July 12, 2009

Busy Weekend...

Saturday afternoon was so hot. The only thing to do was fill up the pool and let the kids go wild in it.

Brook had a blast cannon balling off the side. Notice how poor Mason was desperately covering up from the splash.

Sunday I was so out of my mind crazy. I taught my first Beehive class today and it went well I think. I hope they got something out of it. I almost left my Sacrament meeting talk at home. Thank goodness I had a nightmare that I left it and woke up at 4am to put it in my bag to be sure. Whew!
Its been crazy, fun, anxiety filled but all worth it. :o) Now time to get back to the real world Monday and a lot of housework that I have been putting off. Yay.

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Amanda said...

I fill you on getting back to the real world and house cleaning. Already started and had more to clean up because logan got into the laundry soap and was trying to vaccum. What a day it already is.