August 23, 2011

Denver Trip to the Zoo!

Monday August 15 we drove to Denver with Jer's parents and his sister Amanda's family. We stayed at the Resonance Hotel there. It was pretty fancy. We got lucky and Jer and Dan were the guests of the day so we got special access to the 10 floor for snacks, complimentary sodas, and Breakfast! It was really nice!
The next day we went to the Denver Zoo. He hadn't been there together since Logan was a new born. It was lots of fun. The kids loved being together to see it all.

Here are the kiddos in our van.

The lobby.


Daddy and Dallas looking at the zebras.

the big girls!

I love the giraffes.

watching the polar bear. He looked so sad to me.

saw a sea lion show.

the girls with a snake!

trying to touch a sting ray.

walking with daddy into the jungle!

horseshoe crab.

Kimono dragon.

fell asleep with his feet propped up. Ha ha!

feeding the birds.

cute little guy from Madagascar.

Kennedy looking at the Orangutan.

This reminds me of Jer's and my 1st anniversary. Went to a zoo in Utah and he stood like this too.


Amanda said...

cute photos. I think I will steal some since i don't have any of that day. I need to play catch up but being lazy. Way to lazy. Good Luck with school

Andie~ said...

Fun pictures. Do you have one of Jer posing at the Utah zoo? That would be fun to see!

Did I tell you I have a new blog now?

Candi said...

Sure Amanda, take whatever you want. I have more on facebook.

Andie, that online seminary is awesome. I hope they have something like that for my kids when they are older. we live in a tiny town and will have to do home study anyway... Ps. can you add my e-mail to your safe list so i can comment on your blog?