August 28, 2012

First Day of School!

Its the 1st day of school!!!

Brooklyn: 3rd grade
 Spanish, Literature, Language skills, Spelling, Geography, History, Science, Art and Math

Mason: 1st grade
Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Phonics, Spelling, Art, and Music

August 20, 2012

Our first day was a pretty long one. Both kids started on their own computers at the same time. I pretty much tried to keep up with them both and coach them as they needed help. Mason needs me more since he is just in 1st grade but Brooklyn pretty much is a pro by now.
It takes some getting used to since they both have full days but we pretty much get done about the same time every day. I am so proud of these big kids and how much they are motivated to work! I can't wait to see how they progress this year!!!

Akron Fair

Akron fair time! 
We went with the Luceros and ate lunch, watched the Muttin' bustin' and calf riding, then saw all the animals! I was too late to sign my kids up for the riding this year since we were gone so long but they definitely want to ride next year!

Akron Parade!

All I have to say is lots and lots of candy!!!
Oh and Jeremiah was so funny pulling that fire hose wagon!

Garden spoils!

August 1st!

We got home, our garden was producing and our chickies were laying! I feel very blessed!

Homeward bound!

On our way home! July 31st!
It took a long time and we were so tired but we made a pit stop at Stone Wolf to stretch our legs. It was so nice be going home after such a long vacation!

Calico Ghost Town!

Calico was such a fun place! We went on July 30th. It was so stinkin' hot but it was so cool to see the miner's rock cabins and the Maggie Mining Company. It felt like we stepped into an old western town.

6 Flags!

July 29, 2012

6 Flags!
It was so much fun riding all these rides! Our favorite ride was Jet Stream! There were lots of super hero capes and super hero characters. The kids loved it when we got them each a cape before leaving! Lots of play time with those to come I bet!!!

The Santa Monica Pier!

Manta Monica! July 28, 2012

This was the day I was really looking forward to! It had been years since I've been in the ocean! The kids had a blast running away from the waves. Dallas was happy to just chill with Grandma mo and play in the sand. No waves for him. I almost got swallowed whole a few times but it was such fun jumping over the waves or swimming under them. 
After swimming, we walked up and down the pier. It is the oldest pier on the west coast. The View was amazing!