February 23, 2012

School and Chores

Sometimes I love moving because it forces you to start fresh with new routines and such.

 I was so tired of constantly asking the kids to please do this chore or please help with that and all I would hear is moans or groans. I hate being the nagging mom! So I went to trusty pinterest.com and found this really great detailed chore chart another mom had made. It is so detailed, that it leaves no room for the kids to say I didn't know how to do it. She also used a points system to reward the kids. For example, each chore is a point. The parent has to sign off on the chore and then the child receives a point for that particular job. I made out a list of rewards based on so many points. So far, the points themselves have been motivation enough for the kids to help out. They like to compete with one another so just knowing they might get one more point than each other, get em going. I laminated the charts and posted them up on the refrigerator to always remind them to do it. Sometimes I find myself asking, did you do your jobs? Most of the time they say oh yeah I forgot. So far it has been a good change.


Another thing I wasn't going to post about but since this is basically my journal, here goes...

I think every homeschooling mom goes through one of those panicking moments where they just get plain old burnt out! This year has been a rough one because I was used to only schooling Brooklyn last year. Now to have both Brooklyn and Mason, its been tougher. We have our moments of melt down. Lately it seemed this past week was worse than usual. I ended up talking with my sister in-law who is doing a different program than me. Maybe it was the very layed back approach it had or maybe it was the idea of doing something completely new that had me thinking. I knew I needed a change. But nothing seemed to feel right. I prayed a whole lot. I read quite a bit and studied some but my mind was just so anxious and agitated. I cried so much! All I wanted was to do the best thing for my kids and prepare them the best I can for their missions in life!

I talked with a couple good friends who also homeschool. That helped some but I still didn't feel any peace. I finally called my amazing step mom for advice. She is a teacher with a online cyber school like what we do. Ma helped me take a step back and realize that I don't have to be a Nazi about everything. If mason isn't ready to write one day, just don't force him. If I don't agree with what they are teaching in the history book for Brooklyn, just skip it. It's as simple as that! I don't need to fight with the kids and have that struggle every day. So, I made my decision to continue with what I knew felt so good 2 years ago. Only this time I was going to make those little changes and not make it such a challenge.

Oh boy! Am I feeling so much better now. Our days have been running quite a bit smoother. We take more breaks when I feel the tension build. Most of all, I feel a renewed motivation to make it fun and help my kids feel the same love of learning that I had in school!

I feel so grateful for such amazing people in my life, that I can turn to. Amanda, Bonnie and Ma you were all there to help me and listen to me. I really appreciate your love and friendship. You keep me sane! Thank you!

February 22, 2012

Settling In!

We are finally settling in! I have added pictures to the walls. This is a big deal because for almost a year now, our walls were bear are our other rental. I felt very glum about this because pictures are what makes a house a home! Also, our landlord sent his guys to tile the eat in bar area. It looks so much better. I feel much better about this home. It is smaller but the character and warmth make up for it!

Another big weekend!

February 18, 2012

I know we were just in Denver but after several things happening, we decided there really were a few important errands we needed done. One of which was to get Brooklyn's and my eyes examined. The other was to try and find another vehicle.

We loved our Honda mini van. The only problem was, she was starting to show her age. Several things kept happening. The shifter would randomly get stuck on us and we'd have to manually put it into gear, the miles were getting up there, and the mechanical doors would sometimes not work. Both Jer and I felt like it may be time to trade the old girl in for a newer, more reliable vehicle.

That is why we found the silver bullet. Originally we were not intending to get a smaller SUV but through praying and lots of discussion, we both felt it was a pretty good fit for us. Living in a small rural area, they sometimes don't plow the streets and we have gotten stuck in snow plenty of times. I am really happy we now have all wheel drive for those moments! I love that all three kids can sit on the same bench and play or read together. It makes me feel good that Mason is no longer in the way back, sometimes not heard because he was so far away. The gas mileage is better than we got with the van. So far, I'm pretty happy with the purchase.

Friday we stayed at a hotel. We always love to swim whenever we stay at hotels so it was so much fun to meet up with some friends to swim!

Even though it was fun, I am thoroughly exhausted from big city trips, so it may be a long while before we go again. (with the exception of picking up Brooklyn's new prescription glasses here in a week.)

Jeremiah's Birthday!

February 11, 2012

It was Jeremiah's birthday and I surprised him with a dinner in Denver. He had mentioned every time we traveled to Denver how nice it would be to try out the Rodizio Grill. Its a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. We had been to one in the past when we lived near Utah but hadn't been to one in years.

I asked Jer to take off of work around noon and I gave him the GPS address but that was all. When we got there, he was so excited!

