May 24, 2012

Brooklyn has a cast!

May 23, 2012

Tuesday May 22nd, Brooklyn was playing at a friend's house when she tripped and fell. I Really didn't think it was all that bad at first because she wasn't in a ton of pain and stopped crying after a while. I thought at the most, it was a sprain or bruised. We opted to not rush her to the ER that night since she was farely ok. I iced it and gave her Tylenol. The next day, it was pretty swollen but still not that painful. We made an appointment at the Sterling clinic. Dr. Macintosh saw her. He told Jer that you can't always tell with children because they have a stronger threshold for pain. Also, you can't always tell even if they can move it (which Brooklyn could). The thing that told him it might be broken is the fact that it was swollen. Kids don't usually swell unless something is broken. So, we took her to X-RAY and afterwards went to lunch. After lunch we went back to the clinic for the results. She did break a bone in her elbow! CRAZY!
Brooklyn got a pre-cast and splint and we go back on Tuesday to possibly get her cast on. What a deal! Hopefully she will be well before we go to California for her Aunt Shayla's wedding!

When we got in the car, Brook cried. I asked her if she was in pain but she said she felt badly that she caused so much trouble and Daddy had to pay money. What a sweet sensitive thing!!! We told her that accidents happen and she shouldn't worry about that. Love her so much!!!

Brook was so bummed! She can't ride her bike or get wet! I asked her if an ice cream would make it better. She smiled and said yes!! Ha ha! Ice cream makes everything better!!!

The boys waiting patiently in the waiting room. Watching Sponge Bob.

Not so happy Brooklyn.

All better!!!


jamie said...

Awesome cast, Brooke! I hope you get a real one, just so your friends can sign their names all over it. :) Really, I hope it heals quickly!

Courtney said...

I love how the ice cream mad everything better! She knows how to get what she wants lol!