August 3, 2009

for fun.

I got this from my friend Mindi's blog. I thought it was cute so here is mine...

I am: Sort of starting to feel pregnant now even if I don't look it yet.
I have: A menu of dinner ideas but don't really feel like any of them.
I think: About this next c-section and it terrifies me.
I don't think: Its so bad to live in a smaller town as long as you can get to civilization within 10 minutes or so.
I want: a healthy baby and surgery to go well.
I like: doing spontaneous things with my husband and kids.
I dislike: putting clean laundry away. It is the never ending cycle! I do it though.
I hate: When people give you advice without you asking for it.
I dream: about owning my own home one day.
I fear: losing Jer or him getting hurt at work.
I am annoyed: people get under appreciated.
I crave: bananas and cheese! The sharper the better.
I usually: stay up way too late and then regret it in the morning.
I search: for ways to guess the babies sex even though I know its all bull. ;o)
I hide: some toys from the kids. That way when I bring them out again they are like new.
I wonder: If I'll be able to handle three kids. Getting them ready and Brooklyn off to school. All of that.
I know: I am such a lucky woman.
I just can't help: worrying about everything.
I regret: not finishing school or figuring out what I wanted to do until it was too late.
I love: being a mom and wife.
I can't live without: My family
I try to: keep my house straightened every day. Even though some days are impossible.
I enjoy: blogging
I don't care: What most people think about me. Only those I love.
I always: Talk to Jer about everything. He is my best friend.
I never want to: Be harsh with my kids. Even though some days I am. I say, I am learning and growing just as much as my kids are.
I rely on: Jer, for everything. For my sanity!
I believe: In showing love no matter what. You don't know what people are going through.
I dance: With my kids and try to get Jer to dance but he never does.
I argue: Irrationally sometimes. What can I say, I'm just like my mom.
I lose: almost every game I play but when I win I love it!
I wish: We could get out of debt ASAP so we can save for a house and just be comfortable. Not rich but comfortable.
I listen: to my kids when they tell me something. I hope they never stop.
I don't understand: Why some people do the things they do.
I forgot: To send a picture to my sister in law. I sent an empty envelope to her. Ugg Baby brain!


Elaine said...

you are a very nice person candi!

Candi said...

haha thanks Elaine. You are pretty sweet yourself!