May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012!

It's Mother's Day! We decided Saturday to run up to Sterling and spend the night at Jer's mom and dad's house. That way we could spend time with them and also run to church the next day. It was nice to sit and chat with them that evening. We put the kiddos to bed. Dallas and Mason woke up at 5 am Sunday morning!!! Jer's poor dad got up with the boys and got them breakfast. I was so tired. I really did not expect  them to wake so early.
We barely made it to church without Dallas falling asleep. (Always a good sign. Ha ha! ;-)) 

The priesthood men gave us a gift of taking our classes while us women went to Relief Society. I have never seen that room so full before!
The lesson was nice. It was all about how there are many wonderful books out there but our scriptures are our most precious and important ones we will ever have. It really touched my heart and reminded me that I need to be more diligent in reading my personal scriptures. I need to write in my scripture journal more often as well. I always feel closer to Heavenly Father when I read every day. My days always run smoother too.  

After Sunday school, I found Brooklyn just bawling her eyes out in the hallway. I was worried and asked her what was wrong. She told me that she had messed up on my Mother's day card and was afraid I might not like it. Her tears broke my heart! She has such a tender heart. I reassured her that no matter what she did, I would love it and a hug from her is better than any old card any day. When she gave it to me, there was no mistake! She had drawn her hand and did not mean to. Silly girl!!!

Brooklyn and Mason sang in sacrament meeting today. Mason said he didn't remember the words and Brook was so sweet, she held his hand and told him to stand next to her and she would help him. I am amazed at how sweet my kiddos can be sometimes! 

Dallas was just awful in Sacrament meeting! he was either screaming or laughing really loud. Jer had to take him out right after the sacrament. It was so embarrassing!!

Jer's mom and I opened our Mother's day cards together. Jer gave me a laptop that I've really been wanting for a long time. Now I can do school no matter where we are!!! The kids and Jer gave me cards! My parents sent me some flowers!

Some of the kids pitched in and gave Jer's mom a gift certificate for a mani an pedi. SWEET!

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Courtney said...

No one told me bout the gift certificate! Oh well my gift was better haha ;) You got the right brand of laptop! I love mine!