May 27, 2008

Slumber party!

Brooklyn has been asking to have a slumber party for a long time now. We figured memorial day weekend would be a good time to have it. We let the kids stay up late. Jer, Brooklyn and I played electronic Monopoly. Brook just loved having her own debit card. Scary thought.

Brooklyn had help buying property from me but she had a blast counting the spaces and getting money. We quit early and just counted up the money. (Anyone who's played Monopoly knows how long that game can drag out.) Brooky one!

Mason had fun just hanging out eating popcorn. He rolled my dice for me a couple times.

That night of course Mason woke up crying. He crawled into bed with me and he and Jer managed to push me slowly off the bed. I didn't get too much sleep that night. All in all we had a fun time. Brooklyn can't wait to do it again. :)
Memorial day Jer and I cleaned out our garage. I'm glad we did too because things really needed to be rearranged. Jer even found a dead mouse that got caught in one of our mouse traps we set all around in the garage. I'm terrified that our couch and stuff will be ruined by the time we do move into a bigger home. I hope not.

May 16, 2008

Jake updates

Jake will be 6 months old on May 23. He's a very loving dog. I can't call him a puppy anymore because, well he doesn't look like one anymore. Jer and I have bought a 5 week training program. We've only gone through week one so far but we've found out that Jake is a very smart dog. He quickly has learned to walk with us on walks without needing a leash. He's a master at sit and he's getting better at heal. We are very proud of him. He still gets too excited and knocks Mason down a lot but he's by no means a mean dog at all. Jake's favorite place to lay down is under our BBQ grill. He's funny. Brooklyn loves going outside to play with him any chance she gets. He eats up the attention. I guess we'll keep him around for another 10 years or so. haha.

Brooklyn's preschool carnival

Today I took Brooklyn to her preschool's end of year carnival. She's been accepted for this next year and they asked if we'd like to come. They had a lot of games like ball toss, fishing, sack races and bike races. Brook loved the miniature donkey ride and getting her face painted. The preschool kids sang songs too. They were adorable. I can't wait until next year to see Brooklyn doing the singing. She is growing up so fast! Where does the time go?

Trip to PA

On the first of May the kids and I flew out to Pennsylvania for my Grandpa's funeral. Sorry about the pictures. I left my digital camera at my parent's house. These are from my cell phone.

The flight there was terrible. Mason's ears bothered him so badly that he got sick all over me on the plane. Luckily I was very blessed to be sitting by a very understanding person.

The funeral went wonderfully. Grandpa looked so peaceful. Just like he was sleeping. He had a great military burial. They played taps and all. He would have loved it so much.

We ended up staying in a camper at my parents house up in Montrose, PA. The trees were so green and the apple and cherry trees were blooming. I miss it so much. The kids really had a great time because I could sent them outside and they could run wild in the country up there. We stayed for 2 weeks. I had play dates with girls I grew up with in my stake. It was really nice to catch up. I only wish Jer could have been with us. Thankfully our plane ride home was at night. I gave the kids some chewable Dramamine and they both conked out for the last hour and half of the ride. I actually enjoyed that flight. haha :) Although it was really nice to see my parents, it made me really happy to be home again. Its always nice to be missed every once in a while too.