August 2, 2011

The Priesthood Restoration Site!

I love the big Pennsylvania blue stone they used on this path way to the monument!

Here is Brook and Mase sitting on the fence by the monument.

My three kids!

Brook and Mase found these awesome trees nearby! look how old they look! Maybe there were here when Joseph and Emma's cabin was here!

The old Cemetary. I love these old thin grave stones!

So happy they kept the original grave stone on the back!

The stream Emma used to get water!

Mason pointing to the place we believe the baptisms happened.

On July 9th Ma, me, the three kids, Ma's friend Cory and her son all went up to Susquehanna to the Priesthood Restoration Site. I just love that place!!! I'd been a few times as a kid and the spirit never fails to confirm to me that the priesthood is real and wonderful things were restored in that place!!! It was so amazing to be able to share that with my kids. I hope its an experience they will not forget.

We saw the monument of John the Baptist confirming Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdrey. We went to the old cemetery where we saw the grave sites of one of Joseph and Emma's infants that died and both of Emma's parents. Then we walked the path down to the Susquehanna River where Oliver Cowdrey and Joseph Smith were baptized! Along the way we saw the natural spring that Emma used to walk to to get their water. I loved all the Day Lillies we saw all over!

I'm not sure how much will change now that they are going to add on to the restoration site, but I really hope these places stay untouched!

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