July 6, 2014

June 27, 2014

It was Mason's 8th Birthday Friday the 27th. Brooklyn Made him a very nice card and bought him a flying saucer toy with her own money. Dallas signed mommy and daddy's card and gave Mason some peppermint patty candies. Jer and I got him a real grown up fishing rod and as our tradition, his first set of Scriptures with his name on them in gold leaf!

I can't believe my Mason Bug is old enough to be baptized now! It feels like yesterday he was this tiny little laid back thing just wide eyed and looking all around the world soaking it in.
Now, Mason is a big boy who miraculously has grown tall and broad shouldered. He loves to tell jokes and is very good at asking if he can help with anything. I call him my sensitive child because he takes everything to heart and feels things deeply. But he is also the first to give you a great big hug if you are sad.
Mason is super excited about his baptism. I can't go one day without him telling me what his favorite part about him going to be baptized is that day. We are very proud of our little boy and with mixed emotions watch him take this next step of his Journey!

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