April 6, 2011


Today Brooklyn's hair was driving me crazy! It had gotten so long and stringy that it just was a mess to brush or do! I asked Brook if she'd like a trim and she told me she wanted it shorter so I only ventured to her shoulders. That was as far as I was comfortable going. She is also growing out her bangs so those may be interesting for a while. I know it isn't professional but I didn't think I did to horribly. The thing is, it may come as a shock to daddy so we are going to surprise him! I sure hope he likes it!!!


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baileymom said...

I think you did a great job! I've found that most hair cutting isn't rocket science--you just have to be daring and do it. Such cute kids!

Candi said...

Thanks Aunt Rosemary! I agree with you. I just put half up and made the first cuts and if they didn't turn out okay it could always grow back in. but we just kept going layer by layer and it turned out okay! pfewww! Haha!