September 4, 2009

2nd Stage ultrasound results...

Jer took the kids and I to Denver to the Sky Ridge Medical Center to get my 2nd stage ultrasound done. It was such a great experience. I liked seeing the chambers of his heart and brain. Everything was pretty clear. The Doctors treated me so nicely. They really explained everything step by step so I could understand what we were looking at. Everything looks very good! They said the only thing I need to do now is keep an eye on his growth and weight. I really do think he is going to be just fine. We were on cloud 9 after such a stressful 2 weeks. They even did a 3D ultrasound. It was really neat!

Here is his face. He kept moving and that's why its not so clear.

I call this smoochy face. She said he looks scary because he kept pressing his face up against my belly like a little kid does to a window.

I love the feet!
I thought this was a good profile picture. See the button nose and little fingers?

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Elaine said...

that is good news! I'll keep you in my prayers.