June 28, 2010

Mason Todd's 4th Birthday

I can't believe my little boy has turned four! I still remember like it was yesterday when he came home from the hospital.
Our little Mason bug has sure been growing up lately. He has been saying the funniest things. Just last week while we were in the mountains, Jer's dad was making noises in the dark outside and Mason said he knew what was making the noises. It was some idiot squirrel. Normally we wouldn't laugh at such a thing but he was just so darn serious about it and when asked, he said he learned that word from daddy. Ha! Jer denied it but the next day he said it and we all gave him a hard time about never saying it. RIGHT!
Mase loves his big sister and plays and shares so well with her. He is my love bug and gives such big snuggles and loves. It gives us a laugh to watch him try and make his little brother smile or laugh. Mason you sure have been a joy to have in our home. We love you big boy!

Father's day at the Cabin

Both Jer's sister Amanda with her kids and me with our kids practiced singing "My daddy is my favorite pal" and "Its always fun when Grandpa comes" so they could sing them to the dads on Father's day while we were up at the Cabin. They did so well! Mostly the girls sang but the boys tried to.

My kids made their daddy a picture of them holding up letters that spell D-A-D. I found Jer a Firefighter game for the wii that was super cheap and I know he loves it.

The kids and I also made a Father's day gift for their Grandpa Liggett that we mailed to him. It took some thought on how to make it fit into a picture frame but I think we made it work. They were pretty proud of themselves.

Vacation at the Cabin

This past week we went on a family vacation! We stayed at my husband's uncle Robert's cabin. We had such a great time. No tv, cell phones, or distractions. We fished together in the mountains, cooked on a wood stove and hiked. The kids had big fun playing together, they hit a t-ball, rode Grandpa Snuffy's 4-wheeler, the motorcycle and got filthy dirty. Ha ha!
I'm sure it will be a visit we all will remember.

June 16, 2010

5 month mark

Here is our Dallas pants at 5 months old. I keep thinking ALREADY?! Time is sure whizzing by this go around. Jeremiah has dubbed Dalli "The tank" since he is such a big boy but it doesn't bother me. All my babies were pretty chubby and they all lost it as soon as they could walk (run). I have no doubt Dallas will be the same since he wants so badly to be able to run around with his brother and sister. We catch him watching them so intently and he gets so excited whenever they play with him.
Dal is such a good little baby. He is sleeping through the night now. He loves to eat rice cereal with some fruit or squash. He has mastered rolling over now. Touching his feet and grabbing toys are a favorite with him. He is also getting so close to sitting without support. Our little guy lights up whenever we make eye contact with him. He loves to make you smile and I have no doubt he will be an enormous flirt when he grows up. I sure wish time would just slow down! Our baby boy won't be a baby for long. Its just not fare how time speeds up with every child we have. We are trying to soak it all in while we can.

June 10, 2010


I had almost forgot to post this. Dallas has been showing his personality more and more lately and he sure loves to laugh!

I love it!!!

June 9, 2010

First game of the season!

Last night was Brooklyn's 1st T-ball game of the season! She got her shirt and was ready to go! Brook was a great little player, she just about took over the field. It was a good thing that her coach rotated the kids on the field so that they all got a chance to play.

Here she is throwing to 1st!

Unfortunately it wasn't just raining outside during the game. Mason felt some of that "rain" more than most of us. ha ha!

Swing it Brook!


We said touch home! Not Touch home!

So excited!!!

June 8, 2010

Some days...

Today was one of those days when I just felt like I should be the energizer bunny. I just keep going and going and going...
It started out great, when Dallas slept through the night! My day just went nuts from there. I had to get up, get the kids ready, make a diaper bag, get snacks and water together and locate Brooklyn's t-ball mitt for this morning's t-ball practice. After her practice I just had enough time to get home, feed Dallas some rice cereal and a bottle then I put him down for a nap. He woke up just as we were finishing up lunch (left overs. Thank goodness). Then I had to get Dalli up and get packed up once again to take Mason for his well-child check up at the clinic here in town.
The Clinic checks their eyes, hearing, speech, emotional and physical development.
Our little Mason bug isn't so little anymore.
He is 40 inches tall.
weighs 35 pounds!
It was a nightmare navigating 3 kids + a diaper bag + car seat + keep paperwork together. By the end of the long 2 hour check up I was ready to get out of there.
Oh, did I forget to mention that Mason ran over some lady's foot with one of the Dr's stools?! Uggg!
Tonight is Brooklyn's first t-ball game of the season. I sure hope I remember my camera. She's been kicking butt at practices. It should be fun!

June 2, 2010

Catch up...

I have almost forgot how much I LOVE summer evenings. Jer gets home from work, we BBQ outside while the kids run around the yard. I read while the wind blows through the trees. Its a pretty great way to spend the afternoon.

Here Jer is focusing hard. Notice the tongue?? :-)

Mmm Kabobs!

Dallas just being a happy boy. He loves going outside. Just like his brother and sister.

Ah!!! Our trees are filling in. It makes the world look fresh and new. I love it.

This past week we finally bought our stuff for our garden. I had these flower pots left over from my house plants that died. (don't ask).
I tried a new experiment, we bought a couple bags of soil and we are planting our tomato and green chili plants directly in the bag. So far so good. Nothing looks wilted or dead. I sure hope it works.

Dalli llama was so good while we planted. He just sat there and chewed on his toes!