April 29, 2013

Hard work and hard play!

Saturday April 27, 2013

We got up early Saturday and Jer started on the huge over 200ft long, 5 ft deep Main water trench! I took Mason to his soccer game that morning but he was so exhausted from his zoo trip that he barely had the energy to play. Then he fell asleep on the way home!

Jeremiah is a rock star with a backhoe I just realized. he managed to dig a 5 ft deep trench and go around a gas line without even touching it! The kids thought it was big fun to roll around and play in the dirt Jer dug up. They took off their shoes and got good and filthy dirty! 

Unfortunately we all got a little too much sun because we all felt a little achy the next day. Dallas developed some hives on his face that I mistook for sunburn at first. Strange. 

Next step, Main water line, hydrant and then sprinklers!!!

Tearing Down Trees and Making Messes!

April 26, 2013 

When mase and I got home, this is what we found! Holy Hanna Mess!!! Jeremiah's co-worker Brad came over and helped Jer remove metal posts and this big tree! I have never watched a tree get knocked down by backhoe before. It was pretty nerve wracking for me. But Jer did such a good job and didn't even leave a scratch on our neighbor's shed.

Thanks Brad for all you help! It was awesome that you would stay so late to help us get it cleared up as well.

Mason's Zoo Trip.

We weren't sure Mason bug was going to be allowed to attend his class field trip this year because his behavior at school has been troubling.... Lets just say he made it by the skin of his tooth!

But even with everything, Mason had fun. He loved seeing the Rhino and Lions. I loved the Elephants along with their Asian themed enclosure. Almost like we traveled to India! They had prayer stones and a Tuk Tuk taxi! 


April 25th

After Brooklyn's recital, Jer got the YW backhoe and began the huge project of clearing our yard to ready it for a fence, sprinklers and grass.

The kids love taking turns riding with Jer on the backhoe. He is very patient even though it slows him down quite a bit. 

I must say our front yard looks so open without the corner tree, hedges and chain link fences. That is an exciting start!!!

Brooklyn's Music Recital.

April 25, 2013
Brooklyn had her music recital in the gym. It helped a lot to have more seats and a better lit area for pictures. Carter came and sat with Dallas and the three boys were funny making faces while waiting for Brooklyn and Ty to sing. My favorite song Brook sang was a Smile and a song from snow white.
She did a great job!

Mason's Music Recital.

April 16, 2013

Mason's music recital was Tuesday. We got there on time but we should have gotten there early because there were not enough seats in the Auditorium/ Cafeteria. We were far away and could barely hear the class singing but from what we could hear, they did a good job. It was hard standing because Dallas kept running up and down the isle and Jer had to either put him on his shoulders or take him out of the room.

Mase was so proud of himself and loved playing twinkle twinkle little star with his bell. 

The Turkey Hunter!

April 13, 2013

For two years Jer has said that he and his friend James would bag a turkey. Well, this year he actually did it! Jer was so excited about it. So, I'm happy for him. Guess we will see if wild turkey is any good to eat...

Newest Niece!

Ava Dawn Burt!
Born April 8, 2013
At 7:16 am
17 inches long

We are so happy to have you join the family sweet baby girl!
So happy for Dan, Amanda, Ashlyn, Logan, Kennedy and Brynlee that their baby girl has arrived!

General Conference!

April 6-7th

The kids were so good during conference this year! Brooklyn almost made it all the way to the end this year. She even listened so well to one talk given that she felt inspired to do something and wrote a letter to a friend about what she learned. I'm so proud of her and her sweet, sweet spirit.

Mason's Soccer!

April 1st and 6th

Mason had his 1st soccer practice and game this week. He is so excited! Mostly he loves to dive after the ball when it goes out but hey, its all part of the fun.

They do not have a goalie nor do they keep score. Its kind of dumb that they don't in my opinion. The kids still come to us and say hey I got one, now its 2 to 1! If the kids don't mind keeping score, why shouldn't we? Lol! A little competition is healthy for young kids. In life we work for what we have. Those boys sure do work hard for their goals. They deserve to have them count!

Mason is pretty good with kicking he just needs to work on controlling his feet. Sometimes his poor little legs  go too fast for himself and he falls down or the ball will stop but he can't stop with it. Its so fun to watch. Of course us parents get way too into it and I'm sure the kids don't know who to listen to us or the coaches. Haha! Got to love sports! 

I just love how Mason's siblings get into cheering for him and always say good job even if they played at the playground the whole time and missed the entire game. :-)


Happy Easter!!!

I love Easter Sunday! Sister Fryrear gave a great lesson in Primary about the real meaning of Easter. The kids are so smart too. They are so in tuned with the spirit because they all knew its not about the candy or the bunny. Its about our Savior and his love and sacrifice for us and most importantly his Resurrection.

I gave a talk in Sacrament about the Resurrection. I was so nervous that I'm not sure how coherent I was. All I know was that the Holy Ghost was present and if I felt it, I'm sure those I spoke to did too. 

We asked the Easter Bunny to please wait again this year. He waited until after church to come and hide his eggs and fill the Easter baskets. We like it this way because I feel like the kids get to celebrate the Savior first. Before the sugar rush, we hope they feel the spiritual rush. That is our hope anyway.

Mason's RTI

March 18, 2013

I had to go to the school today for Mason's RTI (Response to Intervention). Basically Mason is showing signs of struggle in school. Either through his behavior or his lack of progress in his state testing. Behaviorally I can totally understand that he may be a little too immature for 1st grade. All of his teachers think he is capable of doing the work, he just doesn't apply himself.

When I went into the school I met with 4 other teachers to discuss the best way to help little Mason. I am happy with the game plan and pleased that so many people care to sit down with me to talk about Mase. At the same time, it pains my heart to know that Mason is having trouble.

We will do all we can to help but if he doesn't show any progress by the end of the year we may have to look into him repeating 1st grade. In my mind that isn't a huge problem. Mason is the youngest in the class and if he had started kindergarten when he was supposed to, he would have waited a year anyway. I'm just not sure he is ready for public school yet. We may have to take him and homeschool one more year just to help him focus and get ready for 2nd grade. We will see.

 I just wish the state testing was different. Every child learns in a different way. I hate that they try to box our kiddos up and say you must be at this level on each of these things. Mason may be a slower reader but its not because he can't read faster, its because he needs to have time to think and process what he's read. Mason is hands on. Where is their tests for that?! Why not develop the tests to suit each child's learning style instead of forcing each child to fit their tests?!

I just keep chanting 4 more weeks.... 3 more weeks... till we are done for the summer.

1st Pinewood Derby!

March 22-30th

Brooklyn and the Activity girls each made their own pinewood derby cars for the Derby Races this year. Brooklyn was so excited and I was very proud of her for all her hard work. She drew a picture first on how she wanted her car designed. Then Jer helped her cut it out. She painted it herself! There were so many cars there! All of the girls did such great jobs with their cars!! Brook's car won 2nd place! we are so happy for her.