March 15, 2012

Porch Monkies! I Mean... CHICKS!

I realized that I haven't given you any details on where we are keeping these little buggers. Well, for now, they are in a bin, on a shelf, on our back porch, with a heat lamp. Their feathers are growing in so much that Brooklyn was afraid one of the Orpingtons almost flew out. Luckily that hasn't happened yet and as soon as it does, I don't care how little they are, they will be moved to the coop outside. Ha ha!

I am amazed! The more I learn about these chickies, the more worth while it is. I love a pet as much as the next girl. Cats are independent, although I'm not a huge fan. Dogs are lovable and loyal. Fish are great to look at and soothing. But chickens are becoming my favorite. Sure, it takes work to feed and keep their area clean but they give back so much in return. Eggs to eat, their droppings become very good fertilizer and even their own lives for food. They just may be the super pet! Not to mention how fun they are to observe!

The kids sure love to sneak quietly to the porch and watch them scratch, eat and cheep.

P.S. Thank you Bonnie for the huge stack of egg cartons! I think we may be set for when these girls start to lay!

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