January 30, 2011

I love my kids!

Lately these kiddos have just been so fun! Every day, they either say or do something that

cracks me up!

This week's list of things done or said that melted me:

Mason: "mom you are the best"! Aw, what a sweetie!

Brook's school assignment where she had to list all her friends and what she likes to do with

each. She drew me as one and said she loves cuddling with mommy. I hope that never changes!

Brook: "Mom, I feel like having a backwards day". So we proceeded to have school backwards.

Dallas has learned how to dance! He gets his knees bouncing and puts a little sway into it!

Adorable! We just happened to catch all three dancing together the other night. Hilarious!

January 26, 2011

Pattern Printing

In Art, Brook has been learning about different artists and their patterns. Line patterns, shape patterns and color patterns. Here Brook chose to do an alternating pattern of shape and color. She sure loves this and I tell you what, it gives me a break from the everyday grind of all those facts and to just have fun for a little bit!
Mason stayed home today from school because once again he hit his head. Right in the same spot! He was bleeding a little bit last night but I got it stopped and I hope it gets all the way better before he has another mishap. :-) I just don't know what I'm going to to with that little accident waiting to happen. Ha ha!

January 23, 2011

Oh the joy to have a 1 year old!

This afternoon, we kept hearing Dallas yell "Mom"! We walked into the kitchen to find him climbed up into the drawer and he was so proud of himself. Guess he wanted to show us what he did!
I can already tell that this kid will be such a joker when he grows up!
He's one year old and already hamming it up!

January 18, 2011

A Combined Birthday Party!

Saturday night we get ready for the big combined Birthday party. Dallas turned 1 on the 12th and Brooklyn's Birthday was Sunday so we decided to celebrate them together this year. Saturday we ate Brook's requested Birthday dinner of speghetti with meatballs. I made a chocolate cake with sprinkles on top. We just drew a line down the middle and wrote happy birthday Brooklyn and happy birthday Dallas on either side. Then Brook and I decorated party hats for the kids before bed.
Sunday I was in such a hurry that I totally forgot my camera at home so thankfully Cindy said she'd take pictures for me. this is why so few pictures are posted.
We ate cake and opened presents at Jer's parent's house. Brook got a Furry Frenzies from Jer's parents, a shirt and vest from Amanda's family, sea monkeys from Mason and Dallas and a how to train your dragon movie from mom and dad.
Dallas got an outfit from Amanda's family, some trucks from Jer's mom and dad, building blocks from Brook and Mason and a car that he can either push or sit on from mom and dad.
It was quick but kind of nice to have them share. Brook sure loved the idea. Maybe next year they will have their own though.
I wish I had a picture of Dallas eating his cake because he was such a muncher! So funny! I'll post more pics when I get them back.

January 12, 2011


When we got our big snow, this is what we found. No wonder Mason was afraid to walk under it. Ha ha!

January 9, 2011

My walking boy!

Our Dallas is such a big boy! He just started to walk last week and now he looks like a pro! He just loves trailing after the bigger kids and is such a fun little guy!

Here he is rolling a ball back and forth. I am so amazed at his motor skills for an almost 1 year old.

January 6, 2011

First ER Visit!

Last night was our first emergency trip to the ER. I think it was pretty good given we have 3 kids and its been almost 7 years.
Brooklyn and Mason were going through our nightly routine. Bath, Jammie's, and Books. They were sitting on Brooklyn's bed quietly when all of a sudden we hear a big bang! Jer and I rush into Brook's room to find Mason crying. He said he fell off of Brook's bed. We asked if he was okay and he said yes so we kinda brushed it aside and told him to just sit still and no horsing around. About 5 minutes later Mason walks up to me with red hands! That's when we noticed that Mason had hit his head pretty darn hard and he had a cut that was bleeding pretty good. I quickly got him dressed and we called Jer's parents and told them we were coming to Sterling to the ER. Dallas was already asleep so we thought it didn't make sense for all of us to go so Mason and I went to the Hospital while Jer stayed with Brooklyn and Dallas.
It was so nice to have Jer's mom sit with me. I wasn't nervous or anything but it was nice to have her there to talk to and help calm Mason. We were there until 10:30pm They cleaned his head up and then the Dr. put in a couple staples. The Dr.asked what happened and I said Mase was trying throw a book at his sister and fell off the bed. That's when Mason said, NO! I was trying to HIT Brooklyn with a book mom, not throw it! Ha ha! Well at least he's honest! Mason must have been really tired because we was really being silly. On the way home, Mase almost gave me a heart attack cause he just passed out suddenly, his head just dropped and he's always hard to wake up. He was really exhausted!
They gave him a warm blanket because he was cold. :-)

January 5, 2011

Back into a routine...

It seems that ever since Christmas break ended, its been so tough getting back into a routine in our house.
It is almost like Brook forgot the math strategies I taught her before break. It took us two days just going back over them until i feel like she remembers again. That's kinda scary!
Brook and I kept getting so distracted yesterday that we didn't finish all of her classes until almost 6pm! Ugh! I sure hope we get back into a pattern here soon.

