March 11, 2013

Painting the Living Room!

 February 19, 2013

We finally got to paint a room in our house! It feels so good. It feels like it is finally ours now!!!
We also mounted our TV on the wall, replaced the curtains with blinds and added a photo wall with shelves. Can't wait until my whole house has these little personal touches to really feel like its ours.

Preston's Big Day!

February 15-18, 2013

We took a quick trip down to the valley to support Preston getting ordained an Elder. We stayed at Courtney and Preston's house, ate awesome food, visited with Snuffy and heard some pretty funny stories about the war. We also went to see Uncle Gale and his turquoise and visited Manassa and Sanford Cemeteries to see Jer's family grave stones. It is always nice to go back and visit. Jer is always so happy to be back surrounded by the mountains he loves so much too!

Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day we couldn't go to a restaurant so I brought the restaurant home. We set the kids up downstairs so they could have a fun little dinner together while Jer and I had dinner just the two of us upstairs! I made Chicken Parmesan, bread sticks and salad. Then we had chocolate strawberries for dessert. 
After dinner we gave the kids their Valentine's goodies! They were so excited.

Happy Birthday Jer!

February 11, 2013

Jer turns 32!!!
Brooklyn and Mason made Birthday games for Jer to play. Jer's mom and dad come down and gave Jer a card with a Duck Dynasty picture of a t-shirt they ordered for him. We ate and had truffle cake. It was a nice night!

Activity Girls-Mother/Daughter 80's Night!

February 6, 2013

Tonight in Activity Girls we had a Mother/Daughter 80's night. Brook looked forward to this activity. The girls and moms all showed up in Awesome outfits! I wish I had found a better one or thought of some of the things these moms remembered. haha! The girls played twister, we played a guessing game with cards stuck to our foreheads and tossed a ball with getting to know you questions on them. Later we took mother/daughter silly photos and ate icecream! It was all things girly and fun.

Brook's 1st big project for School.

Brook was assigned an Indian project for school. She had the Blackfoot Tribe. She researched on the computer and made a bibliography. Then she typed out the paper. She also had to made a diorama of the Blackfoot Indians including where they live, what they wear, and what they eat. She made these people out of modeling clay. Then she painted them.

Funny thing, we thought the clay only took 1 night to dry but it took several days. Thank goodness Brook started it enough in advance to give it enough time to dry! We even had a couple mishaps with little brothers knocking heads off. But there wasn't anything daddy couldn't fix with a little help from gorilla glue. Ha ha! We even made sure to glue it down to the box just in case they fell over again. 

Brooklyn ended up getting a 40/40 grade and the teacher commented about how proud she was that Brook worked so hard on the project. Brooky was so happy!!!

Bulletin Boards for Primary.

This year's theme is I Am a Child of God. I was in charge of decorating the smaller bulletin board and I helped with the bigger one on the bottom. We hope the kids are able to pass by these and see themselves and see what we see... Beautiful Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father with so much potential to be and do so much if only they realize how special they are!

Brooklyn Turns 9!

I can't believe I have a 9 year old! We decided to wait to celebrate Brook's Birthday the weekend following Dallas's Birthday so they weren't so close together and we could have a break from cake before we had more. haha! Brook had fun talking to her cousins and showing them her presents over the computer. On Saturday we took the family to Red Robins for lunch and they sang to her and gave her a sundae.  Brook thought that was pretty special!

Brooklyn you are such a sweet young lady. You are happy to help, you are a mommy in training, you are a motivated student and love to be involved with church activities. I am so proud of who you are becoming.