July 14, 2009

Potty training again!

Okay this is our third try to potty train our little Mason bug. So far so good. I have decided to take a new approach and use the little potty seat instead of the big toilet like Brooklyn used. I printed out a potty chart for him to put stickers on when he goes. No matter what I am not going to show him my frustration when he has an accident. I think that is what scared Mase the last time. Yesterday was day one of our potty training. He practiced all day long but never peed until last night. I had to go to the restroom so he said he was going to go too. I thought it was cute but didn't believe he would actually go. Surprise! He made it all by himself! I am so proud. Now, if he could just keep up the good work, we will be done training in no time. Cross your fingers?!

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