October 29, 2010

Trick or Treating

Today was our annual trick or treat in Akron. Everyone meets at the Main Street Park and then we go up and down Main Street trick or treating to the local businesses.
Brooklyn was Dorothy this year. Mason was the scarecrow (I made his costume). And Dallas was the "scaredy lion" as Mase calls him.
This was my first year taking the kids to Akron to get candy so I thought it was nice. I especially liked that the high school clubs volunteered to walk out in the cross walks to make sure the kids were safe when they cross.
The kids had a blast this year and I thought they looked pretty cute too!
We went with our friends the Pauls and their baby girl and older little girl. Brook and Sarah were so cute. They kept holding hands and saying you are my best friend. At one point Mason was holding my hand and after he heard them say that, he turned to me and said mom you are my best friend. Aw! I could have melted. What a sweet little guy!

October 28, 2010

Quick update

Our Little Dalli:
Last post I forgot to mention the latest Dallas update
He is 27 inches long
19.3 lbs.
The Dr. said he is a long lean machine. And oh was he wiggly all over the place!

October 27, 2010

Shots, shots, and more shots!

Its just been one of those days...
I haven't been feeling well this week but I've been putting off this season's flu shots for a while so I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment for today.
Dallas is pretty behind on his immunizations also so I went ahead and scheduled them as well.
Might as well get it all done and over with right?
Well, I lugged all three kids into the clinic. Some how
I managed to fill out surveys, fill out paperwork, and sign papers while holding a crying wiggly 9 month old and watch the other two to make sure they didn't pester any poor patient.
Once we finally got called into our room, I had to strip Dallas down to his diaper upon which we found out he had a rash. Something I totally overlooked during the day during his clothes change and many diaper changes. I just chalked it up to a heat rash, something my kids tend to get as babies. No, this Dr. thinks it may be a viral rash. Ugg.
More than an hour later with three restless kids, Dallas finally got his overdue 6 month immunization shots. Through which he screamed his lungs out! That in turn freaked Mason out and he started to scream that he didn't want his flu shot anymore. Brook was a brave trooper until the last moment and then she decided she WAS scared and then I had three screaming kids on my hands. Oh how I wished I could cry my head off with the rest of them!
After bodily forcing Mason bug to get his shot he said, "Did it hurt"? Ahh! I don't know Mason, did it? "No". Ha ha.
So now we are home. Dallas went down for a much needed nap and when he woke up, there was nothing I could do to calm him. He would not bundle up and rock, he wouldn't eat anything. I paced, I tried everything! Including crying like a baby. I pray Jer gets home soon!

October 19, 2010

9 months and overdue

9 months!
It is October already and Dallas Bryant is 9 months old. He is growing up to be my little boy already. I'm so sad to see the changes and happy at the same time.
Dallas is one busy busy guy. He is very curious and loves to explore everything. If there is a straight shot to something and another more difficult way under things, he is sure to take the harder path.
Our little Dalli is now standing up and walking along tables, couches and chairs. His favorite place to be is anywhere playing with Brooklyn and Mason. His whole face lights up when they include him. I just know he can't wait to be bigger and able to play with his brother and sister.
He wears 9mo to 12mo clothing now and is starting to loose a little of his baby rolls now that he is mobile. It kinda makes me sad to see them go. I love my chubby babies!

October 18, 2010

Just another reason..

why I love this time of year! Our kids have been having a blast getting out the old Halloween costumes. I can't believe they can fit into some of them still. Guess I didn't need to buy Mase a new costume. ha ha! Brooklyn wore that pirate costume when she was 3!!! To funny!

Halloween goodies...

Halloween is coming up and our family get so excited! This year I decided to have the kids make a few fun goodies. We made monster mouths, witch fingers and cookie spiders. It was all such fun. I know Brook and Mason had a blast. This just might become a family tradition from now on!

October 11, 2010

Anniversary Weekend!

Denver Temple at night.

Inverness Hotel and Resort.

5 bridges accross the lobby.

Spa bathroom goodies! Yay!

Our room was tiny but pretty. The bed was horribly hard.

Us after our Sealing Session.

