September 24, 2011

Another Volleyball game!

Brooklyn's team won both of their games today!

Today was picture day! Brook's games were played at the NJC stadium. Jer had a fire early this morning, I wasn't sure if he would make it to her game. Thank goodness for my father in-law who came early to help watch the boys while I helped Brook get her pictures taken.
Luckily, Jer made it just in time to watch Brook's 1st game start. 

The girls were so cute. They were so excited to take pictures together!

I am so happy to watch Brook grow and enjoy herself with other girls. It takes me back to my childhood to watch her light up, just being a girl!

We are so proud of you Brook!

September 17, 2011


(Okay, I know this is the cheesiest picture you've ever seen but this is what you get when you try to take a picture with one arm.)
Jeremiah and my 9 year wedding anniversary is this Monday, but since we live out of town, we decided to celebrate a couple days early.
Jer's parents were kind enough to watch the kid for us so we could go out for lunch alone at Jambalaya's in Merino, Colorado.
Jambalaya's has some really great Cajun style food. I really loved the jerk chicken wrap I ordered. :-)

I can't believe it has almost been a decade since we were married and sealed to each other for eternity. There are times when it feels just like yesterday that we walked through those doors. Other times I feel like we have been together for much longer than 9 years.

I still remember why I fell in love with you 9 years ago. You were funny and cute, you loved your mission and had a great testimony, you got along with your sisters and looked up to your dad. You were adorable with your baby niece. You were so hard working that you had so many jobs it almost killed you.
Those were just some of the reasons you took my heart that long ago.

Now it is 9 years later and I can tell you for a fact that my love for you has grown. I love you because 9 years later you can still make me laugh so hard I almost shoot water through my nose. I love you because you are the most wonderful father and partner I could ask for. I love when you leave me notes outside my door to tell me you've taken the kids for a ride so I could get just a little more sleep. I love the random flowers you come home with, just because. I love how you get a high pitched laugh when you find something funny. I love how your face lights up when the kids come running to you when you get home from work. I love how much you get into your job and always put all you have into it. I love your determination. I love that on a hard day you are the 1st person I want to talk to. I love how you do crazy things or say random things in your sleep. I love that you always want to fix things.

I have realized that it isn't the huge things that have made us grow together through the years, but the little every day things that mean the most.
I love you babe for all that you do and all that you are! Here's to another decade of us!

Brooklyn's 1st Volleyball game

We are so proud of our little girl! Brook had her 1st volleyball game today! We got up at 7 this morning and made it to Sterling by 8am for the game. She made three points in a row when she served!!! Now we just need to practice with her so she can go after the ball more. She was so happy to play, she didn't even care that they lost both games. What a happy go lucky child I'm blessed with! I feel so lucky to have her and her sweet personality in my life! Heck, after every hit she missed, she'd get this goofy grin on her face and look up at me and wave. Ha ha ha! I kept thinking "yes Brooky, you are cute. Now get back into the game!" Oh my! She is something else. I tell you!!!

September 16, 2011

Still planning the dream...

I am writing this post in response to all of the questions I have gotten lately as to the progress of the house we are building.


I never knew how difficult it would be just to plan something. We have been trying for months now to get all of the quotes together that we will need, only to finally decide that it might be better for everyone involved to hire one company to do the whole project. (If we can get the right price).

They really aught to come up with a manual to get couples through the process of building a house.
The building process and stress all starts way before you actually put a single board into place.

1st there is finding a location. Then agreeing on a price that makes everyone happy. Next you have to take your material's list and plans to all of the contractors you plan on using and get bids on their jobs. That sounds easy except it isn't when people never get back to you! Finally you have to deal with the bank and get all your paperwork filed as well as discuss exactly how much everything is going to cost. That involves a lot of math and figuring. I am so grateful Jer is handling that part since I get so flustered. Heck the easiest part of the whole project so far is agreeing on decor!

Right now it still feels like a dream that is slowly taking shape. I know it will get done, its just getting all of the little details figured out and in order.
At the moment we are just waiting for one company's quote on the whole project and the bank to approve a construction loan.

We have been up and down with building our own house to possibly getting some contractors to do bits and pieces of the project or just hiring someone to do the whole thing altogether. I think we would love to do it ourselves from top to bottom but I just don't think that would be do-able with family (help) living so far away and everyone has a job already. It just seems like an impossible mission. We are now hoping to be able to afford to pay a company to build it for us.

