January 12, 2013

My Baby Boy Turns 3!

January 12, 2013

My baby boy turned three today! I can't believe it has been three years since he came into our lives. Dallas has been such a joy to have in our home. We just love his personality! He adores his older brother and sister. His little face just lights up each day when they get home from school. Dallas is a daddy's boy. Whenever we are on the couch, Dallas always comes up to dad and asks "I sit lis you da-ee?"
When he prays, he says sweet things like, "Thank you for my Ipad". Or, "Please bless my noodles".
Dallas is very independent now and has to put himself in his car seat and strap himself in. Dal loves to "fix it" with dad whenever Jer has something to repair. Mason and Dallas are good buddies and are constantly together snuggling on the couch or wrestling around on the floor. I just can't get enough of his sweet chubby cheeks! Happy Birthday Dallas Bryant! We sure love you!!!

The Lucero family came over to eat lunch and celebrate.

Dallas's spiderman cake

Luceros, morris and jer watching the Broncos game.

Dallas in his boxing "glubs"!

January 8, 2013

Dallas VS the Potty!

Look I went pee pee in the potty!

Look at my new skivvies!

Yes! I did it!!!

Lately Dallas has been coming to me to tell me he wants to go to the bathroom. Usually I would smile and take him but really knew it was only because an older brother or sister just said they needed to go. Today he was very insistent so while we were in Sterling for Mason's ear appointment we picked Dallas up some big boy skivvies. When we got home I just decided we would introduce the underpants and show him the little potty and see what happens. I really wasn't planning on making him do anything yet but he wanted to try the skivvies on so I explained to him that when we feel like we need to go pee pee we run run run to the potty and sit down. Then I showed him how to hold himself down so he doesn't spray all over (I learned this one the hard way with Mason's potty training ;-)). Then we pee in the potty. The next thing I knew Dallas was peeing. It was only a little bit but we made a huge deal about it and he got very excited. Mommy gave him a little skittle candy as a reward for going pee pee. We ran down stairs to tell daddy the exciting news! After we came back upstairs for a little while Dallas wanted to try again and this time he went a lot! He washed his hands and got another skittle. I was beginning to think he just may be the easiest potty trained kid in my house when.... Dun Dun Dun!!! Dallas went number 2 in his skivvies. I acted like it was no big deal we just need to clean ourselves up but Dallas melted down. He kept screaming and crying and said don't hurt me don't hurt me! I think it terrified him to poo poo in the potty. I don't know why! So we cleaned up and I washed his underpants and I gave Dal a choice to either wear a diaper again or skivvies. he happily chose the skivvies but 2 minutes later Dal started to pee. I changed him again and by this time he was over this new experience! He gladly put on a diaper and to be honest I was pretty relieved as well.

Overall I say Dallas has 2 points and the potty has 2 points so its a TIE! For a first try, I'd say it was a success! My little baby is sure growing up fast!!

Mason's Ears

Today was Mason's Audiology appointment in Sterling. First, the technician tested his cochlea which came back normal. Then she put him in this big metal box. It looked like a torture chamber! He sat in there with headphones and  had to raise his hand when the tech. played certain sounds. She then played some white noise sounds on top of the beeping noises. Mason was a trooper!

When she explained to us his results, she told us that Mason has some high frequency hearing loss in his right ear. That means it is hard for him to hear through background noises like SHH or PSST. Things like that. She said that it isn't severe enough for him to wear a hearing aide because hearing aides don't work for that range.

It shouldn't effect his schooling but she said we need to keep an eye on him. He needs yearly appointments with the Audiologist. If he seems to be getting worse we need to take him to Children's hospital or maybe a ear, nose, and throat specialist. We are sure glad it turned out okay and not as bad as I had feared. Guess we will have to talk to Mason bug in his left ear from now on ;-) Ha ha!

Pics of Jer's trip to Manassa

Last Friday, January 4th Jeremiah and his dad drove down to Manassa to visit with Grandpa Snuffy. They loved visiting. Grandpa has lost a lot of weight since the last time they saw him and it made them so happy to see Grandpa eat his heart out while they were there. They made biscuits and gravy for his breakfast and soft tacos and pot roast for dinners.
Courtney and Preston came down and got to visit with dad, Jer and Grandpa so it was really nice. I wish I could have gone down with the kids to visit also but Brook and Mase both had to go back to school Monday.
 Jer and his dad took Grandpa out and drove around. It was really good for him to get out and about. Before they arrived he rarely got up out of his chair. Jer showed grandpa the Ipad and he really thought that it was neat and asked where he could get one. :-) We sure love Grandpa Snuffy. By the time the boys left, he really was looking a little better.

