August 23, 2011

Denver Trip to the Zoo!

Monday August 15 we drove to Denver with Jer's parents and his sister Amanda's family. We stayed at the Resonance Hotel there. It was pretty fancy. We got lucky and Jer and Dan were the guests of the day so we got special access to the 10 floor for snacks, complimentary sodas, and Breakfast! It was really nice!
The next day we went to the Denver Zoo. He hadn't been there together since Logan was a new born. It was lots of fun. The kids loved being together to see it all.

Here are the kiddos in our van.

The lobby.


Daddy and Dallas looking at the zebras.

the big girls!

I love the giraffes.

watching the polar bear. He looked so sad to me.

saw a sea lion show.

the girls with a snake!

trying to touch a sting ray.

walking with daddy into the jungle!

horseshoe crab.

Kimono dragon.

fell asleep with his feet propped up. Ha ha!

feeding the birds.

cute little guy from Madagascar.

Kennedy looking at the Orangutan.

This reminds me of Jer's and my 1st anniversary. Went to a zoo in Utah and he stood like this too.

August 19, 2011

Courtney's Wedding

Friday August 12th, Courtney and Preston got married. We took lots of pictures outside the church. The kids were so cute in their pink and orange outfits!!!
Unfortunately, Dallas was a huge pill and I missed the entire ceremony and the cake cutting afterwards! Remind me to thank you later D D (lovingly nick named Darn Dallas now).
Congratulations Courtney and Preston! Hope you two have a wonderful and happy life together!

August 12, 2011

Decorating for the Reception!

Jillian and Amanda singing here comes the bride.

the sisters!

Uncle Preston with Brynlee

Aunt Shayla with Kennedy

Dallas walking through the lanterns

Dallas watching the wedding video and dancing

Mom Smith decorating the food table

It was a little chaotic with all the kids but we made it!

All done! So pretty!

Its always such fun when you gather the Smith family together! Yesterday we decorated for Courtney and Preston's reception! The kids were all over the place and we had tons of things to do. We were so busy we worked right through lunch. By the time I got us some dinner and started to drive home, Dallas crashed in the car. It was a big day but it was fun.

August 10, 2011

Brook's 1st Calf Ride!

It is one of my favorite times of year again! Fair time!!!
We signed Brooklyn up to ride muttin' bustin' Saturday August 6th, but found out last minute that you have to be 4-6 years old for that so we asked her if she was brave enough to ride the calves instead. She was super excited! Unfortunately Jer's phone didn't record a video and my phone only got a very blurry picture but she had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year.
The rider who stayed on longest won a buckle! Brook wasn't the longest but she did a pretty good job! I'm so proud of my little girl! As a reward for being brave they got to ride on the carousel!

My excited little girl!

that's my little cowboy!

baby Dal

the kids getting ready to ride.

Mason said, he's looking at me mom!

Brook getting a better view.

Ye haw!

That's my big girl! climbing over the fence back to dad.

The reward for being brave!

Akron Parade and Muttin Bustin

Friday August 5 was the Akron Parade. Then we took the kids to the fair and see the muttin bustin!

Sitting pretty patiently for the parade to start.

The three boys!

playing with their candy bags!

Waving hello to the rodeo princesses!!!

Jer with the two babies!

The two little girls waving.

Akron's old fire truck!

Wow! what a big tractor!

poor kid hanging on for dear life!

they are so cute riding those sheep!