May 23, 2013

3rd Grade Subway Trip.

May 22, 2013

Brooklyn and her class earned a trip to subway and picnic in the park because they each completed 25 book reports throughout the year.

These kids did an awesome job because they weren't just written out book reports. They were creative and made their reports into board games, travel brochures, book marks and even hanging mobiles. I just loved Brooklyn's teachers this year. Heather Weis was so fun and really got the  kids excited about projects and learning! I am going to really miss Brook having her as a teacher.

Cement Pad!

May 21st-22nd!!!

The concrete guys have arrived! They tore out the old cement that had the scary metal strip that people used to scrape their boots off with. I was so afraid that one of my kids would trip and fall on it! They also graded the earth so it would slope away from the house. Our old cement sloped inwards and the water would gather by the house.
After that they added wire mesh and the next day the concrete was poured!!! It was fascinating to watch how they smoothed out the cement and added edging and a seam down the middle!
The back yard is sure coming together. We can't wait for the next step!

Field Day!

Field Day! May 15, 2013

Brooklyn signed up for the Obstacle Course, Sack Race and the Long Jump!

Brook won 2nd in the obstacle course, 2nd in the long jump and 5th in the sack race.

Mason signed up for the obstacle course, three legged race and long jump.

Mase won 5th in the three legged race, 2nd in the obstacle coarse and 2nd in long jump.

Dallas and I came to watch but it got hard to see all of their events since they both went in separate directions at times. Dallas had fun! He was the center of attention with some of Brook's girl friends. They giggled and he ate it up! He is such a flirt!

The poor guys needed help! They both fell down so much! It was so funny!

May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday May 12, 2013
I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life. I was sitting in church today and couldn't help reflecting on how much I have learned from each of the mothers and grandmothers that I love so much.

1st my mom- There is so much! But what comes to mind above the rest is how she was such a bubbly, happy and loving person  no matter how badly she felt or how many trials she had to face. There were many times that I totally forgot how sick she was because mom was a master actor. She always smiled and joked.  She was the perfect example of Enduring to the End and Enduring with a Smile.

2nd my step mom Cathy- She has been such a shining example of selflessness to me. She married into this family with a teenage daughter who just lost her mom and was just lost period. I had just shut down. I didn't care about school or friends or anything. She came into my life, picked me up. She set me on a path  and helped me make a goal. Then she dropped everything to homeschool me, and push me to get things done. I don't know where I'd be without you Ma.

3rd Grandma Philip- After Grandpa Cox died, Grandma moved in. I remember best how every time mom went into the hospital (which could be anywhere from 3-6 times a year), Grandma was the first and last one to visit. Even when dad and I wouldn't want to go. I know it sounds awful but when you visit hospitals so much as a kid, you grow sick at the smells and sounds. Grandma Philip taught me the value of compassion. She would bring books and puzzles and sometimes just be there to talk.

4th Grandma Bailey- My mom's mom would give you the shirt off of her back! One of my fondest memories  of her is one Christmas I had told grandma I was sad that I couldn't find my pictures of my mom and dad and I  from when I was growing up. (Dad and Ma had moved and somehow the box had been misplaced). That Christmas grandma sent be a photo album. In it was filled with pictures of mom as a baby, as a little girl, as a woman and even some of me with her as a baby! It was so touching and is something I will treasure forever.

5th my mother in law- I've heard stories of how hard it is to get along with in- laws. That is not my case. I feel so blessed to have a mother-in-law who treats me just like her 5th daughter. Cindy will call me to talk and really cares about my opinion. It is so nice to visit. She always goes out of her way to make sure we are comfortable. I sure love my husband's family!

I could name off so many more women mothers that have each taught me a valuable lesson in my life. Sisters in law, aunts, best friends, visiting teachers. I am a better woman and mother because of all of your examples.

I was spoiled this year for mother's day. Jer and the kids got up early to make me breakfast. Then I got cards, homemade gifts the kids made at school and lots of hugs and kisses. Jer also gave me a visa gift card so I can buy my flowers and plants when the time comes. After the yard is done. So exciting!

Playhouse Foundation & Bike Ride.

Jer got the digger truck again this Saturday the 11th.
After knocking down our phone line and having to reattach it once, he finally got the digger truck in the right position to drill the last two holes. I helped Jer by shoveling dirt in the holes while he tamped the dirt down. Mason was the official tamper turner- onner, while Dallas played on the truck.
Yay! the playhouse is coming together the right way this time!

After we finished putting the poles in the ground for the playhouse, we took a family bike ride to the fair grounds. It was so cute how the kids looked like little ducks in a row following Daddy.

Brooklyn's School Trip!

May 10, 2013
Brooklyn had her school trip to the Adam's Mystery Playhouse in Denver! We saw a cute little play about the Kingdom of Green. Two sisters were about to have a big day. One was to be crowned princess and the other wanted to be a knight but she was jealous of the princess. They couldn't get the royal crown off of the pillow so a wizard was asked to use his magical wand. After he removed the crown from the pillow lightning flashed and someone stole the wand. The audience had to try and figure out who took the wand and why.
It was pretty fun and interactive. Brook loved it!
After the play, Jer came and picked us up and we had some appointments to go to. It was nice to spend some one on one time with Brooklyn. She is such a social and sweet girl. She makes friends with everyone!

Drilling holes in the rain!

Wednesday the 8th Jer got the digger truck to drill the holes for the kid's play house. Only, Jer wasn't anticipating how hard it would rain and how difficult it would be to get the truck in the correct position.

To make a long story short, Jer only got 2 of the 4 holes done and stopped for the night. lol!


Jeremiah is on the Akron Volunteer Fire Department. On Monday the 6th they were washing off the sidewalks here in town. The kids had a blast watching the guys squirt the hose. Jer called me and asked if I'd let him know when one of the trucks was just past our house. I didn't know why he needed to know this but I told him. Shortly after I told him it had past, the next thing you hear is a siren and a passing fire truck totally  drenches the fire truck the kids were watching! It was so funny!

Later when Jer's truck came to the corner, Steve (one of the volunteers) motioned for the kids to come closer and then he sprayed them with the hose!!! They loved it!

Chickens and Picnic Time!

So these girls crack me up all the time! As soon as I walk out of my house they come running with their tiny legs to the gate. Then, as soon as I walk through the gate they follow on my heels hoping I brought something for them to munch on! Silly girls!
We also have one hen who just doesn't get where she is supposed to lay. I constantly find one egg right in front of the door! Crazy bird.

Life has been stressful and busy lately so May 3rd Dallas and I had a picnic lunch at the park with my friend Janae and her son Carter. It was nice to get out and spend some time with the Dallas Monster!

love this kid so much!

Finished water line and hydrant!

April 30th
Jer and his dad finished hooking up the new water line. They also put in a water hydrant back by the chicken coop so it will be easier to water the chickens and our garden. After Jer hooked up the pipes for the sprinkler shut off valve, he filled in the holes with the backhoe. The kids sure loved running around the newly flattened earth!
Next steps, cement pad, sprinklers, playhouse, sod and then fence!
When that is all done I get to play around with pretty plants! yay!


My handsome handy man!

the pipes for the sprinkler shut off valve.

filling in holes and flattening the ground.

The view from the North/East corner of our lot.