Normally it is super expensive to eat at Rodizio Grill but I found out the lunch menu is considerably cheaper than dinner. They had so many different choices. It is an all you can eat salad bar and they bring different grilled meats to your table. It was a pretty exciting experience, especially for the kids.

I am amazed every time we visit, at how much I enjoy the city with all the old architecture and buildings. I enjoy visiting but would never choose to live there.

After eating, we went to Bass Pro Shops so Jer could look at the bows. His has finally died and they do not make strings for his model anymore. The kids enjoyed the visit but Dallas must have caught a bug because he got sick three times on the way out of the store and on the way home. I thought it was the food maybe not settling right but he continued to feel sick the following week.

I am so grateful for my sweet husband. He makes me laugh every day!

You are such a comfort to me. You build me up and support me when I need it. You surprise me all of the time! You are such a great dad and show them a great example of hard work and playfulness.
I am so happy you were born and Heavenly Father gave you to me!
I love you!

February 13, 2012

Move # 9!

January 30 through February 3, 2012

Yes, those dates are correct. We moved in five days! Basically, our landlord told us that someone was interested in buying the house we were renting. He showed us this very cute craftsman style house he completely gutted. Jer and I loved it. He asked if we could be out within a week and I said, oh sure.

Luckily most of our stuff was still in boxes in our garage. That made a lot less work to get everything boxed up. I am also grateful that my wonderful husband had enough foresight to start collecting boxes from work months before hand.

In the end, we had some help from a few of Jer's co-workers to help move the bigger furniture. Thank heavens for them! I did not look forward to doing all of the heavy lifting with Jer again!

All in all, I am very proud of myself. Between my family's visit, Brook's baptism, both kid's Dibles tests, Helping a friend who was also moving, and cleaning our previous rental home, I'm surprised I survived the week!

I'm am so tired, I still don't feel like I've caught up on rest and sleep. Maybe I will by the time spring break hits? :-)

Brooklyn's Baptism!

January 22, 2012

It's Brooklyn's Baptism Day! My parents flew in from Pennsylvania on the 20th. It was so nice to visit with them! On Sunday the 22nd, we were lucky to have my parents, Jer's parents, as well as my cousins Ryan and Jamie with their girls.

Unfortunately I was a nervous wreck so I completely forget to get my camera out to take pictures. I borrowed these from my mother in-law.

Brooklyn was just beaming! She didn't seem nervous at all. Our friends Bonnie and Angela Nielsen directed the music and played the piano. Her Grandpa Mo spoke about Baptism then her daddy baptized her. After the baptism, her Grandpa Liggett spoke about the Holy Ghost before she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Both Grandma Liggett and Grandma Mo gave the opening and closing prayers. I was so overcome that I boo hooed the whole entire time. (No surprise there). I have absolutely no idea what I said when brother Wolfley asked me to bare my testimony, but that is okay.

Afterwards we all went back to my in-laws house for lunch and refreshments.

Brooklyn's special day was just about perfect and I know her Grandma Kathleen was were because I could feel her spirit so strongly. I just hope she remembers the day forever.

It is GREAT to be 8!

January 15-16, 2012

Well, it finally happened. I am the mother of an eight year old! Brooklyn's birthday was on a Monday this year so we celebrated on Sunday the 15th.

Brooklyn requested cereal, a banana, and clementine for breakfast but I surprised her with blueberry muffins as well.
She was such a crack up! Apparently she woke up and waited downstairs in her room. When her daddy went to tell her good morning, she made sure to tell him to remind mom that I promised to make breakfast for her birthday. Then, she asked daddy to pass her her glasses. They were lying two feet away form her on her dresser. She said she just couldn't get up because it was her birthday! Ahh, silly girl!

All day I kept hearing things like. "Mason! Don't fight with me today! It's my Birthday." Ha ha ha! What a ham!

Sunday I missed her party with Grandma and Grandpa Mo because Dallas was sick. But I just know she had a blast. We were able to have her open her presents from the boys and mom and dad when she got home from church. After her second round of ice cream cake, we watched Kung Fu Panda 2.

I love my little girl. She helps balance out this house and keeps it from getting run over by boys. ;-)
I can't believe how much you have grown these past couple of years. You are ready to be baptized and I am so proud of the young woman you are becoming! Happy birthday my sweet girl.

Double D turns 2!

January 12, 2012

Our little baby Dallas isn't such a baby anymore. He is officially into his terrible twos!
We waited and celebrated with Jeremiah's parents on Saturday January 14th. He was such a little ham. He gave such cheeseburger grins and even ate only the candy dots off of his birthday cake!

Dallas, you can be such a hand full but I just don't know what we would do without your crazy, sweet and wacky ways. Our family is complete because we have you! I love you my sweet baby boy.