August 13, 2009

An apology...

I just wanted to tell everyone that I have let down this week. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not watering the plants that I intended to. Sorry I didn't call you back when I said I would and I'm sorry for just being plain distracted.
The reason I have dropped the ball this week is my very good friend and family member went into the hospital for heart surgery. Jenny is like another mom to me and my mind has been on her constantly this week. She has had surgery and is looking very good at the moment. I feel like all of the prayers from all the people that love the Landons so much are being answered. So I love you Jenny, more than words. Please continue to get well. We are praying always for you and for the rest of your family!

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Amanda said...

Hope things continue to look up for Jenny. She is such an awesome person. Our thoughts are with her too!