February 13, 2012

Brooklyn's Baptism!

January 22, 2012

It's Brooklyn's Baptism Day! My parents flew in from Pennsylvania on the 20th. It was so nice to visit with them! On Sunday the 22nd, we were lucky to have my parents, Jer's parents, as well as my cousins Ryan and Jamie with their girls.

Unfortunately I was a nervous wreck so I completely forget to get my camera out to take pictures. I borrowed these from my mother in-law.

Brooklyn was just beaming! She didn't seem nervous at all. Our friends Bonnie and Angela Nielsen directed the music and played the piano. Her Grandpa Mo spoke about Baptism then her daddy baptized her. After the baptism, her Grandpa Liggett spoke about the Holy Ghost before she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Both Grandma Liggett and Grandma Mo gave the opening and closing prayers. I was so overcome that I boo hooed the whole entire time. (No surprise there). I have absolutely no idea what I said when brother Wolfley asked me to bare my testimony, but that is okay.

Afterwards we all went back to my in-laws house for lunch and refreshments.

Brooklyn's special day was just about perfect and I know her Grandma Kathleen was were because I could feel her spirit so strongly. I just hope she remembers the day forever.

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