March 6, 2012

All things Chicken!

In honor of getting our baby chicks, we have had an all things chicken week for school.

Pinterest has been my good friend this week. I have found so many things on there to help with experiments and projects to do with the kids.

First, we made oven baked eggs. They turned out phenomenal! I HATE hard boiling eggs. I have tried many recipes and every single one never peels easily and the yolk ends up with a little green/gray ring around it when I do try to peel them after refrigeration. This idea was amazing! You place the eggs directly on the oven rack, turn on the oven to 350 and bake for 30 minutes! After they are done, place them in a bowl of ice water to cool. Then instead of cracking them and rolling them, I took a paper clip and poked a hole into the bottom of the egg shell. I gently scraped the shell to get it started and from there they were easy to peel with our nails. Even the kids had fun! We didn't get any of the whites broken off like usual either! They even seemed to taste better, but maybe it was because I wasn't eating a crumpled mess of egg in frustration. Ha ha!

The next project we did was make a naked egg.

I took an egg and covered it in vinegar for about 3 days. The vinegar reacts with the shell of the egg and dissolves it, leaving the inside membrane intact. We experimented with the naked egg and noticed that it bounced at about 3-4 inches high but broke at 9 inches high. Next time, we will play with how much moisture it can retain or take out. Its been fun!

Today we will continue to read about eggs and chickens and maybe make some pickled eggs!


havilah & Jared said...

And all of this in your free time, right? wow. :) Your kids are lucky to have you.

Candi said...

Thanks Havilah! To be honest most of these projects are a fix it and leave it type of thing. If I had to watch them constantly, I probably wouldn't do it. :-)