June 12, 2013

Piano Lessons!

June 4th, Brooklyn began taking piano lessons from my friend Bonnie's daughter Anna who is home now from college.
My Grandma gave me this piano a little while ago when I told her I wanted to have my kids learn. I am so grateful we have it because Brooklyn has really taken to piano and loves to practice and learn! I hardly ever have to remind her to practice so far. I'm hoping she keeps up this enthusiasm for the instrument.

I am so proud of how hard working Brooky is. She is such a blessing to me. Brook is almost always eager to do whatever you ask her. She is very good with her brothers (90% of the time). She has become my mini me. She loves to read and laugh and draw. Oh how I wish my mom could see how much she reminds me of her!

Love you Brooky!!!

Hanging out on the Potty!

Well it is round 2 with potty training Dallas.
I must admit out of all the things I teach my kids, potty training is the one I dread. If I could hire out potty training... I totally would!!!!

I just don't feel like I have the patience or skill to be a very effective potty trainer. My mind wanders or I get busy and before I know it I've forgotten to ask Dallas if he needs to potty. Luckily, he seems to be getting the hang of going pee in the potty but we have yet to tackle... dun dun dun! Number 2! Frankly, it scares me. I know he is terrified so he holds it and I am at a loss on how to make him comfortable with it. 

Brooklyn was such an easy child to potty train. It only took her a few days and she never had accidents at night. Mason was a whole other ball game. It took 5 different tries within almost a year. I tried numerous tactics from treats to stickers and finally a money jar worked. Perhaps it is because it was so hard for him to learn, I feel trepidation about teaching Dallas.

Well fingers crossed I find out what works for Dal and soon or I just may lose my mind. Ha ha! 

June 11, 2013

Priesthood Preview!!!

Sunday June 9th was our Primary's Priesthood Preview meeting! I had never been to one before. Mason went with me because Brooklyn and Dallas were still sick. What a special meeting it was too. It was an introduction for our 11 year old boys who are preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. There was such a wonderful spirit in the Primary room and all the speakers were so great! It made me excited for the time when my own boys would be worthy holders of this sacred responsibility. 

I feel so blessed to have lived in homes as a child and now as an adult where the Priesthood was and is held worthily. When I was young, I was blessed to see its power first hand and I have a testimony that the Lord looks after his children and through his power, miracles do happen. Now as a mother and wife, I can't think of any better way to comfort, heal and teach my children of Heavenly Father's love for them, than through a blessing given from their father.

North and East Side Fences!

June 8, 2013
Jeremiah's dad came down today to help Jer with the East (Front) and North side of the fence. After Morris left, I helped Jer finish. Let me just say, its been a huge task. Bigger than I thought at first. But it sure will be worth it when we are all done! 
Sod next Saturday!!!

Starting The Fence!

Saturday June 1st 
West fence (off of alley) is done! Jer made an area for our trash cans and gas meter. I really like that our garbage cans wont be rolling all over when the crazy north/eastern winds kick up!

Parker Reid came down from Sterling to help Jer! It was really nice for Jer to have help either from his dad or friends with this really big project!
Thanks guys!!!

Dress Rehearsal!

Class pictures on May 31st!

Brooklyn in Her Dance Outfits!

May 30, 2013
I ended up taking pictures of Brooklyn in her dance costumes because pictures were so expensive but I really had fun doing something entirely girly with my Brooky! She got a hoot out of all the poses we came up with too. I will be a little sad dance class is over in 2 days!

Happy Memorial Day!

May 27, 2013
Memorial Day!
This year Jer's parents came over and we had a BBQ on our new patio area! I can't wait to dress it up with plants, a pergola and table one day! For now, I was just grateful to have a place to sit outside.

I am so grateful for the service men and women who have fought and died for this country. I just recently read a book about widows of Gettysburg. It made me contemplate just how much our Country has been through. I know the Lord has blessed this land and if we follow him we will remain free. I am so grateful for the Liberty that I have and sometimes take for granted. I hope we never forget who we are and how far we have come because of brave men and women who showed amazing courage and integrity.


 May 25, 2013!

Friday the 24th Jer had Jim McCracken come over and till up our back yard so it would be easier to drag flat. The kids thought it was amazing watching the tractor dig into the ground. I am so grateful for such nice people around us that are willing to come help us. I have been in awe at how neighborly and helpful our family, friends and even our acquaintances have been throughout this yard project!

We have also been very lucky to have access to equipment through Jeremiah's work. Jer was able to get a little trencher from work to trench out the water lines for the sprinkler system Jer and his dad put in Saturday the 25th.
I ended up taking the kids to the pool park while they did a lot of the trenching since its pretty dangerous equipment. I can't believe that we are actually making some progress with the yard!