August 31, 2009

More pics of Mason's first day.

Here is Mason in the morning. He is in the "Ropers" class. Each room has a theme for the year. I love it!
This is Mason that afternoon. When I came back to check on him. Funny thing was, when I left, I watched the surveillance camera. He acted just FINE. Apparently mom can't visit without a melt down.

First Day of Preschool!

Mason has been excitedly waiting to start his school year ever since Brooklyn started last week. This morning he got himself dressed with his backpack on and was so excited for his first day.
It works out well since I can now drop Brooklyn off at her front door and then go drive Mason to school. I stayed for breakfast and plan to return at 11 to fill out paperwork. Mason's school day ends at 1pm and Brooklyn's is at 3:10pm. I thought I would have so much time on my hands but so far I am so busy in between schools that I haven't been able to clean and do errands like I imagined I would be able to. Ha ha. Go figure!

August 30, 2009

My newest obsession!

When my Grandma Philip was here I saw how pretty her crocheting is. It made me really want to try it. SOOO I ran to duckwalls (probably not the cheapest place to go) to get a book, yarn and a hook. I was determined to teach myself. I got as far as a chain and a single crochet mastered when I got stuck. Luckily between a phone call to Grandma and Jer's mom showing me more I have now graduated to the double crochet and that is where I am staying for now. It will be a simple baby blanket but I like how it is coming so far and I feel very proud of myself the further I get on the project.
I chose these colors because I am not a big fan of the traditional pastel baby colors. I loved this fun brown and aqua blue yarn!

August 28, 2009

The news we've been waiting for....

Hello baby! Face
It's A Boy!

School so far...

School started this week and I just had to post a couple of the adventures Brooklyn has had so far.
Wednesday I walked into the school lobby to wait for Brooklyn when I found her already waiting for me, all by herself. She had her backpack on and all. I asked her why she was there alone and she said it was because she got lost. I took her back to her classroom where I found her teacher still reviewing with the other students. I told the student teacher that I found Brook alone in the lobby and she said, oh we have a problem with a couple students who leave without asking.
I understand that Brooklyn HAS to ask permission to leave the room but it did upset me that absolutely no one noticed she was gone! She could have been taken. Needless to say Brook and I had a very long talk about how important it is to stay in her classroom unless she asks to leave first.
Thursday I went to pick her up again. Thank goodness she listened to me and stayed in the room all day. I did however find out that little Brooklyn was sent to the quiet chair because she kept talking while the teacher was talking. Poor Brook she just has no prayer. I asked her to please only talk when the teacher gives them talk time. I sure hope Brook can get used to being in school. I felt so terrible because Brook came home and started to cry. She said she had a hard day because no one played with her on the playground. I asked her why. She said it was because she didn't want to play what the other kids were playing. I told her if she wants to play sometimes she needs to go along with the others and play what they want to play. It broke my heart to see her so sad. I'm sure she will play the rest of the week.

August 25, 2009

Brooklyn's 1st Day!

It has finally happened. Summer is over and Brooklyn had her first day of kindergarten today. I had all these expectations on how I would feel but somehow, all I felt today was excitement. Excitement for Brook and how big she is getting. How could I not be happy when she was just so darn happy to be there. I took her in to her classroom and she found her locker. I soon left because she got right into the swing of things and I know she didn't need me. I had to practically beg her for a hug goodbye. That is my Brooky though. Miss independent.

August 17, 2009

Dear Jenny,

You have been an amazing friend. You were there for me when I had Brooklyn. You have helped boost me up when I needed my mom. You never forgot when I thought I was one of the only people left who cared. You just filled everyone with happiness. You were like a magnet. You sucked us in and we never wanted to leave. Your laugh was infectious! You were so selfless towards others. You literally gave me clothes off of your back. When you were excited about something you really showed it and made everyone else excited too. I saw how much you love your family. I saw how wonderful of a mom you are. Everyone loved to be at your house because your family is so loving and so fun we all just can't help but want to stay forever. I will miss you Jenny. You will be in my thoughts every day. Please give my mom a hug for me? Don't get too rowdy up there okay? Love you Aunt Jenny.

August 13, 2009

An apology...

I just wanted to tell everyone that I have let down this week. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not watering the plants that I intended to. Sorry I didn't call you back when I said I would and I'm sorry for just being plain distracted.
The reason I have dropped the ball this week is my very good friend and family member went into the hospital for heart surgery. Jenny is like another mom to me and my mind has been on her constantly this week. She has had surgery and is looking very good at the moment. I feel like all of the prayers from all the people that love the Landons so much are being answered. So I love you Jenny, more than words. Please continue to get well. We are praying always for you and for the rest of your family!


Jillian invited me and the kids up to Sterling to go to the swim park again. We had so much fun! Addison was adorable walking all over the pool. Brooklyn tried to swim under the water and actually did a good job. Mason was really laid back. I don't know if he had a lot of fun or not. He just liked to veg in his float and just relax. Funny kid.

August 9, 2009

Saturday is mowing Day...

That means we all go outside and play! The kids broke out their new gun squirters today. I caught Mason shooting our deer statue. I guess he WILL take after his daddy one day and hunt deer. haha. They had an all out war but to tell you the truth, Mommy won!!!

Its fair time! What does that mean?

Lots of Great FOOD!!!
Oh and the kids got to ride the pony ride. Yay!

August 6, 2009

Getting ready for school!

