December 21, 2011

Trimming The Tree!

We usually have a tradition to trim the tree the day after Thanksgiving but this year we couldn't wait that long. thanksgiving night we put on some Christmas music, pulled out the tree and got busy!

I just love this time of year. The warmth of the lights and smells. The family get togethers and the cooking! Christmas is my favorite Holiday.

Spreading the branches.

Half of the lights worked. Thank goodness Jer got them all working!

My silly kiddos.

little copy cat Dallas.

Here you go!

Putting hooks on the balls.

Silly daddy wearing Mason's reindeer antlers.

What good helpers.

My beads boy!

All finished with my cowboys and cowgirl.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We had Thanksgiving just us this year. It was a very relaxed day but we all agreed, too quiet.

I am so grateful for my family. For the job Jeremiah has and enjoys. I am Thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I am able to share it with my children and watch their spirits grow. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to teach my children at home and really be there with them at this time in their lives. It has really been such a great experience to tutor them and see their individual personalities blossom. I am grateful for all of you great friends and family. I hope your Holidays are wonderful this year!

Dal with his be be watching the Parade.

Jer getting the turkey ready for the grill!

The boys watching the parade.

Sitting down for Thanksgiving Lunch!

Mason so excited to try the turkey.

Really the best turkey I've ever eaten. Great job honey!

Brooklyn Sooo full.

Dallas eating away.

Me with my candied apple cheese cake.

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!

I wasn't sure the kids would be able to trick or treat this year. They missed the church trunk or treat. I thought they'd be too sick to trick or treat down Main Street here as well. I decided since Mason's fever hadn't come back since Monday night, also we have been pretty bummed about daddy being gone for a week for training at work, I let them go today. We only trick or treated for about an hour. I'm glad that was all.
All three kids were just exhausted. Recouping from being sick takes a lot of energy. Even the excitement of getting candy didn't help. Both Brooklyn and Mason were so slow and Dallas fell asleep not even half way through. We decided to go home and relax instead of do any more treating tonight. There is always next year!

Tough Week...

This past week has been a tough one for the kiddos. Brooklyn started it all by getting a sore throat and runny nose. Dallas caught the runny nose but I don't believe his throat ever hurt. Poor Mason got it the worst since he had fevers, throat ache and the head cold. It was especially hard on them because they knew Halloween was coming up.
We had them rest up over the weekend. So far they are acting well enough to go trick or treat this afternoon on Main Street. So far we have been fever free for almost two days. The side effects are: Mason lost weight, tired and a little cranky.
Dad left today for a week. He went to Nebraska for a business training. That will not help the little one's attitudes much. *sigh*
Pray I make it this week with my head still attached!?

October 29, 2011

Jack o lanterns!

It is that time of year again. Even though the kids have been feeling under the whether, we still wanted to carve pumpkins.
Jer made a cowboy, Mason and I made Frankenstein and Brook made a vampire jack o lantern.
Afterwards I roasted some pumpkin seeds. One batch was seasoned with Cajun, seasoned salt and pepper and the other batch was sugar and cinnamon. I think the kids liked the salty ones better since they were more crunchy. The sugar made the other seeds softer.

I just love my goof ball family!

1st snow fall!

The first snow fall of the year! We got done with school and the kids wanted to go outside to make a snowman.
Dallas wasn't too sure about the hat and gloves but eventually became fascinated with the white stuff.
I was pretty impressed with Brooklyn and Mason's snow man. They pretty much made it all by themselves. :-)
Afterwards, I bribed the kids to shovel off the driveway by promising to have caramel apples and hot chocolate ready when they got done. Yay! Worked like a charm. 

And life goes on...

I've been avoiding this post for a few days now because it is hard to talk about. The short and sweet version is that we wont be able to build our house. We got news from the bank stating that the house needed to appraise for a certain amount to get a full coverage building loan and it didn't. We'd needed quite a bit of a down payment to continue. That was money we just didn't have.

I was feeling quite sorry for myself these past couple weeks. It is funny to me how the Lord teaches us through the times you really don't want to hear it. I was especially down and even though I was sad, I kept getting these thoughts that maybe there is a good reason why it didn't work out. Maybe in the long run, we wouldn't be able to afford a brand new house. Maybe I just needed to learn to be happy with what I have and not covet the things I can't have.

All of these thoughts kept running through my mind. Jer and I decided to once again go house hunting for something that is already here. We came upon a home that has been on the market since we moved here (about 4 years ago). At the time, they were asking more than we could afford. Now, four years later the house price has dropped enough that it was worth taking a look at. What we found was a home that is rough around the edges but with a little love and care, has the potential to be our dream home.

Jer and I mulled it over and prayed about it and decided to put in an offer! We were countered and ultimately accepted their counter.

Now the hard part, waiting and hoping all the inspections and appraisals turn out okay.

Here is to hoping!

October 14, 2011

Well folks, after months and months of  planning, phone calls and face to face meetings, we have finally decided on a bid and contractor. We now have everything into the bank.
All that is left to do is wait and pray.
We should know within a couple weeks if our estimate is accepted and the loan is approved. Once that is through, the excavation on the land will start! I am so excited I can hardly breathe!
Poor Jer is so nervous. I don't blame him. He did most of the hard work. I can't even think of the appraisal not matching up to the estimate.
Hopefully soon I will have some of our first pictures to post!