April 24, 2008

Georgy Porgy

Today Ma called me to tell me my Grandpa George has passed away. He was such a wonderful man. I met him for the first time when I was about 10 years old. He had moved into the house next to ours. George was so sweet. I remember that he would always buy me big containers of gummy bears for my birthday. He'd even remember to get mom's gummy bears sugar free because of her diabetes. I started to call him Grandpa George way before he met my grandma. Grandma Cox moved into our house after my Grandpa Cox died when I was 11. She was so sad. After a while she met the sweet man from next door. They went on walks together and started to date. One time I even walked into George's house because grandma got a phone call and I found them making out! Without their teeth in!!! AHHH! They were married that April and the following Christmas eve, Grandpa was baptized into the Church. He just adored Grandma. They were so happy. About 4 years ago, Grandpa George started to get sick. We found out he had Dementia and Alzheimer's disease. On top of the hear failure and diabetes he already had. Towards the end it became harder and harder for Grandma to take care of George. Lucky for small blessings.... Hospice took Grandpa for one week a month so Grandma could get some rest. They were supposed to have George next week but took him early. He passed away while in their care. Grandma was alone with my aunt Cathy's kids that day so it really was a blessing.
I will miss Grandpa so much but I know he is healthy and not in any pain anymore.

Bath time!

Last night I gave Mason a bath. I got him out and dressed him in his PJs. Then I put brook in the bath and told her to make sure the bathroom door is shut. Next thing we heard was a loud "MOM"! I went to the bathroom to find Mason jumped back in the tub. Jammies and all. He was so proud of himself. haha.

April 23, 2008

Feels like spring

Swinging Brook.

Mason loved the park.

Friday was a really nice day. Perfect for playing. Almost like spring. lol.
Friday I took the kids to the park and they loved it! On Saturday Jer and I took the kids up to his parents house in Sterling. Jer works with his dad on a house every Saturday while I usually go to the house and hang out there. Usually Brook and Mase would play with the kids and I would visit with Amanda and Cindy. This weekend was hard for Brook since Ashlyn wasn't there anymore. She kept running up to the back door and said "I wish Ashlyn was here. I want someone to play with." Luckily Courtney was home from college. She went outside and played sidewalk chalk with her and jumped on the trampoline too.
At lunch we all met at the park down town and ate KFC and watched the kids play. Brooklyn was hilarious. She hooked up with 2 boys and a girl. They had a football and kept running and tackling each other! ha ha! Brook kept jumping on some poor boy. We could hear them throw their arms up and say TOUCH DOWN! Too funny.

April 17, 2008

Fishy blues

This week has been filled with happy news and
some sad news. I have decided to enroll Brooklyn into preschool. The teacher said that they aren't accepting anymore applications until September so we will just have to wait until then.
I thought that I could teach brook at home but she seems to lose interest very easily. The other day she asked me if she could practice her name. I gave her the paper and pencil and let her go to town. Three minutes later she came up to me to show me her progress. She had the letters Broo written down. I asked her why she didn't finish her name and Brook said "because its too longest." I'm getting a little nervous that I can't keep her interested long enough for her to do anything all the way through. She knows how to write her name. She is very smart. I just can't get her to apply herself. I'm hoping a classroom setting with other kids will motivate her to learn more.
I had to post a picture of Brook dancing to her Dora DVD. She is so hilarious sometimes. She certainly has her own cute little personality. I love walking into a room to find the kids playing so well together. It just makes my day.
Last week Jer and I bought the kids a beta fish that we named Gary. They were so excited! Mason called it a wishy. After about a week the bowl started to get all dirty so I decided to clean it out. Jeremiah told me to make sure and only pour out 2/3 of the water out. Me, being the miss know it all that I am decided to clean out the whole thing. After all, wouldn't the fish like a completely clean bowl? That night I noticed Gary wasn't swimming anymore. Man!!!
Jer said that I should have headed my husband's council. :(
Poor Brooky. I sat her down when she noticed that Gary was gone. I told her that he died and his spirit went up to heaven. She said "no it didn't! He went down the toilet." I couldn't help laughing. Thank goodness for resilient kids huh.

April 5, 2008


Wow this week has been a tough one for me. When I was a kid I used to go into the woods for a hike when I felt this way. There is something about being with nature that makes all my problems not feel so big.
Jeremiah and I have moved around quite a bit in our 5+ years of marriage. We have been blessed to meet so many different types of people. Some of them have become our dear friends. I have realized that these close ones have become like family to us. I know that everyone has a right to choose their path in life. I have a really hard time knowingly accepting that someone I love is choosing to make a mistake. My heart aches for my friend. Although I do not approve of her decision I am proud of myself for deciding to love her anyway. It could be so easy to get mad at her or turn my back on her for what she is doing. At the end of the day, I want to be ready and waiting with open arms for her if she ever changes her mind.
I imagine that is how our Father in heaven and Savior feel when we do something to hurt them. They tell us that they love us and will be there for us if we ever need their help or love.
Thank you my family and friends that have been here for me. You will never know how your support has helped. I love you.