February 28, 2010

1st Sunday

Today was Dallas' first Sunday at church. I taught my beehives and Jer took the baby. Let me just say- OH MAN! His schedule was way off today. He didn't nap when he usually does and only slept for minutes at a time. By the time church was over and we made it to Jer's mom and dad's house for lunch, he was NOT a happy camper. I sure hope our following Sundays run a lot smoother than this one did.
I thought the kids were pretty cute all dolled up though. Jer made Mason's hair just like he used to with the side spike. Love it!


Jer is such a wonderful daddy! He has been such a hands on father. I just love to watch him interact with our kids. From day one, Jer is never awkward with our babies. He dives in (almost too eagerly) with both hands. I am just so thankful for this amazing man in my life! It warms my heart to see how much they love him right back as well.

Cuddles with Dad.
Dad being silly trying to get smiles.

February 25, 2010

Dr. Offices! Boo!

You know what irks me???? I have to plan so far ahead of time, just to make it to a simple Doctor's appointment and they make you wait! Wait for an hour, maybe longer.

Last night I had to make sure the kid's back packs were ready to go, their clothes set out so they could get dressed quickly (yeah right) and I had bottles and a diaper bag ready to go this morning. All of this prep so I could leave the house 40 minutes ahead of time so I could get to my appointment with 5-10 minutes to spare, depending on traffic. Now, if I can do all of that why is it that they tell you to strip down and put on this flimsy sheet just to make you sit on a table for 50 minutes!!! By the time the Doctor found time to see me, Dallas had woken up from his carefully planned nap, ready to eat! I was so frustrated because not only was I trying to calm him down but I was half naked doing so! Talk about the doc walking in at a bad time. I wonder if it was even worth it. I could have told her that I was healing well. I can feel it for goodness sakes.

On a side note, Brooklyn and Mason are getting really excited for Dallas' blessing day. Their cousins and my cousins are coming! Dal is getting to be so big! He is cooing more and more every day and gives me the funniest faces. One minute he is smiling up a storm and the next, his eyebrows come together and he is scowling. funny kid. Here is a pic of one of his Elvis lips.

February 22, 2010

We got one!

Bumbo chair!
I have wanted one of these for my babies for a long time. This weekend we finally got one! yay! Dallas looks so much bigger in it.

February 21, 2010


A friend of mine is so good at being crafty and inventive! I wanted to post something about her new blog so you can all see for yourself. Please go to

Thanks for sharing Lauren.

February 19, 2010


Today is just one of those days when I could possibly go insane! I have been looking forward to this weekend with such anticipation. I thought we would get a hotel room for a night or two and soak in the hot tub and I could just erase all of the tension I have been building up these last couple months. Jer and I decided it would be smarter to hold off on the room and save our money. I feel like my body is extremely disappointed but my brain is totally okay with it since logic always wins with me in the end.
This morning I woke up to find that my kids have lost Brooklyn's glasses. We have looked everywhere! I am pretty sure it was Mason who got hold of them but I cannot get an answer out of him as to where he had them! It is extremely frustrating!!! This is just the last thing we need right now, along with new tires for the van and paying off the hospital bill from Dallas' birth. I honestly think I may need to go to a Doctor and get some drugs after all this stress, maybe a Valium? I really don't want to explode into some kind of crazy monster mom soon.

desperate times...

call for desperate measures.

I was trying to do laundry while this little one kept crying. Naturally I laid him on top of the dryer while it ran and in no time he was out! ha ha! I love it!

February 16, 2010

This week's happenings

Wow this week has been dragging on and it is still only Tuesday!!! Sunday was good old Valentine's Day. I must admit Valentine's Day was never a big deal in my house growing up. I am learning that it is actually very important to express how we feel for each other at least once a year. Its always hard to let the ones we love know how much they mean to us when we are so busy day to day. This year Jer and the kids got me this bouquet of flowers and some cards! So sweet. Dallas smiled for the first time the other day. I just caught the very end of a big one in this picture.

Jeremiah left on Monday to go to Denver for a work training. I've been having an okay time running things while he's gone. I have to admit I am exhausted though, and we miss him a lot.

