June 24, 2011

Early 5th Birthday!

The kids and I leave Saturday to visit my family in Pennsylvania for a month. Jer was going to miss Mason's 5th Birthday, so we celebrated a couple days early! I made a cake and Mase got to open presents. It was small and quick but very nice! I can't believe this little guy is 5 already!!! I remember the day we came home from the hospital with Mason. he was my quietest baby. Mason was so content to just sit with you and relax. He is still content to just sit with you most of the time! Mason is my shy little bug, he loves to follow his sister and do anything with her, he is my healthy eater, give him any junk food versus a banana or cucumber and he'll choose the fruit or veggie. Mason is pretty shy and does not like to get his picture taken. We sure love having his sweet personality in our family!
Happy Birthday Mason Bug!!!

June 23, 2011

First and Last T-ball Game!

Because I signed Mason up for T-ball way before I realized how busy we'd be, Tuesday night was Mason's 1st and only t-ball game.
Mase was a crack up!!!
He kept standing on the field with is hands in his pockets. He batted without the tee! It was really nice!

June 21, 2011

Playing at the Park

It has been crazy around our house lately, so when the kids asked to go to the park, I took them.
Dallas is a crack up with his walking stick. He reminded me of an old man walking. Brook and Mason are such good buds most of the time. I hope they learn to appreciate that connection as they grow up. :-)
They were constantly sliding down the slide together or on the teeter totter. I just love this last picture of Dallas. He usually doesn't smile on the swing but I got lucky and snuck this big cheesy grin out of him! Love It!!!
These are the days that make me LOVE summer!


We are gonna miss t-ball pictures tonight so I decided to take Mason bug out and take a few just of him. I signed him up before I realized how busy we were going to be this summer so Mase will miss a few practices and games but he sure is enjoying himself anyway. We had fundamental practice this morning and I have to say, I'm kind of impressed at how well he does. This is his first year and he is pretty good at holding the ball the right way and his follow through is usually spot on. Maybe he'll make a great baseball player when he gets older!

June 20, 2011


      We have lived in Akron for 4 years now! June 11th was our 4 year anniversary. I will be the first to admit that I didn't like it here in the beginning. It was completely out of my comfort zone. We live 30 minutes from any civilization and shopping. When I say shopping, I mean Walmart! Oh yeah, we are big time here!
At first it wasn't so bad because we had Jer's parents and our sister and brother in law here to do things with. After they moved I got really depressed and lonely. I would have done just about anything to move out of here! It took me a couple years but I finally just learned to adjust to not having couple friends. We got used to just doing things as a family and not making an effort anymore. Once or twice a year we would go visit family. I've even learned to like it here in Akron. It grew on me I guess. :-)

This past weekend, we broke from that tradition and finally made some plans! Saturday we had the Reid family over. They are newer in our ward and *gasp* a young couple with two cute little girls! We had so much fun, I forgot how nice it was to do stuff with other couples. To laugh so hard, it makes you cry! :-)
Then on Sunday after church we invited our neighbors over, the Agans. We had talked about it forever and finally I got off my behind and asked. It was so great! The kids ran around while us adults talked and actually had a real conversation that didn't involve my son telling me about his bodily functions!!! Lol!

What I am saying is, I could totally get used to weekends like this!

Now I am off to prepare for my Pennsylvania trip. I need to...

  1. finish a baby sling for my friend. (I've been such a slacker!)
  2. I need to mail that same sling
  3. I have to make a list of everything I need to pack
  4. get birth certificates together for our plane/boat rides.
  5. do laundry
  6. pack

I'll be in PA this Saturday! I'm so nervous for the plane ride!! I hope I don't forget something!

June 17, 2011

The Plans!

I'm not sure if many of you know this but we are in the planning stages of building a house! We just got our plans in the mail yesterday and we are super excited! Now we have to work on getting price quotes from companies and narrow down our search on land lots then submit it all to the bank for our land/construction loan! Once that gets approved, the hard part will start. :-) We are hoping to do a lot of the work ourselves (with lots of help from family!) and just contract out those things we can't do. Jer and I have been trying to narrow down our preferences now, so we wont fight about them later when the project gets more stressful. So far so good. we like a lot of the same styles and what we differ on, we compromise. I'm hoping this will just be the first of many blog posts I'll be writing on this subject! Wish us luck!? We are excited, scared, inexperienced and hopeful! This is something we talked about for more than 8 years. It never looked like it would be a possibility until now. I think it took us looking for house after house to buy and coming up disappointed to realize this would be our best option. :-)

My Birthday!

I've had a pretty good birthday this year! Jer's mom and dad treated us to a babysitter and Jambalaya's for dinner the night before! This was my first time trying it and I really liked the place. Plus it was nice to go out as adults for once. 

Then, on the day, Jeremiah took the last 2 hours of work off to take the kids for me, but I couldn't stand the idea of being home alone while they had fun together without me so I tagged along. Ha ha!
We went to walmart to pick up a couple things, then we ate dinner at Cables in Fort Morgan. It was very good! After that, Jer bought me an ice cream cake and we went home to enjoy it!
Thanks honey for the love and the great birthday!!!

June 10, 2011

Family Fun!

This past week, Jer's sister Jillian came up with her daughter Addison. We were able to hang out a couple times with Jer's other sister Courtney. We had fun playing at the Burger King play place and then jumping on the trampoline and running through the sprinklers. My kids sure do enjoy their cousins when they come to visit!

Brook and Addi playing together.

I call this the peace queen! haha!

Here is a picture of three of the cousins doing a thumbs up!