Our original plan to buy land just outside of town didn't work out. The owners wanted way too much mula and we really didn't want to have to pay for a propane tank installation. Happily we have land right next door to the house we are renting. The owner isn't asking for an arm and a leg for it either. :-)
We are hoping (if all goes well with this company) to start the house by October 1st. Possible move in would be January or February.

Its a longer process than we anticipated. Thank you family and friends for being patient with us and our posts.

September 12, 2011

My baby is eating like a pro!

Dallas is 20 months old today! He is doing pretty good in nursery. Yesterday he cried some but not bad enough to come get me. For a few days now, he has been using utensils when he eats! I am extremely excited about this! He refuses to sit in a high chair anymore and insists he sit at either the big table with the older kids or his little table. I just can't believe how much my little guy has grown in height and personality! Saturday Jer's dad came to the door and the older kids ran to him saying GRANDPA! next thing I knew, Dallas followed behind and said Grandpa for the 1st time! His vocabulary is growing and lately whenever he finds something funny, he bends his whole body over and laughs really big! :-)
We sure enjoy this silly boy in our home!

Akron Air Show!

Saturday was the Akron Air Show here in town. Jeremiah's dad came up to see it. Jer couldn't visit with us because he is on the volunteer fire department and he was on truck duty from 7:45 till 4:30pm.
We had fun walking around. We saw lots of planes and old show cars. I got the kids each their own toy plane. My favorite part was when the Golden knights parachuted from the sky and performed tricks. Around 2pm Dallas got tired so I took him home to bed. I didn't realize it, but our porch was the perfect spot to watch the remaining air planes fly! We said goodbye to grandpa and watched the rest of the show from home. It was a great day!

September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!

Our three kids.

Ready to hike! This time last year he was in a carrying pack. He's so big now!

stopped on the bridge to look at the stream.

Rock climbing!

Ugg! This one is too big Mom!

Jer and I.

My bunch playing in the stream.

Thats my Dal, licking rocks. OH YEAH!

Getting wet, but having a blast.

My sweet hubby in his element!

Big Elk sniffing the air.

His heram. Ha Ha Ha!

Beautiful Sunset!

Elk at sunset.

Look how close!

This Labor Day Weekend, we went to our favorite place in Estes Park. It has a small hiking trial that is easy for the little ones and has a pretty stream for the kids to play in and a waterfall. This time we saw tons of Elk, some Deer and a few Blue Birds. We always love visiting this place. The beauty takes my breath away every time! The kids played hard this time and Mason cracked us up the way he fell asleep! After taking a few wrong turns and leaving the park after dark, we finally made it home to sleep!

Labor Day Monday we went up to Jer's parent's house and Jer helped Morris put up some sheet rock in his garage while Cindy and I went and ran some errands and school clothes shopping a little. I know Jer would agree with me that he hates shopping. I know he won't mind me saying how nice it was to go shopping with someone that won't rush me! It just felt GOOD! After that we ate hamburgers and visited for a bit. Jer and I must have caught a small cold because we were both not feeling well by Tuesday but even with the way I felt,  I love three day weekends!!!

Volleyball girl

Brooklyn has signed up to play Volleyball this year. She is really enjoying the practices and loves seeing some of her old friends from elementary school. All her practices are here in town and her games will be in Sterling Saturdays starting this Sat the 17th! I can't wait!!!

A New School Year!

Mason working hard on his 1st math assesment.

My Brooklyn doing Language Arts.

School has officially begun! Once again we are doing Colorado Virtual Academy. The only change this year, I have acquired an additional student.

Mason Todd is my kindergartner this year!!!
We had a rocky start but once we put the family computer in the school room beside the school computer, schooling has been much easier.

Brooklyn is my 2nd grader this year and is such a big help with Mason and Dallas. Usually she starts her lesson on her own while I get Mason started then when she gets stuck or needs help with the reading I switch back and forth.

So far we have started a few motivation charts where the kids earn a sticker each day that they try their best and focus for their lessons. After earning all their stickers, they get a prize!

I am truly amazed at how different each of my children are. Brooklyn is pretty hungry to learn and I feel truly blessed to have her good attitude and helpfulness in the class. Mason is my little boy and he takes after his daddy. He takes quite a bit of coaching and encouragement these days but I think he will get there. Hopefully soon! Ha ha!

I am so interested to see how these two learn and grow this school year!!!