The only good thing about daddy being gone is that I find a whole bunch of time to get things done. Here I reorganized our kitchen. Yay I can find all my pot lids now!!

February 14, 2010

I love Saturdays!

So, we waited until this Saturday to celebrate with Jer's birthday cake. I made him his favorite chocolate truffle with rocky road in the middle. It tasted amazing but looked pretty bad. Unfortunately I am the worst at being patient when it comes to baking and I tried to take the cakes out of their pans before they were cooled all the way. Therefor I made a pretty crumbly cake. Thank goodness for frosting, it hides everything!

The best part was that Jer's dad came and brought Jer a card. When he opened it up, it was identical to the card that Jer's sister Amanda's family sent! too funny! I guess great minds think alike!

Jer got a game that he's been wanting. So we ate hamburgers, cake and played a little this afternoon.

Happy Birthday honey!

February 12, 2010

Birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!!! Yesterday was Jer's 29th Birthday. He came home a half hour early and that was a nice surprise. We aren't celebrating with his cake until Saturday but I thought I would surprise him with his favorite meal. He always eats Steak Gorgonzola whenever we go to Olive Garden, and since a nice restaurant is no where near us here, I decided to make it at home for him. I was pretty excited because it turned out pretty good even if I couldn't find all of the ingredients.
Happy Birthday honey! You are so wonderful. You are my best friend and favorite person in the whole world! I'm so happy you are in my life! Love you!!!

February 8, 2010

4 weeks old

It amazes me how fast the time flies. Dallas will be four weeks old tomorrow. It feels like it has passed so quickly but at the same time it's like he's been here forever.

*I weighed him recently and he was 9-10 lbs.

* He is now in 0-3 month clothes. I can tell he is much longer now.

*Dallas has finally lost all his hair on the top of his head (just like Mason did). I think its funny how Brooklyn's hair never fell out the way my boy's hair has.

*He is starting to focus more and loves to watch out the window for minutes at a time.

*Brooklyn and Mason are getting a lot more comfortable about touching and being around him.

February 5, 2010

Picture time!

One goal that I have given myself, is to keep up with my kid's scrapbooking and picture taking. This has been no easy feat for me since I feel like my life is pure chaos right now. Between feeling exhausted, having to drive the kids around and get them ready, the car breaking down and having to add Jeremiah to the list of people I have to get places and now Jeremiah is sick. The Doctor told him to stay away from the kids and especially the baby. WHAT?! I truly have come to depend on his help in the evenings. I just may lose my mind here soon.

On a side note, I can't get over how sweet little Dal is. His hair has red in it! It looks like the color of Jer's beard. Funny!

I took some long overdue pictures of the kids all together. I love this one. Mason looks like he has no clue what to do with Dallas.

Here are the three of them! Even though its so hard, I wouldn't change a thing!!!!

February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Happy Groundhog's Day Everyone! I love groundhog's day. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I saw quite a few groundhogs. A couple lived right outside my high school grounds.
This year however, I am not very happy that good ol' Phil did see his Shadow. I'm getting cabin fever a little early this year. 6 more weeks of winter just may do me in. Today was such a nice and sunny that that I really was missing spring. Please be wrong Phil! Spring please hurry???!

February 1, 2010


So, it'll have been 3 weeks tomorrow. Time sure has flown by. Our little Dallas is pretty much on a schedule now. I am sure grateful to not be walking a baby to sleep for 3 hours at a time in the wee hours of the morning. I feel like I am finally getting used to the lack of sleep. Well, maybe its the caffeine I have allowed myself as of late. He he.
Brooklyn and Mason are adjusting very well now. It really helps that they are sharing their room now and Dallas isn't waking them up every night.

Brooklyn just lost her 5th tooth! This is interesting because I found out that she got her last tooth out by hitting it with a stone! WHAT? And here I thought kids were usually scared to get their teeth out. This time I made sure she didn't use a rock but she sure did twist and twist all day long to get it out. At this rate, the tooth fairy will be broke pretty soon. Lol!