May 24, 2012

Brooklyn has a cast!

May 23, 2012

Tuesday May 22nd, Brooklyn was playing at a friend's house when she tripped and fell. I Really didn't think it was all that bad at first because she wasn't in a ton of pain and stopped crying after a while. I thought at the most, it was a sprain or bruised. We opted to not rush her to the ER that night since she was farely ok. I iced it and gave her Tylenol. The next day, it was pretty swollen but still not that painful. We made an appointment at the Sterling clinic. Dr. Macintosh saw her. He told Jer that you can't always tell with children because they have a stronger threshold for pain. Also, you can't always tell even if they can move it (which Brooklyn could). The thing that told him it might be broken is the fact that it was swollen. Kids don't usually swell unless something is broken. So, we took her to X-RAY and afterwards went to lunch. After lunch we went back to the clinic for the results. She did break a bone in her elbow! CRAZY!
Brooklyn got a pre-cast and splint and we go back on Tuesday to possibly get her cast on. What a deal! Hopefully she will be well before we go to California for her Aunt Shayla's wedding!

When we got in the car, Brook cried. I asked her if she was in pain but she said she felt badly that she caused so much trouble and Daddy had to pay money. What a sweet sensitive thing!!! We told her that accidents happen and she shouldn't worry about that. Love her so much!!!

Brook was so bummed! She can't ride her bike or get wet! I asked her if an ice cream would make it better. She smiled and said yes!! Ha ha! Ice cream makes everything better!!!

The boys waiting patiently in the waiting room. Watching Sponge Bob.

Not so happy Brooklyn.

All better!!!

May 21, 2012

Denver Weekend!

This weekend we stayed at the Inverness Hotel with Jer's mom and dad. The views are amazing! It is so huge that we took a walk and explored. We spent some time in the weight room, saw the pool, the gardens and the lounge area. Dallas loved exploring that huge hotel. I just love name your own price!!! How else could we stay at a fancy shmancy hotel?!

This weekend we got a lot of shopping done for Jer's sister Shayla's wedding. Plus, we got the kids some clothes for this summer that they were really in need of. I can't believe how quickly they all grow out of things!

Mason's DIBLES Test!

Mason had his DIBLES test with his teacher Mrs. Nelsen on Friday the 18th. I didn't get a picture of them together since he ran upstairs to play at the park as soon as we were done! :-)

I wasn't sure how he would do since this was his first year in Colorado Virtual Academy. I was very pleasantly surprised and proud of little Mason!

First, Mrs. Nelsen asked him to count as high as he could go while she timed him. He counted up to 70 before she stopped him. Then he said, I can count to 100 you know! Oh my modest, modest boy!!!

Then, she had him fill in the missing number such as: 13,_,15,16... He did so well!
After that, he read nonsense words and real words. I really do not like the nonsense words but Mase did very well without having to finger stretch any of the words. Mason can read more than 40 words per minute so he is well above the bench mark for his age! I am just very relieved we are almost done for the year. I am feeling much better about Mason's progress. I wasn't so sure that he was getting there but after seeing the results of his test, I know he is just fine! THANK GOODNESS!


I am so thankful for Janae Lucero who watched Dallas and Brooklyn for me while Mase had his test! She was a life saver!!! Especially since she had to deal with Dallas's blow out diaper while I was gone. That's a good friend right there!!!

Afterwards, our kids played at the park a while. Then we took them to Burger King to eat lunch before we went back to her house to let the kids run through the sprinklers! It was busy but a fun day!!!

Mason on Two Wheels!

Mason has finally learned how to ride his bike without training wheels! It took him a little longer but he is so happy that he asks to ride every day!!!
This past Wednesday, while I took Brooklyn to activity girls, Jer watched the boys while Mase rose and Dallas played. I can't believe how big Mase is getting!

Brooklyn's DIBLES Test!

Wednesday Brooklyn had her final DIBLES test of the YEAR! We met at the Fort Morgan Library. I just love Brook's teacher Mrs. Deb! She is awesome at answering my questions and concerns.

I am just so proud of our little Brooklyn! She went from reading 50 words per minute at the beginning of the year to 103 words per minute!!!
Brooklyn passed the bench mark for math concepts and math facts. Deb said that Brooklyn is very good at understanding what she reads. She not only can retell you what the story was about, she knows the most important parts!

Brook is all signed up for Spanish one next year. She can't wait for that! I'm a little nervous but excited as well.

I will admit that during the year, I do get frustrated and often think that I cannot continue, but doing these tests and seeing my kid's progress right in front of me really gives me a boost of confidence and makes me really feel like we are doing good and my kids are more than ready for the next school year!!!

After the test, I let Brook and Mason blow off some steam at the park right behind the library.

May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012!

