August 27, 2008

So much going on and so little time

Yesterday was a day pact with highs and lows. That morning Brooklyn's preschool teachers came for a home visit and to meet Brook. They gave me so much information it'll take me a while to process it all. :o)
Later that day I took brooklyn to her eye Dr. Appointment. I guess he said that Brooklyn has astigmatisms. The Dr also said that she has probably had problems seeing since birth and has never known what its like to see clearly. He's giving her a half of a prescription until her eyes train themselves to know what clear is. I think she looks cute.

After Brook's appointment I took the kiddos to Burger King to celebrate how brave Brooklyn was for the Dr. They thought that was a treat.
On our drive home, Jer called me to tell me about his day. Jer was working underground yesterday and they were checking for faulty lines. One of the Journeyman guy's was trying to switch the line from being grounded back into normal position when he hooked it up to the wrong place. Jer was the one holding the line and it was HOT! Thank goodness he was wearing his rubber gloves because the 7200 volts of electricity would have killed him. It scared me to death! I just don't know what we would do without Jer. I cried so bad I had to pull our car over. Things like that really give you a wake up call. I hope my husband realizes how much I love him. I just don't think I could raise these kids all on my own. Thank goodness for miracles. I truly feel that Heavenly Father was looking out for Jer that day.

August 19, 2008

In the jungle the mighty jungle....

This week we've been busy... I've been getting everything ready for Brooklyn to start preschool. I go to register her today. The kids have been playing up a storm and I thought they were too cute in Brooky's cowgirl hat.

This past Sunday we all went out in the garden. It looks like a jungle out there! I've got lots of tomatoes, green chilies, corn, zucchini and pumpkins growing. We even have a little watermelon but it better warm up here or it wont get very big. :o(
That night we found a tiny black kitten that was lost. I called the sheriff's office since the animal control only works Mon-Fri. A nice officer came to pick her up. I'd keep it but Jer is very allergic to cats. Poor Brook cried when she left.

This morning at work a man came in to buy some donuts. He's a sweet mentally handicapped guy who lives here in town. The donut case is self serve but Brett called to me and said "hey you! I need 8 donuts." I got them for him. Then he said, "pick one enie menie minie mo." I did. Then he told me that the girl up front looks hungry so he gave her a donut. I laughed my head off. Brett is a kick in the pants!

August 18, 2008

Cheyenne Frontier Days!

I'm playing catch up with my blog since my digital camera is broken. Here are our pictures from our trip to Cheyenne July 2008.
The kids had a blast at the fair. They loved riding rides and the ponies.

Jer and I took the kids on a free tour behind the shoots before the rodeo. That was a lot of fun and it gave us an interesting perspective of the stadium.
The rodeo was amazing. No wonder they call it the daddy of em all! We loved how they broke the events up. It was a good thing too because we ended up leaving 3 events early since the kids were worn out. At least we got to see a little of everything.

A couple was riding on this when they parked and a man proposed to his girlfriend. It was really sweet!

If any of you are able to make it up to Cheyenne for the celebration, I highly recommend it. There is so much to see and do you really can't do it all in one day.

August 7, 2008


A. Attached or Single? Attached
B. Best Friend? Jer
C. Cake or Pie? Cake
D. Day of Choice? Saturday or Sunday (Whenever we have family time)
E. Essential Item? Books
F. Favorite Color? Greens
G. Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears
H. Hometown? Easton, PA
I. Indulgence? Chocolate
J. January or July? July
K. Kids? Two. Girl and boy.
L. Life isn't complete without? My husband and kids (diddo Courtney)
M. Marriage Date? September 19th 2002
N. Number of brothers & sisters? 4 sisters in law and 2 brothers in law. I was an only child.
O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges.
P. Phobias? heights but I try to look past it. Losing a loved one.
Q. Quotes? dk at the moment... I'll think of one later.
R. Reasons to smile? Family
S. Season of Choice? Fall
T. Tag three others below: Amanda, Jill and Mindi
U. Unknown fact about me? I have never ridden a horse, never touched one either. Always wanted to but I haven't. How sad is that considering where I live now.
V. Vegetable? love almost every vegetable out there. Broccoli and carrots are my favorite though.
W. Worst Habits? I get a little spacey. You could tell me something and I'll promise to remember but heck two minute later I can't even remember that I was supposed to remember something.
X. X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y. Your favorite food? Sunday roast with mash potatoes and green beans. mmm. its been a while.
Z. Zodiac Sign? Gemini.

August 4, 2008

A concert! In Akron??

The kids loved the parade.

Hoss Howard

This week was Akron's fair and parade!
The whole town was abuzz with excitement. This year was the first year that we've ever had a big name come for a concert. Jer and I were excited with the rest of em'. We paid a whopping 20 bucks each to get reserved seating right in the middle closest seating to the stage. Yeah Right! We went to sit down and we found out that we were right in the middle on the ground. All the standing room only people were right in front of us and I couldn't see a thing sitting down. Of course we stood the whole time. That was just fine cause we still had a great view!
Hoss Howard and his band opened up for Joe Diffie!!! We didn't know who Hoss Howard was but he wasn't half bad. He reminded me of Toby Kieth a little. We sure got a kick out of his older long haired band member who kept flipping his hair all over. He was hilarious!!
Joe Diffie got on stage and the crowd went crazy. Even all the sweet old folks in town too! We needed to sell $500 dollars worth in tickets just to break even and we sold around $900! That great because it means they'll ask someone else to come next year. Joe said he just did a concert in Ohio and thought man that's gonna be a short drive. Ha ha! He didn't even know there WAS an Akron, Colorado. He was very down to earth. Jer and I had a blast just being together without the kids. Its been a while.

Joe Diffie