January 6, 2013

When dad is away...

This week Jeremiah and his dad drove down to Manassa to visit Grandpa Snuffy, Courtney and Preston.

I have realized that our house feels awfully EMPTY when dad is away. The kids have asked about a million times when is dad getting back? I have really been cleaning up a storm because without him there to distract me and hang out with, I find reading or watching TV is just too boring! I have mended holey jeans, cooked, cleaned, organized and put away all the Christmas stuff so far.Not to mention that no matter how early I go to bed, I never get to sleep until at least midnight. The house stays pretty clean without my sweet hubby but its just too clean. In short we all miss you babe! 

P.S. Please come home soon, I really need a better night's sleep!!! 

January 2, 2013

New Years!

This New Year's Eve we went to the Lucero family's house. Janae's sister and brother in law were there with their kids too. We played games, ate yummy food and talked. It was so much fun. Even after my kids threw fits all night long and one of Trisha's kids puked on the couch and floor. It was all part of the experience. hehe! Happy New Year!

New Year's Day we went to Jer's parent's house and ate soft and hard tacos and warm vanilla pudding with bananas. The girls watched the twilight zone while the boys watched some football. Then we played a couple card games before we had to go get groceries. I forgot to get pictures of the rents but it was fun.

Christmas Day!

Christmas Morning! It was mass chaos, laughter, fun and full of giving and thanks! We are so grateful for the presents and love we were sent. The kids were pretty lucky this year. They got lots of books and gifts from  Santa, Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents and cousins. Thank you to those who gave to us and we wish we could have been with everyone this Christmas season.  We love this time of year to Celebrate the Savior, his birth, and life! The kids really got into the story this year and knew all the elements of the donkey ride to Bethlehem, the star, the shepherds and the wise men. Even little Dallas loved holding up the shiny star! We hope everyone's Christmas was just as special and lovely as ours was. love you all!

Christmas Eve!

Jer's dad came over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because Cindy was in Arizona visiting Jer's sister over the holidays. We had a pretty laid back Christmas Eve. We ate soft tacos, watched a Christmas carol, tracked Santa on the computer and then daddy read the Christmas story while the kids and I acted out the Nativity scene. Right before bed the kids set out milk and haystack cookies and wrote Santa a little letter.

Christmas Outfits

December 23, 2012

I just loved Brooklyn's purple Christmas dress this year! Then, I was so excited when I found Mason this light purple vest suit. Dallas looks so cute in his brother's vest suit and a darker purple tie.

I love Sundays! My kids look so handsome and beautiful in their Sunday best and I just love going to Primary with all the little kids looking like mini missionaries!
This Sunday the kids sang the Nativity song and Sacrament and then we listened to a couple people narrate the Christmas story and the Choir sang. It was very pretty.

First Snow Day!

December 19, 2012
Today was the first snow storm of the season. We weren't even sure we would get any snow that would last until Christmas. I sent the kids to school only to get a call at 10 o'clock stating that dismissal was at 11. This was extra special for my kids because normally we would have to do school through the snow storm when we home schooled. Now, they were able to come home, play, drink hot chocolate and treat it like a special vacation day. It made me happy to see how excited they were. This year was the first time Dallas really got into the snow and really played without crying too. Jer came home at lunch time and pulled the kiddos around the yard on a sled. It was bitter cold but they just loved it.


December 13, 2012

Recently, we have noticed our little Brooklyn has a creative streak in her. One Wednesday afternoon, after school, Brooklyn declared that she had a book report due on Friday. She said she wanted to make a game for the book June B. Jones is Not a Crook. I explained to Brooklyn that this was something she needed to do all on her own. She worked very hard all evening and Thursday day. This is what she came up with. A board game with characters from the book. Tiled spaces, a school and a tree all made up of construction paper! I was amazed that she did such a great job in such short of time. I can only imagine what she could have come up with if she had started earlier.

Brooklyn has also been writing a great deal lately. She writes in her Journal, she writes short stories and colors a lot. Some of these stories are hilarious! One was how Santa got stuck upside down in a chimney. And how she used different ways to get him unstuck. Ha ha!  Another story was our Christmas Present she made at school. It was a hard back book that she illustrated and wrote. About a little girl who wanted to buy her mom a present for Christmas but didn't have any money so she borrowed a credit card form her dad and bought her mom 2 wooden spoons in case one spoon broke. It was so funny! 

I can't believe how much our little Brooklyn is growing. She loves to read now and I can always see her with a book. Her current favorite this week is Diary of a Wimpy kid the Third Wheel. She loves to make up plays for her brothers and friends to act out together. It sure is a joy to watch our little girl grow!