October 29, 2011

Jack o lanterns!

It is that time of year again. Even though the kids have been feeling under the whether, we still wanted to carve pumpkins.
Jer made a cowboy, Mason and I made Frankenstein and Brook made a vampire jack o lantern.
Afterwards I roasted some pumpkin seeds. One batch was seasoned with Cajun, seasoned salt and pepper and the other batch was sugar and cinnamon. I think the kids liked the salty ones better since they were more crunchy. The sugar made the other seeds softer.

I just love my goof ball family!


Elaine said...

Love your pumpkins! I don't get why other peoples pumpkins are always so much better than my lousy old ones? What's the secret?

Candi said...

oh hey Elaine! I just printed off some free templates and taped them to the pumpkins. We poked the outlines with little holes so we knew where to cut. thats it! :-)