July 29, 2014

Mason is Baptized!!!

My parents drove here from Pennsylvania for Mason's baptism. They stayed for a few days. While here we visited, ate yummy food, played in the back yard and really enjoyed being together.

Saturday Mason was baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! We are so proud of him! Mason has been ready for this big step for a while now. He talked about it all the time. I think oit helped that he was able to see his older sister get baptized and how she has enjoyed having the Holy Ghost as her companion.
Mason asked his Grandma Mo to talk about baptism and his Grandma Liggett to talk about the Holy Ghost. Grandpa Liggett and Grandpa Mo both said opening and closing prayers. My friend Bonnie played the piano and Brooklyn was the music director. She was very nervous but she practiced and we thought she did a very good job!

Of course I blubbered the entire time! Not sure why I bothered to put any make up on. Ha ha!

We had a very wonderful surprise that day. I invited our cousins Ryan and Jamie Bailey, along with all their girls to come to Mason's big day. It just so happened that My Aunt Rosemary and her two daughters Elie and Alice were here from China visiting her son Ryan. They came as well! It was such a great thing to be able to see all of them and catch up after all of these years as well as have my parents here to see them too!

Jer's mom and dad came and brought refreshments for afterwards. We talked, told stories and got some pictures to remember the day! It all was just perfect. I only regret that all the family couldn't attend and enjoy it.

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