It's Mother's Day! We decided Saturday to run up to Sterling and spend the night at Jer's mom and dad's house. That way we could spend time with them and also run to church the next day. It was nice to sit and chat with them that evening. We put the kiddos to bed. Dallas and Mason woke up at 5 am Sunday morning!!! Jer's poor dad got up with the boys and got them breakfast. I was so tired. I really did not expect  them to wake so early.
We barely made it to church without Dallas falling asleep. (Always a good sign. Ha ha! ;-)) 

The priesthood men gave us a gift of taking our classes while us women went to Relief Society. I have never seen that room so full before!
The lesson was nice. It was all about how there are many wonderful books out there but our scriptures are our most precious and important ones we will ever have. It really touched my heart and reminded me that I need to be more diligent in reading my personal scriptures. I need to write in my scripture journal more often as well. I always feel closer to Heavenly Father when I read every day. My days always run smoother too.  

After Sunday school, I found Brooklyn just bawling her eyes out in the hallway. I was worried and asked her what was wrong. She told me that she had messed up on my Mother's day card and was afraid I might not like it. Her tears broke my heart! She has such a tender heart. I reassured her that no matter what she did, I would love it and a hug from her is better than any old card any day. When she gave it to me, there was no mistake! She had drawn her hand and did not mean to. Silly girl!!!

Brooklyn and Mason sang in sacrament meeting today. Mason said he didn't remember the words and Brook was so sweet, she held his hand and told him to stand next to her and she would help him. I am amazed at how sweet my kiddos can be sometimes! 

Dallas was just awful in Sacrament meeting! he was either screaming or laughing really loud. Jer had to take him out right after the sacrament. It was so embarrassing!!

Jer's mom and I opened our Mother's day cards together. Jer gave me a laptop that I've really been wanting for a long time. Now I can do school no matter where we are!!! The kids and Jer gave me cards! My parents sent me some flowers!

Some of the kids pitched in and gave Jer's mom a gift certificate for a mani an pedi. SWEET!

Planting some of the garden

May 5th Jeremiah and I decided to transplant some of our seedlings into the garden. I didn't know where or how to start so I looked up garden layout on Google and found a website that suggested we Plant from North to South starting with tallest plants, then medium plants and lastly the lower plants to the South. We planted seeds for corn first. Then we planted the green bean seedlings as well as the tomatoes. towards the Southern part of the garden we planted the carrots. We also planted our pumpkins, squash and zucchinis to the side of the main garden since they grow large and tend to vine everywhere.

We still have cucumbers, lettuce, hatch green chilies and peas to plant.

I am not sure if this experiment with work. So far, the plants are all blooming on my "green house" front porch but some of the plants we transplanted are not looking so hot right now. It was in the 80s when we planted but it did get pretty cold a few days later. I still have quite a few plants left but even if they fail, we can use some of our left over seeds and just start all over again. That would break my heart since I have spent a lot of time and money on started my plants from seeds. Oh well, its trial by error I guess!

May 8, 2012

Mason is one tooth less!

Our silly little Mason has had this loose tooth for weeks and weeks. He refused to wiggle it even a little bit. Luckily it fell out today all by itself because the new tooth is growing in already. My crazy Mason bug! He is SO excited to put his tooth under his pillow. I hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget like she forgot Brooklyn last time. ;-)

May 7, 2012

Chickens continued

The chickens are now 8 weeks old! The coop is really coming together. If only they'd learn to roost in their own boxes instead of just the one in the corner. :-)

Garden Prep and Chickie update

We are so excited to have a nice big garden this year! I have really gotten into it this year. I started our plants from seeds and now they are growing like crazy on our enclosed front porch. The "greenhouse".  Ha ha!

Jer's dad was really nice and came down 2 weeks ago with his tiller to till up the soil. Jer added some manure and a week ago added top soil. This Saturday we bought some black garden cover and staked it down. I am really hoping they will keep the weeds down. I love to garden but HATE to weed!

I just wanted to make a little update on our chickadees. They are getting so big! Jeremiah built them some boxes in their coop. They have finally figured out how to climb the ramp and lay in the boxes. Tonight Brook and Jer went out to check up on them and they found ALL 10 of the chicks laying in ONE box. I sure hope they figure out that they have their own boxes soon. I don't want all their eggs stomped on. Ha ha!

May 1, 2012

Saturday Fun!

On Saturday April 28th Jer and I drove to Sterling to get a few errands done. While we were up there we met up with the Lucero family. After having lunch, we decided to go bowling! It was so much fun! The alley was practically empty so it was really nice. Dallas got on a kick out of giving high fives to everyone after they bowl. He even ran across the room to high five a woman 5 lanes down. What a crack up!

Pleasant Surprises...

Lately, this is how I have been finding my little Brooklyn. She sneaks several books into bed at night. She has a bag full in the car and once in a while I find her reading on the couch. It makes me smile because I was exactly the same way as a kid! I remember reading so much in 5th grade that I didn't have quite as many real friends as I had book friends. I am happy to say Brooklyn is still outgoing and social but still likes to read as well. Way to go Brooky! I am so proud of you!!!