September 30, 2009

This week's happenings

This week has been a crazy one. Our landlords FINALLY got the AC/Heat guys out to our house to put in a new furnace. We haven't have heat or air conditioning since we moved in last November. I am just happy they are doing it now. With kids and a new baby on the way, it would not have been good to have no heat this winter.
I think we all got sick from this last cold spell we had. We didn't have any heat at the time and ever since then we have all gone through cycle after cycle of sickness in this house. Poor Brook is feverish and coughs so hard. I am hoping after we get better, we will all stay healthy this winter.

September 27, 2009

The best way I know to bring a fever down...

Take a bath! Mason must have gotten what I had this last week. Last night he started acting needy and needed a lot of cuddles. I noticed he had a fever. I hate to give my kids medicine before they really need it so, into the bathtub they went.
I think Jer had more fun playing with the tub crayons than they did.

September 25, 2009


Well he is really kicking now. Baby, why oh why do you love to really kick hard right when I try to go to sleep? Just wondering. lol!

P.S. This is not a picture of my belly. It is exactly how I feel though.

September 24, 2009

one of those days

Mom getting sick is almost worse than when your kids get ill. At least when they are sick you have the energy to help them out. Today I woke up so achy that I wish I could cut my head off. Ugg! This always happens when the weather changes drastically. It was really warm here the last few weeks then this week its been 40-50s and rainy all week.

September 22, 2009

Trying on costumes

This year I did not feel up to making my kids their Halloween costumes. Turns out walmart had a pretty descent selection this year. After seeing transformers, Mason calls every bike, truck, van and car that is yellow "bumblewee" after bumblebee from the movie. He has been so excited since we got him this costume. Brooklyn really wanted to be a cheer leader this year and I must say she makes a pretty darn cute one. Last night we tried them on for size.

September 20, 2009

Behavior Jars...

Keeping busy....

It really helps to keep my mind off of things going on these last few days.

Today the kids decorated their behavior jars. I know that every child is different. For us, giving money as rewards really works. It also works to take away money when our kids show bad behaviors.

They were so excited to decorate their jars. So far it is the only thing that has helped Mason want to try to go poo poo in the potty. He calls it his poo poo jar. Um... Hey whatever works. Its only embarrassing when we come out of the wal-mart bathroom and Mason announces that he gets money for his poo poo jar! Sorry poor lady that was talking on her cell phone while he announced that.

September 19, 2009

7 years!

Today is Jeremiah and my Anniversary! I can't believe it has been 7 years already. Time has sure flown by. It feels like we love each other more and more as time passes. I am so blessed to have him as my partner and eternal companion. Jer is so thoughtful and such a wonderful father. I always tease that we have so much fun together that we are going to be one of those couples who party when their kids grow and leave the house. I am so happy that I married a man who makes me laugh in every situation. He has been my anchor and best friend. I love you baby and can't wait for the years to come!

September 17, 2009

My Grandpa Bailey

Today I found out that my Grandpa Bailey has passed away. This came as a huge shock because I didn't know that he had been ill. I have spent this whole day pondering on all of my memories with Grandma and Grandpa Bailey. It made me very sad to realize I don't have very many to chose from. Growing up in Pennsylvania I didn't get the chance to see grandma and grandpa more than once or twice a year if I was lucky. Some of my favorite memories are summer fun days tubing down the canal, eating tart green apples off of trees and picking raspberries and huckleberries. I will miss fireworks off of Grandpa's porch. Grandpa and older cousins would swing us on their homemade swings that used to be a horse lead. I remember being very young and driving with grandpa to all the canals he used to take care of. Grandpa was one of the hardest working men I've every known. I loved is little walk. I know he broke his ankles when he was young and it was probably very painful. To me, as a child, I found it endearing. Grandpa was so good at telling his stories. Grandpa was very proud of his orchard. When I grew up and moved to Idaho I was able to visit every once in a while. I remember grandpa got so mad about the Magpie birds. Grandpa was lost without grandma. They love each other so much. I could always find grandpa working away in either his big workshop or his office. Family history was a passion for grandpa. I will miss not being able to grow closer to you grandpa. I know you are with mom now and are probably swapping stories and laughing. I know you have lost that adorable limp of yours and you can walk freely now. I love you!

September 16, 2009

Some days...

Most of my mornings run pretty smoothly. This morning was one of those hectic ones. I am just wondering how it is going to be when we add a third to the mix. Hmmm.... At least this mom seems to be smiling through it. Maybe I should have smiled more?

September 12, 2009

Its Done!

