July 21, 2009

The Day Has Finally Come!

Mason is now on his third try at potty training. We started last week and he has progressively gotten better every day. Sunday was the BIG test. I took the kids to church and took Mase to the potty before nursery. I told the teachers that he was potty training and to please ask him if he needed to go. Jer's dad stopped in and checked on him and I took him again after I taught my beehives class. To my surprise he was accident free all Sunday! Yay! That made it 3 days in a row that Mason peed in the potty, without accidents! The dilemma then was that he was not going number two in the potty at all. I didn't know how to get him to want to do it either.

Last night I took him to the big adult potty and showed him his new stool that daddy painted just for him and I had him sit down and I told him that poo poo goes in the potty not his underpants. Mason repeated back to me where pee and poo go. I knew he understood the concept. As I went to sit down in the living room Mason came running up to me and he announced (with his excited fists up by his face) that he made a poo poo in the potty all by himself! Sure enough, he did! We were all so excited! Who would have thought a bodily function could cause so much joy? Mason called up aunt Jillian to tell her the good news so someone outside of the family could tell him he did a good job. He feels so grown up now. After that Mason helped me put away his little potty because he wants to use the Daddy potty now. I am so glad he finally got it! It has been quite a ride with this boy potty training but oh boy am I happy its looking like its over now. whew!

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cate said...

Good job Mason! That's such a big deal. : )