February 28, 2008

Museum Fun!

Last night I took Brooklyn and Mason to Jer's parent's house. We slept over so it would be easier for Amanda and I and the kids to leave and go to Denver. We took them to the Denver Museum Of Nature & Science. It was a blast! Brooklyn and Mase really liked seeing all of the animals and especially liked going to the Hall of Life where they could measure themselves and see how strong they are and how healthy they eat. I really liked the Indian cultures, Bears and Sea Mammals, Australia, South America, Africa and the Dinosaurs. Well I guess I loved it all! I will have to go again and take Jer with us next time.

This trip made me realize just how much we are going to miss Amanda, Dan and the kids when they move to Burley. It has really been great to live near them again and have our kids play together.

I will have to post pictures of the museum when I get them developed.

February 17, 2008

Playing catch up

Brooklyn's birthday was January 16th! She turned 4 years old. yay! Most days I can hardly remember what she looked like as a newborn. Some days I get flash backs to how tiny she used to be. Her birthday was just one of those days that made me nastalgic for the past. Grandma and Grandpa Mo came by with Amanda, Dan, Ashlyn and Logan. We had a pretty princess cake and brook loved her presents. Ashlyn gave Brook a stick horse. Ashlyn brought her own horse (Sammy) so the girls could play together. They are the most precious things to watch play together. They get so involved with their pretendings that they become oblivious to everyone around them. So funny!

I've gone and done it!

I told myself that I didn't have enough time to set up a blog. Well, turns out I feel like its a pretty good way to keep up on friends and family so I better get in the game!

We are living in Akron,CO. Jeremiah is working as a power lineman here for a company called Y-W Electric. He loves it! Jer calls it a brotherhood and they really are. It turns out that I really enjoy living in this little town. The people are really caring and involved with each other. Brooklyn is 4 years old now and she is getting so big I can hardly keep up. She comes to me and begs to practice writing her name and numbers. She can hardly wait to go to school! Scary for me. What am I going to do without her. Little Mason bug isn't so little anymore. He's almost 20 months old! He's Brooklyn's little parrot. He's my ball of sunshine. He's always happy and loves to make you smile. We gave Brooklyn a little black lab puppy for her birthday. We named him Jake. He is such a sweetheart! We just had Jer's 27th birthday. I'll post a picture when I get them developed. I made Jer's favorite chocolate truffle cake and we're waiting to go to Greeley to celebrate his birthday and valentine's day then.