Its not perfect but it will be warm. I'm pretty proud if I admit it. I just hope it stays together once I start using it. lol

September 11, 2009


Eight years have passed since 9/11 happened. Eight years. It's hard to believe it's been that long. At the same time, it feels like an eternity ago. So much has changed. And so much hasn't. Today I challenge everyone reading this to hang an American flag. Remember. Hang a flag outside of your home. On your car window. Even on your blog. Anywhere to show that you remember. You remember how precious our freedoms are. You remember the everyday heroes that are our American soldiers that fight for and defend our treasured freedoms all over the world. You say, to the world,

"We will never forget."

It feels like Autumn!

Autumn in Eastern Pennsylvania

Colorado Autumn

It is September and it is starting to feel like Fall! It is cooler and the wind is blowing. I love this time of year. It makes me think of football games, jumping in leaves, the smell of Autumn! Oh how I miss this time of year in Pennsylvania! I have come to really love fall time in Colorado as well. As much as Jeremiah argues, there IS a difference. :o)

September 9, 2009

Belly pic and more...

This week has been busy and lazy. Here is a picture of Mason giving daddy loves. He is such a hugger! I am just about done with Dallas's baby blanket! I am happy with how it is turning out. Not bad for my first try.

Just in case anyone is curious here is my first belly picture. I am 21 1/2 weeks along. Only 18 weeks to go!

September 8, 2009

A kick in the pants!

Sometimes I don't know how I lived before these two. They are constantly doing things that crack me up! Last night Brooky decided she wanted to give Mason a piggy back ride. He's almost as big as her but she did it. Silly kids! then Mase had his back pack on too. He looked like a turtle!

September 4, 2009

2nd Stage ultrasound results...

Jer took the kids and I to Denver to the Sky Ridge Medical Center to get my 2nd stage ultrasound done. It was such a great experience. I liked seeing the chambers of his heart and brain. Everything was pretty clear. The Doctors treated me so nicely. They really explained everything step by step so I could understand what we were looking at. Everything looks very good! They said the only thing I need to do now is keep an eye on his growth and weight. I really do think he is going to be just fine. We were on cloud 9 after such a stressful 2 weeks. They even did a 3D ultrasound. It was really neat!

Here is his face. He kept moving and that's why its not so clear.

I call this smoochy face. She said he looks scary because he kept pressing his face up against my belly like a little kid does to a window.

I love the feet!
I thought this was a good profile picture. See the button nose and little fingers?

September 2, 2009

Little miracles

Now that the scare is just about over I wanted to post this. During our last ultrasound visits the Doctor found that we only had 1 artery flowing through Dallas's umbilical cord. She didn't explain to me just how serious this condition was. It wasn't until I got home and looked it up that I realized there could be something wrong with our baby's development. For those of you who are wondering here is an article that explains what a single artery could mean.

What is single umbilical artery?

About 1 percent of singleton and about 5 percent of multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets or more) have an umbilical cord that contains only two blood vessels, instead of the normal three. In these cases, one artery is missing (2). The cause of this abnormality, called single umbilical artery, is unknown.
Studies suggest that babies with single umbilical artery have an increased risk for birth defects, including heart, central nervous system and
urinary-tract defects and chromosomal abnormalities (2, 3). A woman whose baby is diagnosed with single umbilical artery during a routine ultrasound may be offered certain prenatal tests to diagnose or rule out birth defects. These tests may include a detailed ultrasound, amniocentesis (to check for chromosomal abnormalities) and in some cases, echocardiography (a special type of ultrasound to evaluate the fetal heart). The provider also may recommend that the baby have an ultrasound after birth.
Yesterday I got back our results from our quad screen blood test! It was such a relief to know that everything came back normal.

The multiple marker screening test, or quad screen, is a blood test used to evaluate your risk for having
a baby with certain genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.

We are scheduled for a second stage ultrasound tomorrow. This should give us a better look at Dallas's organs and heart to make sure he is growing just fine. I am so nervous and excited to see what is going on.

Stage 2 ultrasound is more detailed than stage 1, getting into more specific screening techniques, like heart chambers, cord anatomy, etc. Stage 3 is the most detailed, reserved for suspicious conditions that would put your pregnancy at high risk. Stage 1 is just a screening ultrasound.

Jeremiah and a friend were able to give me a priesthood blessing last week. It never fails to amaze me how powerful these blessings are. As soon as he was finished I felt immediate comfort and I knew that everything would be fine. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I want to thank all my family for their prayers and love on our behalf.