I love to see the temple...

PF Changs!!!

Yes, we are evil. We went to Black Hawk. Believe me, it was not that special.

I love this picture of us.

One of the Casinos we tried.

Crystal Inn and Suites. Totally got more for the money. Much bigger room.


This past weekend was our 8 year anniversary trip. Usually we are boring and just go out to eat but since we have gone to the same restaurant for the last 3 years, we decided to save up to do something special this year. We asked Jer's parents to watch the kids for us and we drove to Denver. It was so nice! Expedia has a deal where you can name your own price and after you accept it, then they show you what hotel you got. It was kind of scary but we bit our lip and just did it. We are so glad we did too because we ended up with the Inverness Hotel and Resort. As soon as we walked in there we knew we were out of our league. Ha ha! They mentioned vallet parking and Jer blacked out for a second. Lol. The Hotel was incredible! It had several restaurants, 24 hour swimming with a massage jetted hot tub, amazing spa bathroom goodies and a great view of the golf course and pond. The lobby had 5 bridges running from one side of the lobby to the other. All this luxury and you'd think their beds would be amazing but it was NOT! Jer and I got about 3 hours of sleep that night. It just goes to show no matter how much money goes into a hotel room, if the bed is hard as a rock, its not that great of a hotel.
We woke up the next morning super tired but very happy to be so close to the Temple. We took a trial run from our hotel the night before to see how much time it would actually take. We stopped at Krispy Kreme for breakfast since the hotel's breakfast was 15 bucks a pop! When Jer and I got to the Temple, I got through just fine but apparently Jer's recommend wasn't active for some reason. After several phone calls, the temple worker finally got a hold of our stake president and they figured out the problem. When we got our recommends renewed, mine was activated and Jer's was accidentally not. So he showed on the records at church as not having a current recommend. Now, it makes sense to us why the Bishop called Jer in a while back to ask him if he needed a temple recommend renewal. Ha ha! Thank goodness we got that figured out.
Jer and I did Sealings for the first time since our marriage. It was an amazing experience, one I won't forget anytime soon. The Sealer was so sweet to explain everything to me. I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude. The spirit was so strong, we didn't want to leave.
But we had to eventually. We had lunch at our favorite place PF Changs! Then we drove to Black Hawk, CO to see what its like. Jer and I played the penny slots for a while. We quickly decided that it was ridiculous! I mean, it was fun for a little, we gave ourselves 20 bucks each to spend but only after 10 dollars each we thought it would be better to go have a nice dinner and not waste it. It was sad to see so many people take what could only be their paycheck and blow it with a tap of their finger. It was a learning experience and I know Jer and I will never be gamblers. Its just too stupid! We work so hard for every penny we get to blow it so quickly. So we left after about an hour or so and went to eat at Lone Star. I kept being reminded of how much the kids help us eat. We ordered like normal and totally got way too much!
We checked into our "middle class" hotel the Crystal Inn (we felt much more at home) and spent some time in the not as nice hot tub (my favorite part of staying at hotels). Sunday we drove around a little, took back a shirt that didn't fit and drove home.

October 7, 2010

Dallas Bryant

I just can't believe how much this little guy has grown lately.
Its like he went from a baby to a toddler over night!
Dal has begun to stand up and walk along tables and chairs and couches. Dallas went from eating some baby food to refusing to eat any. He went straight for the finger foods. I started to buy veggies and fruit in cans cause they are mooshy and he sits at his highchair finger pinching to his hearts content. He says Mama and baba but just laughs at Jer whenever he tries to get him to say Dada. It cracks me up! I wish this baby boy would slow down a bit.

October 4, 2010

General Conference

This year I was very excited to watch General Conference. I love listening to the Apostles and Prophet speak. They are so uplifting. It always helps me to reflect on my own life and things I could do to improve. The theme this year kept striking me as getting back to the basics, Spending time with the family, loving one another, helping one another, being grateful, getting out of debt...
I loved Elder Uchtdorf's quote: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". When the turbulence of life hits, I need to remember to slow down and make sure I have the basics covered. I wish we could have Conference weekend more often.