April 18, 2011

Just one of those days

Actually, its been one of those weeks. Between Jer and I starting our new diet, the kids taking advantage of single mommy, and Jer working from early in the morning until late at night every night I feel like I've been going insane!

I went and bought a multi vitamin today because I have been so drained! I'd almost say its not worth it except I know eating this way has been getting me the results I've been looking for for so long. Its unbelievable how many different things I have tried to get into shape. I guess success comes with a price.

I'm not even sure if my extreme tiredness, irritability and crazy emotions are coming from the lack of sugar, lack of caffeine or just the lack of my husband being around to help me with these rowdy kids! I broke down today while doing school with Brook and that was a first for me. Its almost summer and I know we are both barely hanging on. Frankly we are both tired. I'm worried about next year. On top of the lack of motivation, Dallas put his hand in his dirty diaper!!! I was at the end of my rope!

We need daddy home and soon!

Then comes the awful guilt because I was doing SO well with reading scriptures and praying and I felt like I was in a good place. Then today happened! Bang! I feel like a terrible mom for yelling and like I'm terrible for wanting to just quit.
All I can say is, tomorrow has GOT to be better.

Okay, I'm done venting... Goodnight!

April 16, 2011

New Cut!

I got my hair cut today! It was getting way too long and I was sick of it! It feels so much better now! Yay!

April 14, 2011

Kids say the craziest things!

I got a letter in the mail announcing that this Friday will be a make up day at Mason's school.
I read it to Jeremiah and Mason all of a sudden yelled...
No, Mom!! I'm a BOY!!! Boys DON'T wear MAKE UP!!!!

Jer and I laughed our heads off! The things this little boy comes up with sometimes! haha

Oh and this is the "mad face" Mason lately. Oh, that attitude sometimes!! Most of the time it just makes us laugh at his crazy moods. Ha ha!

April 13, 2011

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Dallas loved his doggy on the way to the museum!

The kids were so excited to see pirate all over!

My llama kiddos!
ooo termites!

Mummy! Brook and Mason could not be turned away. kinda creepy! haha

love the DINOS!

Brook had to get a picture of her with her "brown bears".

I loved how tiny they looked next to these walruses.

It was spring break this last week. We usually do something special with the kids for spring break and this year it was just passing us by. The last weekend before they went back to school, we decided to take them to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They had a special exhibit going on about a real pirate ship! The kids always love the animals especially the huge arctic ones and the African animals. Brook and Mase were fascinated with the Egyptian mummy and the dinosaurs! It was a very packed and busy day but it was worth all the fun!

April 6, 2011


Today Brooklyn's hair was driving me crazy! It had gotten so long and stringy that it just was a mess to brush or do! I asked Brook if she'd like a trim and she told me she wanted it shorter so I only ventured to her shoulders. That was as far as I was comfortable going. She is also growing out her bangs so those may be interesting for a while. I know it isn't professional but I didn't think I did to horribly. The thing is, it may come as a shock to daddy so we are going to surprise him! I sure hope he likes it!!!

Visiting Dad.

Monday evening we got a call from Jer. He had mentioned how he wished he had some movies to pass the time during the long nights. I told him that we'd be happy to make a trip up there to give him some.

It was a little spontaneous but we made it about 9:00pm. Jer and his coworker James showed me around the substation. They even took the kid inside one of the control rooms to see how it works! It was nice to see daddy and sneak in one more hug before he was gone for the rest of the week! We didn't get back home until almost 11pm but it was worth it.

April 3, 2011

Conference Weekend is the Best!

All ready for Conference!

I think there were a lot of Temple words said. Look at Brook's chipmunk cheeks!?

Saturday night we set up the camping tent in the basement. Brook and Mason had so much fun!

They were so stinkin' excited!

Dallas has been such a good boy lately. So happy and playful! He sure is going to miss his daddy while he's away on a work trip this week.

I just love this man to death! I love his expressions when he speaks and when he puts his hands out like this. I just can feel the love he has for each of us!

I LOVE Conference Weekend! This year I tried to be more prepared. I wanted my kids to be more involved and listen better so I printed off a Conference activity packet from http://www.sugardoodle.net/ . Then I remember my cousin making snack bowls and had her kids eat one snack when they heard special words. I did that too and it worked like a charm! Our words were family, testimony, faith, temples, Jesus Christ, scriptures and Holy Ghost!
This was the first conference my kids made it almost all the way through! That is so exciting to me! Jer and I were able to take notes and really get the most out of it. I can finally see a day when I will be able to make it through a meeting when my kids wont interrupt! Hurray!!! Thanks Jamie for the great idea! 

My favorite talks this Conference were...
Saturday Conference
 Jean A. Stevens talk about our little ones and following their examples of faith and forgiveness.

President Eyring spoke about having charity.

President Uchtdorf and how the Lord expects us to open our mouths to share the gospel.

Paul v. Johnson said that after our darkest test is our greatest growth and we should not resent our trials but be grateful for them. I loved that. It really hit home with me lately. I really need to not resent my trials.

I loved David A. Bednar's analogy of the light, how the dark room and the light switch coming on is sudden brightness and then the sunrise is gradual light. Revelation is like both examples and I loved how he pointed out that we glorify the sudden revelations but overlook the little gradual revelations that we hardly notice. I had felt from time to time that maybe my testimony was not as strong because i haven't had the hit over the head revelations like I have in the past but Bednar's talk reassured me that I just haven't seen all the wonderful sunrise revelations in my life!

I am totally excited that Fort Collins is getting a Temple!!! It is a little closer to us and I hope that it will make it easier to switch off watching kids with another family so we might be able to attend more often. :-)

Elder Richard G. Scott was another favorite. I loved his council to us Married couples and how we need to show expressions of love more.

Lynn G. Robbins had a great talk about Being and Doing. I need to Be more often. Especially with my kids. He gave GREAT council about parenting. I loved it!

Those were my favorites and the ones that really hit home this April Conference. I really hope you all were uplifted and feel just as spiritually fed as I do!

Spontaneous Picnic

Last Friday I was not feeling so well. I was fully intending to take a day off and relax to get better. I even called in sick at Brook's school when I got a phone call. It was our land lord's realtor. He wanted us to be out of the house 2 hours later so someone could show the house. I didn't mind but it was pretty inconvenient since all of us were in our pj's still and I was sick. I made the best of it and packed up a picnic for lunch and the kiddos and i headed to the park. I'm sure glad we did too since it was such a nice day outside and the kids had so much fun!
Dallas even swung on a swing for the 1st time!!! Yay!