August 10, 2011

Courtney's Bridal Shower!

Wednesday night Aug. 3rd we had Courtney's bridal shower! First, Jill and Amanda called Preston and asked him questions about Courtney to see how well they know each other. For every wrong answer either one gave, Courtney had to stick a marshmallow in her mouth! It was hilarious to see her cheeks get so full!

The next game we did was pack a suit case and told her that she and Preston are on a vacation but the power all went out. The only way to survive is to put on everything from the suitcase while not being able to see.

The last game we did was to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper! Cindy, Courtney and Caralee were on one team dressing Courtney and Me, Amanda and Jillian we on another team dressing Jill. It ended up being a tie! The little girls judged the dresses!

When we were all done, the little kids had a big time playing in all of the toilet paper!

laughing too hard! She's gonna spit it all out!

oh no! the power went out!

hurry put on that brightly colored bathing suit to survive!! he he he!

pretty brides!

Brook decorating Amanda.

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