August 28, 2012

First Day of School!

Its the 1st day of school!!!

Brooklyn: 3rd grade
 Spanish, Literature, Language skills, Spelling, Geography, History, Science, Art and Math

Mason: 1st grade
Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Phonics, Spelling, Art, and Music

August 20, 2012

Our first day was a pretty long one. Both kids started on their own computers at the same time. I pretty much tried to keep up with them both and coach them as they needed help. Mason needs me more since he is just in 1st grade but Brooklyn pretty much is a pro by now.
It takes some getting used to since they both have full days but we pretty much get done about the same time every day. I am so proud of these big kids and how much they are motivated to work! I can't wait to see how they progress this year!!!

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Amanda said...

great job on the update. I loved looking back at our summer. Glad things are going well with school. I guess it is now on to the next adventure whatever that is. :)