September 16, 2011

Still planning the dream...

I am writing this post in response to all of the questions I have gotten lately as to the progress of the house we are building.


I never knew how difficult it would be just to plan something. We have been trying for months now to get all of the quotes together that we will need, only to finally decide that it might be better for everyone involved to hire one company to do the whole project. (If we can get the right price).

They really aught to come up with a manual to get couples through the process of building a house.
The building process and stress all starts way before you actually put a single board into place.

1st there is finding a location. Then agreeing on a price that makes everyone happy. Next you have to take your material's list and plans to all of the contractors you plan on using and get bids on their jobs. That sounds easy except it isn't when people never get back to you! Finally you have to deal with the bank and get all your paperwork filed as well as discuss exactly how much everything is going to cost. That involves a lot of math and figuring. I am so grateful Jer is handling that part since I get so flustered. Heck the easiest part of the whole project so far is agreeing on decor!

Right now it still feels like a dream that is slowly taking shape. I know it will get done, its just getting all of the little details figured out and in order.
At the moment we are just waiting for one company's quote on the whole project and the bank to approve a construction loan.

We have been up and down with building our own house to possibly getting some contractors to do bits and pieces of the project or just hiring someone to do the whole thing altogether. I think we would love to do it ourselves from top to bottom but I just don't think that would be do-able with family (help) living so far away and everyone has a job already. It just seems like an impossible mission. We are now hoping to be able to afford to pay a company to build it for us.

Our original plan to buy land just outside of town didn't work out. The owners wanted way too much mula and we really didn't want to have to pay for a propane tank installation. Happily we have land right next door to the house we are renting. The owner isn't asking for an arm and a leg for it either. :-)
We are hoping (if all goes well with this company) to start the house by October 1st. Possible move in would be January or February.

Its a longer process than we anticipated. Thank you family and friends for being patient with us and our posts.

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