July 29, 2014

Garden Spoils

We have been very lucky this year that our garden has been growing pretty well. I am still waiting on the tomatoes to ripen. So far we have gotten Anaheim chilies, cucumbers, peas, zucchini and yellow squash, raspberries and some early beets.
I love my new raised bed garden!!!

Mason is Baptized!!!

My parents drove here from Pennsylvania for Mason's baptism. They stayed for a few days. While here we visited, ate yummy food, played in the back yard and really enjoyed being together.

Saturday Mason was baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! We are so proud of him! Mason has been ready for this big step for a while now. He talked about it all the time. I think oit helped that he was able to see his older sister get baptized and how she has enjoyed having the Holy Ghost as her companion.
Mason asked his Grandma Mo to talk about baptism and his Grandma Liggett to talk about the Holy Ghost. Grandpa Liggett and Grandpa Mo both said opening and closing prayers. My friend Bonnie played the piano and Brooklyn was the music director. She was very nervous but she practiced and we thought she did a very good job!

Of course I blubbered the entire time! Not sure why I bothered to put any make up on. Ha ha!

We had a very wonderful surprise that day. I invited our cousins Ryan and Jamie Bailey, along with all their girls to come to Mason's big day. It just so happened that My Aunt Rosemary and her two daughters Elie and Alice were here from China visiting her son Ryan. They came as well! It was such a great thing to be able to see all of them and catch up after all of these years as well as have my parents here to see them too!

Jer's mom and dad came and brought refreshments for afterwards. We talked, told stories and got some pictures to remember the day! It all was just perfect. I only regret that all the family couldn't attend and enjoy it.

July 14, 2014

Pingree Park Camping!

We went camping this past weekend at Pingree Park. We had lots of fun hiking and fishing at the Bellair Reservoir. The kids had a ball at our campsite. They played in the creek and shot Mason's BB gun. It was so beautiful. We found lots of treasures and saw quite a few humming birds! The Mountains were so green from all of the rain we've been getting lately. Everying was so great that we didn't really want to leave quite yet. It was definitely a new favorite spot to camp!

July 8, 2014

One Very Big Update!

Well I guess I just realized that one very important update was left out while I was doing catch up here! Haha. 

We are pregnant again!!! Happily baby number 4 will be here sometime in late December.

The decision to have another baby was one that was prayed and agonized over for a very long time. It is funny what happens when your heart wrestles with your head. Jer and I genuinely felt we were all done having kids. We had both felt complete and even went through the process of giving away the last of our baby stuff. Then it seemed like out of the blue I started getting these thoughts. They came and went for about two years. It became such a concern for me that I shared it with Jer. That is when the real struggle came. He still felt great about us staying a family of 5. I just got so confused as to why I'd be having these feelings now after feeling so content and settled for so long. I just know it must have been the spirit trying to tell me that another spirit was waiting to join our family. 

Jer prayed and even though he feels it will be hard starting all over, he is on board. I worried a little because it took almost 2 years to get pregnant with little Dallas. But apparently Heavenly Father knows best because unlike last time, we got a positive result within two months!  

We are pretty sure this little one will be our last baby due to my health history and c-sections.

We are very excited about this little bean to join our family!!!

This is baby bean at 10 weeks!

July 6, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

I sure hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day! I know we did. It was laid back, we spent time with family and ate good food. Then we went to Otis to watch the fireworks! It was so fun.

I tried to make Brooklyn's hair into a star like I saw online. I think it sorta turned out good.

June- Trying to Fish

We took the kids to the Akron Pond to try out fishing. Mason got the hang of his new fishing rod pretty quickly. I tried to relax. I didn't have a fishing license, so I became the delegated line untangler! Let me tell you, that gets real old REAL fast!

The kids were just too impatient to wait for nibbles so Jer ended up taking their hooks off of their lines and just left a sinker. We called it the "wiggy wacky" bate. Dallas got a huge kick out of this and he kept casting his line and reeling it in. Then he would announce "Oh, I think I caught a big wiggy wacky!" They just had more fun being able to practice casting and reeling. One day, I hope they learn to be patient so they catch a fish... One day.

June 27, 2014

It was Mason's 8th Birthday Friday the 27th. Brooklyn Made him a very nice card and bought him a flying saucer toy with her own money. Dallas signed mommy and daddy's card and gave Mason some peppermint patty candies. Jer and I got him a real grown up fishing rod and as our tradition, his first set of Scriptures with his name on them in gold leaf!

I can't believe my Mason Bug is old enough to be baptized now! It feels like yesterday he was this tiny little laid back thing just wide eyed and looking all around the world soaking it in.
Now, Mason is a big boy who miraculously has grown tall and broad shouldered. He loves to tell jokes and is very good at asking if he can help with anything. I call him my sensitive child because he takes everything to heart and feels things deeply. But he is also the first to give you a great big hug if you are sad.
Mason is super excited about his baptism. I can't go one day without him telling me what his favorite part about him going to be baptized is that day. We are very proud of our little boy and with mixed emotions watch him take this next step of his Journey!

June-Weeding Gardens!

I just love having a garden again! I missed it last year a lot! We had waited a little too long to weed so it was hard work and I hurt my back. I must have tweeked it the wrong way. Luckily it healed quickly.
Now we put our grass clippings around the plants that we weeded. It really seems to help keep the weeds down and manageable.
I also had to get a picture of some of the pretty flowers filling out in our flower beds! Yay!