortillas and ride the ponies. Mason loved the train, snow cone, and making the tortillas but he absolutely would not touch the pony. I have no clue why he is scared of every living creature lately... our neighbor's cat, dogs, horses. Everything. Why?? Who knows. Anyway Mase will miss his teacher Miss Sue this summer.
My little man.

Dalli pants singing with Mason's class.

You are my Sunshine and the ants go marching. Mason barely sang, but he was cute.

Riding the train!!!

I want blue!

Look at my tongue!

Miss Sue.

May 17, 2010

Field Day!

Today was Brooklyn's Field Day at school. Jer was able to get off for an hour or two to watch her and she was so excited about that. Brook participated in the 3 legged race, 50 yard dash, the obstacle coarse and the long jump. I just love to watch this little girl in action. She makes me laugh so much. Brook is so social with all the kids. I love that she makes friends with her classmates easily, boy or girl it doesn't matter. I hope she keeps her outgoing and friendly personality as she grows older.Here is brook ready for the games to begin!

Sack race of 1. Yay she was the winner and the loser! haha.

Girls being girls.

Tweedle dee and tweedle dum.

getting tied up for the three legged race.

come on girls! one, two, one, two...

look at that face!

The kids vegging out.

Someone else is pooped out.

I can do it!

Ta da!!!

Denver weekend...

This Friday Jer came home from his training in Grand Junction so the kids and I met up with him in Denver for a little post Mother's Day celebration. We stayed at a hotel Friday night and swam of course! It was Dallas' first time and he was just as relaxed as can be. Then on Saturday we went to the Boondocks. They had miniature golf, games and rides. We took the kids mini golfing. They were such a crack up! Mason kept hitting the ball from between his legs and they both took about a million whacks! It was such fun. It was a much NEEDED mini vacation for us and I'm so happy we could do it. My twins!

Dallas just chillin'

The Boondocks!

Sweet little Brooklyn.

Crazy kid with a club!

May 13, 2010

4 months old!

My big talker!

Look at that Jeremiah face! He sticks his tongue out when he's focusing too!!! ha ha!

Dallas is 4 months old!

Dalli now weighs 14lbs.
He has been showing more of his personality, like laughing and squealing. He loves to grab at his feet and is starting to grab at toys now too. One favorite thing for him to do is listen as Brook reads him books. Dallas is starting to roll over from his back to his side and from his stomach to his back. Some of his firsts for this month have been trying rice cereal and finding his voice. Lately he's been waking up just once a night. I cross my fingers this keeps up! He is such a sweet heart to have in the family. Both Brooklyn and Mason love him to death and love to make him laugh. I must say its my favorite thing too. I can't believe 4 months has gone by so quickly. He'll be having his 1st Birthday before I know it! Slow down!!!

May 9, 2010

bye bye daddy.

Happy mother's day! Jer and the kids got me cards and flowers and my parents sent me flowers too. I was totally surprised! These are the gifts the kids made for me at school. They came at just the right moment since Mother's day is tough.

Jer left today for hotline school. He'll be gone for the week and we already miss him. Brooklyn has asked to take pictures to send him so we did that I of course I took a picture of him with the kids so they can see him whenever they feel sad. This house is just not the same without you hun! Hope you have fun, learn a lot and stay safe!

Saturday happenings

Saturday was our day to enjoy each other before Jer leaves for hotline school. Mason was under the weather so we didn't play too hard. We found some pantyhose and the kids had a blast with them. Dallas wasn't as big of a fan but I had to get just one picture.

Lately our little guy has been teething like crazy! His favorite thing to chew on has been his bumbo chair. He cracks me up!

May 6, 2010


After talking with a friend yesterday, about an herb garden I decided to take the plunge and went to our local Akron green house. I bought basil, dill, thyme, and cilantro. I must say that one of my favorite things about living in a small town is the mentality that we help one another. I only needed a little bit of dirt for these plants and they didn't have a small bag for sale so the sale's woman took a huge brown paper bag and filled it up with their really good soil and only charged me 6 bucks for it! So nice! She even gave me tips on how to grow a garden directly out of a large bag of soil. I didn't think it could be done but she said it would be just fine as long as I left a few inches of the plastic edges. I'm going to try it this year since I can't dig my own garden in our yard.

May 5, 2010

The Balance Act

As you can tell I was a little depressed yesterday. I hate feeling that way so I did some things to help make me feel better. Here are a few that make me happy...
1. Making my little Dallas smile and crack up.
2. Watching Dal grab at his feet like they are the most interesting things on this planet.
3. Making treats for my kiddos to enjoy.
4. Watching daddy time with the kids. Brook and Mase ran around the house chasing dad and Dalli grabbed his nose and held on for dear life!

May 4, 2010

Wish I could just skip it (*warning* read at your own risk)

Every year its the same. The painful to watch commercials come on, everyone seems to be talking about it, and it surrounds you at stores. Spring is in the air and along with that comes Mother's Day. I wish I could just skip it all together. I know this sounds horrible but to me this time of year seems even worse than Christmas or any other holiday. Its an awful reminder that I can't talk to my mom or show her how much I miss her and still need her. This year is especially bad because Jer has to go to hot line school that weekend. I guess I'll be home alone with the kids this year. Frankly, I'm not upset about being alone that day. I only wish I could just sleep it away this year. I try to put on a brave face for the kids. I hope it'll get better when they are older. Sorry if I sound depressing and anti mothers. I promise I love mothers and motherhood. I'll be better as soon as this weekend passes.

May 3, 2010

Last weekend in April

This weekend we got a few things done and we had Dallas accomplish a couple firsts. First #1. He started to grab his feet. I love it when babies do that! Its so cute. First #2. Dalli started to grab for his toy rings and play with them a little. Yay! maybe that means mom can have more time to get things done while he plays. First #3 Dallas tried rice cereal for the first time! He didn't love it but he has time to get used to it in the next month or two.

On Saturday we took our headboard and painted it black to make it look more up to date. I love how it turned out!

Mason and Brook have really been getting a kick out of playing with Dallas especially now that he is getting older and more aware of them. They love doing anything to make him laugh or smile.