October 21, 2009

Our first snow

I was naughty today and kept both kids out of school so we could play. I remember my mom doing this sometimes and those days were always so great! It was the first snow fall today and it was a wet snow. Perfect for making a snowman. Brooklyn was my master roller and Mason loved patting down the snow. It was such fun. Afterwards we made hot chocolate and got warm clothes on. Fun day!


jamie said...

I love reading your blog even more now than before since I know where things are taking place.

You're such a great mom! I love that you kept them home to enjoy the snow.

The Reynas said...

Looks like soo much fun! Can't believe it's snowing already. I'm glad you had an awesome day with your kids!

Lauren said...

Fun! My mom did the same thing. She would call it our "mental health days."