January 3, 2011

2010 Recap!

* I was just 12 days away from having our little Dallas!
New years was spent eating yummy food and visiting with Jer's sister Shayla and playing games like Sorry!
* Dallas Bryant was born on January 12th at 8:07 am. He was 7lbs, 2oz and 19 1/2 inches long.
*Ma came out to visit and we celebrated Brooklyn's 6th Birthday!
*Jer and I changed the kid's rooms around. Now we are getting more sleep or I just got used to no sleep!
*We finally got into a somewhat schedule.
*Brook lost her 5th tooth by hitting it with a rock!
*We took our first outing with Dallas.
*Jeremiah's 29th Birthday!
*Valentine's Day! Then Jer left for a week for work. That was hard on us.
*I had a hard time juggling three kids for Dr. appointments and going places.
*Dallas went to church for the first time.
*Went to see Aunt Shayla cheer in Denver!
*Dallas was blessed! Jer's sisters Amanda, Shayla and Courtney came so did my cousin Ryan's family! Jamie took pictures of us! So nice!
*While Amanda's family was here we celebrated Logan's 3rd Birthday!
*Went to the Denver Aquarium with all the family.
*Dallas smiled for the first time and started to coo!
*Jillian and Addison came down for a surprise visit.

*Dallas' first Easter!
*Brook had her kindergarten music program! Brooklyn was learning to read at school more and more.
*We rearranged the boy's room again and we all got big time sick.
*Mother's day... it was not my favorite holiday at all. I missed mom a lot.
*planted my experiment garden in a bag and planted my herbs for the year.
*Daddy left for hotline school for a week! we always miss him so much! We met up with Jer in Denver when school was over and stayed in a hotel and took the kids to the Boondocks for some put put and play time.
*Brook had her field day at school!
*Mason had his last day of preschool for the year! He did so well. I was surprised.
*lots of playing in the sprinklers and jumping on the trampoline!

*Brook had her first t-ball game of the summer.
*Dallas giggles for the first time!
*We had a family reunion at Jer's uncle Robert's cabin!
*Father's day at the cabin and we gave daddy and grandpa a cute plaque of the grand kids.
*Mason's 4th swimming Birthday party.
*Brook's last t-ball game.
*Mommy and kid's picnic in the yard.
*Brook rode her bike on two wheels for the first time!
*Jer and I took the kids to Cheyenne Frontier Days and visited with my cousin Ryan and his family in Fort Collins.
*My first ranch rodeo in Akron.
*Daddy was in the Akron Parade!
*Camping in the backyard!
*Jillian and Courtney came up and we all went to the Sterling fair and Josh Turner/Luke Bryan concert!
*Dallas started to crawl!
*Brook started school at Akron Elementary.
*Mason started his second year at Akron Head Start in Ms. Jen's room!
*We recommitted as a family to read our scriptures and say family prayers!
*spontaneous visit to Buena Vista, Colorado
*Dallas standing along furniture.
*Akron's yearly Air Show! The F16s were so cool and loud. the kids loved the tanks and WWII reenactment.
*Morris and Cindy Smith went with us to Estes Park. We saw the Stanley Motel from the shining and an elk and we hiked to a pretty waterfall. It was beautiful!
*I enrolled Brook in an online public school called COVA! What a huge decision full of excitement and nervousness!
*Brook met her new teacher with COVA at a local library and took her first DIBLES test.
*General Conference was truly touching and helped me reevaluate my life's priorities.
*Jer and I had our first big anniversary weekend in Denver! We went to the Temple, PF Changs, and Black Hawk, CO. We soon realized that gambling isn't much fun when you have to work your behind off for every penny you get so we left and ate a nice dinner.
*I decorated with the kids and made Halloween goodies.
*Trick or Treating down Main St. in Akron with the Paul family and then I took the kids trunk or treating at the church.
*I took the kid's pictures in our back yard!
*We got all our Christmas shopping done in Denver when we took our tv to get repaired.
*got a small dusting of snow and the big kids played in it before it melted and we had crazy warm weather for November.
*Thanksgiving at home just us but nice.
*A new niece was born! Brynlee Reese Burt born on November 30th at 8:03 am she weighed 6lbs, 15oz and was 20 inches long!


*Jer had a job interview in Buena Vista! We were so torn up about what to do if we got the job and if we didn't get it. We really needed a change and the spirit was really prompting Jer.

*We waited a long time but finally decided we would put the Christmas tree up.

*Grandma Bailey, and Ma sent us some of their really yummy Christmas goodies.

*Jer and I took the kids to my cousin's house in Fort Collins to go ice skating. It was so nice visiting with some of my family. On our way home we stopped to see a real reindeer! The kids were amazed!

*Mason had his Christmas program. He was the cutest little sheep ya ever saw!

*Jeremiah got the job position at Y-W as a meter technician!!!

*We made Christmas goodies!

*Christmas Eve and Day were spent visiting with Jer's family. Jillian, Courtney, Shayla could come. only Amanda and her family didn't since they have the teeny tiny one at home. We ate, danced and talked. Christmas morning we talked with my parents on the computer then we had our own Christmas as a family.

*New year's Eve was spent with me, jer and the kids playing games, eating yummy food and watching movies! I guess that brings us full circle! Its been an eventful year but full of so much happiness and love!

January 2, 2011

Happy New Year's!

Happy New Year's!!!
After playing in the snow, we all came inside and I made us some yummy Italian nachos, a vegetable platter and some apple dip to dunk our apples into! We watched movies and played some wii games together all day long.
Mason helped me make some butterscotch haystacks (Jeremiah's favorite). He looks so cute in his apron gift from preschool!
Mason conked out about 10:30 pm. So did Dallas. I was amazed that Brooklyn made it all the way till midnight!
I am so excited for this new year! I love this time of year. It always makes me feel like a new person. I can begin again starting today and do better this year.

New Years Eve Snow!

New Year's Eve morning brought us our first big snow here in Akron. I was happy we were finally able to break out the kids snow suits! Dallas did NOT like getting bundled up. He wasn't very fond of the cold either but I'm not sure if he minded the snow. I loved the looks he gave! I love this last picture of the two boys in their matching snow pants. They are such sweet little guys and I can see how much they get along the more Dallas grows!