Today I took Brooklyn to pick up her new glasses. She chose pink of course. :o) We got an incredible deal on these frames too. They were only 9 dollars. With a one year warranty. After buying her such expensive ones last year and seeing how destroyed they got we figured it would be smarter to get these. That way if something happens at least we aren't throwing our money away.

August 5, 2009

A surprise visit!

Jer's sister Jillian and her daughter Addison flew to Colorado to go to a wedding. I thought they were going back home to Idaho right away. To my surprise they are staying at Jer's parents house for a week or so. I took the kids over to play yesterday. We went to the water park in Sterling and had lots of fun. It so nice when cousins are near. Brooklyn was so loving to Addi. She kept kissing and hugging her. So sweet!

August 3, 2009

Darn faucet!

Okay, for those of you who don't know... We live in a super old PINK house. It happens to have a pink bathtub in it as well. Tonight was the second night since living here that our cold water knob would not turn off! I think the washer thing gets stripped. (aren't I technical?) Thank goodness Jer was home since the last time this happened I had to call someone from the town to turn off our water. Jer has turned off the water and is no attempting to fix the problem. Does he have all the equipment right now? I have no idea I guess I will see when I have water tomorrow or not. I am just SO frustrated with living in this HOT (no air), falling apart, pink monstrosity! Please put me out of my misery someone?

Thanks for letting me vent. :o)

for fun.

I got this from my friend Mindi's blog. I thought it was cute so here is mine...

I am: Sort of starting to feel pregnant now even if I don't look it yet.
I have: A menu of dinner ideas but don't really feel like any of them.
I think: About this next c-section and it terrifies me.
I don't think: Its so bad to live in a smaller town as long as you can get to civilization within 10 minutes or so.
I want: a healthy baby and surgery to go well.
I like: doing spontaneous things with my husband and kids.
I dislike: putting clean laundry away. It is the never ending cycle! I do it though.
I hate: When people give you advice without you asking for it.
I dream: about owning my own home one day.
I fear: losing Jer or him getting hurt at work.
I am annoyed: people get under appreciated.
I crave: bananas and cheese! The sharper the better.
I usually: stay up way too late and then regret it in the morning.
I search: for ways to guess the babies sex even though I know its all bull. ;o)
I hide: some toys from the kids. That way when I bring them out again they are like new.
I wonder: If I'll be able to handle three kids. Getting them ready and Brooklyn off to school. All of that.
I know: I am such a lucky woman.
I just can't help: worrying about everything.
I regret: not finishing school or figuring out what I wanted to do until it was too late.
I love: being a mom and wife.
I can't live without: My family
I try to: keep my house straightened every day. Even though some days are impossible.
I enjoy: blogging
I don't care: What most people think about me. Only those I love.
I always: Talk to Jer about everything. He is my best friend.
I never want to: Be harsh with my kids. Even though some days I am. I say, I am learning and growing just as much as my kids are.
I rely on: Jer, for everything. For my sanity!
I believe: In showing love no matter what. You don't know what people are going through.
I dance: With my kids and try to get Jer to dance but he never does.
I argue: Irrationally sometimes. What can I say, I'm just like my mom.
I lose: almost every game I play but when I win I love it!
I wish: We could get out of debt ASAP so we can save for a house and just be comfortable. Not rich but comfortable.
I listen: to my kids when they tell me something. I hope they never stop.
I don't understand: Why some people do the things they do.
I forgot: To send a picture to my sister in law. I sent an empty envelope to her. Ugg Baby brain!

Gone to the birds...

My kids were playing so quietly outside. (That should have been my first warning.) When I went to go check on them, this is what I found.

They found a bird and were petting it on the trampoline! Then we found another one on the grass below a tree.

I didn't know what to do. I called animal control but they only deal with domestic animals. Luckily Jer came home and helped me find a safe shaded place to put them. They look like they are almost ready to fly.

Only my kids would want to keep them. When Brook asked, Jer said well, are you going to chew up worms and feed them to the birds because that is what they eat. Brook thought that was sick! ha ha. What an interesting morning.

August 2, 2009

Our favorite from Carinos!

My sister gave me the recipe to make these amazing Italian nacho chips. I have looked high and low for these. Jer and I always share these whenever we go to Carinos Italian Restaurant. They were so easy and so yummy. Here's how to make them if you are interested everyone...
1. Cook won ton wraps in 1-2 inches of oil. Remove quickly since they will brown too soon. Set aside on napkins to drain.
2. cook Italian sausage until brown. Drain grease.
3. Make Alfredo sauce (see below)
4. Layer chips, sausage, black olives, yellow peppers, jalapenos and Alfredo sauce. You can top with mozzarella if desired. (we left it off)

My home made Alfredo sauce:
1. On med/low heat melt 1 stick butter.
2. Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup flour to melting better and whisk.
3. Add about 2-3 cups of milk to golden butter flour mixture. Turn up heat and continue to stir.
4. when starting to bubble turn off heat and add grated Parmesan cheese. about 1 cup but to your taste. take off heat and let cool. Will thicken up.

Thanks Amanda! This was amazing and we felt like we were at a nice restaurant at home. What a treat.

August 1, 2009

Movie review!

This weekend Jer and I got to sit and watch this movie. I absolutely loved it! It was hilarious and true and made me cry. Jer liked it as well, so it wasn't a chick flick. He hates girly movies. I definitely would watch this again. Probably most likely read the book.